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Posted in geek by wanderlust on May 1, 2008

So I have unlimited broadband, and freedom from Ironport.

Installed Hardy Heron aka Ubuntu 8.04 inspite of dissuasion from TheG. I simply had to… Firefox kept crashing on Gutsy (that’s the second-latest release of Ubuntu – Ubuntu 7.10 – Gutsy Gibbon… you have to be really gutsy to try it out. I was foolish.), Gutsy suddenly stopped recognizing my CD/DVD drives… and tons of issues besides. Hardy is faster, Firefox 3 is simply brilliant… but my system doesn’t hibernate… and TheG, you’re welcome to say “I told you so”.

By the way, Donald E Knuth uses Ubuntu.

All that apart, I stumbled on to this link which tells you how to write a Firefox search plugin.

I’ve always wondered how come there hasn’t been a Google Image Search plugin when there’s a Google Search plugin.

So here it is…. ImageSearch.

Pretty simple to use… just runs Google Image Search on whatever string you enter in the Firefox search bar.

Just click on the link. It takes you to a page where you have a single link. Just click on the link (Don’t open it in a new tab or window). It installs the search plugin for you. Oh, did I mention, you need to be using Firefox for all this to work successfully. I don’t quite know what happens with other browsers; I don’t have any others installed that I could try it out.

It was pretty simple to write, too. Ten minutes is all it took from start to finish. My code looks like this:

<!-- My first firefox plugin
I wrote this on 30.4.08

description=" Image Search"
<input name="q" user>
<input name="f" value="q">
<input name="hl" value="en">
<input name="sourceid" value="Mozilla-search">

So…. what more can I do with this? Do install the plugin, a few seconds is all it takes… try it out, and tell me what’s screwing up with it, what more would you like to see in it… and any gen comments you might have.

I still have no idea on most things about this… like versions and updates, but I hope to be finding my way about these things soon.

The most exciting thing I’ve heard of with search plugins is someone writing a Firefox search plugin to post updates to Twitter. Bril, eh? Pity Twitter no longer lets you post via this plugin.

Update: I added two more… one for Youtube Videos, another for Youtube Channels. Check ‘em out here.


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