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Degree of Confidence

Now that the BJP has won and all, I feel free to now be critical of it and keep it on its path. The nonconstructive opposition has been decimated, and it’s for those of us who wanted BJP in power … Continue reading

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Ab ki baar we’ve come pretty far

Six weeks of voting and I wasn’t there in India for it at all, but thanks to social media and political parties and commentators getting on these platforms, it’s been easy to follow the proceeds, and be excited. I watched … Continue reading

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Rightwing resurgence

So Modi wave and all that. I was growing sick and tired of all the same speeches, rhetoric, all that jazz. And then they admitted Muthalik into the BJP. Everyone went apeshit then. Seemed like a spectacular return to form … Continue reading

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Maok Pi Naok? From Cambodia, with love and Dengue Fever.

I came across this song called¬†New Year’s Eve from this band called Dengue Fever. It sounded like the background music a movie set in Hong Kong in the kitschy ’60s and ’70s with a theme around young people directed by … Continue reading

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Corruption, Young Blood In Politics, and the like

The whole Jan Lokpal agitation brings me to write about politics after a long, long time. It was partly intentional, this hiatus. There was a point when I was intensely political, but I discovered I was getting my blood pressure … Continue reading

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Ramdev, Yoga and aiming for the moon to get to Houston

I didn’t know about Baba Ramdev until I came back to NITK after second year break to find my roommate expertly doing Yoga routines every morning. She had learnt it from Aastha TV, apparently. I was transfixed, and quite skeptical. … Continue reading

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My Experiments with Food and Fasting

Folks who know me from childhood will assert I was not an easy child to feed. My mother and her mother struggled hard to keep me well-nutritioned. In fact, my mother has so much practice that I’m pretty confident if … Continue reading

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Midnight Minestrone Soup

I’m writing this in darkest hour. No, not metaphorically like that.. just that dawn is an hour or so away. My body clock is rather messed up, and I’m stuck about whether to embrace it or to go on the … Continue reading

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Games for parent-child bonding.

In the vacations after my Class XII, I developed a fondness for the Deccan Herald Quick Crossword. So did my mum. We’d crack it together every morning after breakfast. Soon I moved to Surathkal, but we didn’t stop solving the … Continue reading

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Saddest Day Of My Life

My political leanings are well known; I’ve all but yelled it from the rooftops. And for those of you who were concerned about my state after this…er… shock, I’m fine :P even expected such an outcome, though not like this. … Continue reading

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A hard day’s night, spent in fitful slumber. The morning after, spent in some more fitful slumber. Woken up to shouts of “If you remain sleeping like this, how will you vote?”. I seem to have come a long way … Continue reading

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Suggestions for Election Posters of Rahul Gandhi

So there exists an opportunity now to make election posters into collector’s items or posters to adorn a girl’s room. One of the candidates is a single half-Italian man. With dimples, at that. And no, Dino Morea is not standing … Continue reading

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Rahul Gandhi’s Girlfriend

If you landed here searching for ‘Rahul Gandhi’s Girlfriend’ or variations of the same, please pause a few moments to answer the following questions for me in the comments section below. Please. Pretty Please. Is this your first time searching … Continue reading

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A better garment

They should have instead called for Pink Slips. Solely because there’s a pun in it. And because it’s recession time. You effectively reject the sort of behaviour your opponents show by giving them pink slips. And it’s more appropriate because … Continue reading

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LK Advani begins blogging

Well well well…. I began four years earlier than him :) So this is the link to his blog : This move of Mr. Advani gives RSS feeds a whole new meaning ;) It’s really great to have a … Continue reading

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“Politicians suck! Throw rocks at them!”

I won’t be very surprised if I find this on a Tshirt soon. The attitude of the media and the people they interview these days is, to say the least, despicable. Yeah, fine, a lot of things went wrong due … Continue reading

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Enough is Enough.

So Obama’s Presidential Transition Team has an Indian woman now. Sonal Shah. Her appointment has sparked off a controversy. Not coz she’s Indian or anything, but because her father was closely associated with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Some groups called … Continue reading

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Why South Indians bat for Obama

So every Vamsi Krishna, Nijalingappa, Unnithan and Murugan I know is gunning for Obama.¬† I think I know why. For starters, the general view is that Southies have more melanin than the others, never mind the Kodavas (who are all … Continue reading

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How to write an Indian Novel

Ah.. no, I don’t pretend to be about to write something that has even an iota of the brilliance of the RK Narayan essay of the same name, which got accepted by Punch for six guineas. So I am appalled … Continue reading

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“I’m very sorry for what has happened…”

…. is what Mr. Shivraj Patil had to say about the Delhi Blasts. And he also appealed for calm. And praised the resilience of people of the country. I agree, losing your head in such a situation is not the … Continue reading

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