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The First Week

Posted in Attempts at Humour, Life at NITK, Priya's Travails, Uncategorized by wanderlust on August 10, 2006

It hasn’t even been a week since I got back to college, and somehow the days don’t feel empty at all.

I got here on Saturday, and moved right in. Thank God mum was with me, else, I don’t know how I would have managed. By the way, my new room’s really nice, airy, with lots of light, and thankfully full mobile signal [such a relief from last year when I had to lean on the window to speak and wave my hand outside the window everytime I wanted to send a message] and the only thing that dampens my spirits are the various species of six-legged freaks I find dead on my table each morning.

Talking of insects, I seem to find loads of fireflies this time. I really wonder where they were the two years I was here. The first time I saw one, it was sometime in the middle of the night when I just opened my eyes, and thought my roommate had dropped her cell and that it was ringing on silent. They seem to have this weird electronic glow around them that first freaked the daylights out of me.

I seem to have some nice subjects this semester, not muggu ones like last semester. And I’m hoping they really are nice and fulfilling, unlike last time when the only 8086 microprocessor codes we were taught to write were ones to calculate the nth fibonacci number or to find the GCD and LCM of two numbers. We’re actually being taught by non-ALs [AL=Assistant Lecturer, and at NITK, is a vile curse ranging in intensity somewhere between 'illegitimate offspring' and 'perpetrator of fraternal incest'] this time, which is quite a relief after the nightmare that was last semester.

Now, it’s official that I can speak Japanese. I’ve got a certificate from Dr. Katta saying so, that’s how I know. All I can say is Domo arigato gozaimasu. And I mean it. Pun intended.

One of my favourite people has come up with the mother of all sorts of all things. Way to go, woman.

Last year this time, I was curious about my juniors, and was appalled by their bad behaviour and all that, but this time all of us don’t seem to care one bit. Why, I don’t even know who they are! Which is a big surprise as far as someone like me is concerned. My roommate happened to check out [and just that, nothing more, trust me. She can't hurt a fly for all the money in the world] her juniors [party fundae and suchlike things], and to our shock, they were running scared of us, and just excused themselves pleading illness and assignments to be submitted. And… the only interesting things I’ve noted about them are that one of them’s this Tamilian girl who speaks flawless Assamese, and another’s called Loon [yeah, Loon, really.... I'm not kidding or exaggerating here, Gawd, do Manipuris have weird names or what!]. Somehow them getting scared of us doesn’t give me a superior feeling or anything like that, which some people seem to crave.

While we’re on the subject….. Twelve second-years have been asked to vacate the hostel on counts of inappropriate conduct with juniors. Well, here’s wishing them all the best with their disciplinary action.

And I read Kaavya Vishwanathan’s magnum opus. I am pretty surprised Chetan Bhagat hasn’t joined in suing her… FPS and HOMGKGWAGAL both feel like the same book,-same walking-metaphor characters, un-taut plot, unfunny humor….. all essentially read-once-and-throw material.

SPIC-MACAY’s started off full swing, and I just spent an hour listening to our Faculty Advisor, the Convener and a few seniors telling us all about how good the movement [SPIC-MACAY's a movement, not an organization] was, so good that they couldn’t explain it, it was to be experienced. They turned emotional, and words failed them. Rather, their vocabulary.

I guess I’ll get to watch the club recruitment tamasha early next week as I’m not going home for the long weekend. The posters have started to come out, and we won’t have to wait long for the overdose of Photoshop. Already, I’ve been quizzed about the ‘specialities’ of each club, what skills are to be possessed to get into each ‘tech’ club, whether you need to know HTML to get into CSI, how important all these are for the placement interviews, and what sort of questions to expect at a club interview, what to write on the resume, how to project yourself in an interview and a dozen other things that make me want to yell “Oracle and IBM are not gonna take you just ‘coz you screwed around with Photoshop for IE!”. On second thought, maybe they do, I don’t know.

I think this will be my latest post for quite some time to come, coz we haven’t yet got Net in the rooms, and the GB Net Centre has a one-hour restriction, which doesn’t at all give me a mood conducive to writing. Apart from that, the speed is really really slow this time, and the airconditioning doesn’t work, which makes even five minutes in this place highly unbearable.

Addendum: I wrote all this earlier in the evening, and now it’s 10 pm, and I’ve just discovered that my system has crashed. I don’t yet know what’s wrong with it, and nor can Poo, our resident software storehouse. The BIOS can’t seem to detect the hard drives! I’m hoping the problem disappears overnight, and the only other thing in the horizon is that the Acer guys will be laughing all the way to the bank.

I can’t help smiling, though. I’d just finished making backups coz I was planning to install XP and Ubuntu.


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