Molar Madness

It all started that fateful day when i crushed my brand new molar on a guava seed [yea, you heard right, guava seed, all thanks to that old advice about worm eggs masquerading as guava seeds, and hence how important it was to crush them all between the teeth]. End result was that the molar was partially destroyed.
I wouldn’t have bothered about that had it not been that the induced cavity impeded further crushings of guava seeds [I’m one of those who never ever learn, my mom can vouch for that]. So prodded on by an insistent mother and tempting stocks of guava, I made a reluctant trip to the family dentist, who, for some reason gives me the creeps. Maybe it is his cool, calm demeanor in breaking the worst of news, like a root canal treatment, or that he’s pulled the wrong tooth……
“Hmmm..” he said, examining the errant molar with that itsy-bitsy magnifying mirror, “That maybe a dead tooth,” Life to my purse, he didn’t say. “You’ll need a cap on that.”
After a half hour of drilling and local anasthaesia, he proclaimed the tooth fit to be on its own for a month or so.
“Don’t forget to come back after two weeks, I still need to finish the job.” Yes, Finish is right.
Two weeks later, I did go back, out of curiosity, if not anything else. I really wanted to know what a tooth cap looked like. And just maybe, it might be gold and I could maybe give those devilish grins of Bond bad-men…
Surprisingly, Doc declared the molar fit for another two weeks.
“I’ll see you after two weeks, so..” coz That’s when my end of the month money crunch is to occur.
That was three years ago, when I was a wee ‘ickle high school girl.
Now, I am a student of engineering, back home for my end-sem vacations.
Lots of guavas have slipped down my alimentary canal since then. And temporary filling? It’s still there, maybe a bit eroded here and there. But there all the same, my partner in cracking nuts, be they pistachios or almonds.
And today was that fateful day when I thoughtlessly accompanied my mother to The Dentist.
Maybe it was my fear for my dental health or something, but I found myself saying “Doctor, the filling you put in three years back is still there, I just want to know if there is any problem….” In a trice, the errant molar was under the magnifying mirror again, and after a series of surprised and knowing “Hmm”s from Doc, [who very artfully concealed his surprise…. don’t give me such a raw deal, Doc, I too want my name down in medical history..?] he sentenced the errant molar to a re-filling and capping, Tomorrow.Because, he forgot to add, I have an Appointment with the director of a medical college about my daughter’s admission.
So there.
I have an Appointment tomorrow. I wonder how many more trials I’ll have to undergo. How many more shots of local anasthaesia. How many more drilling sessions. How many more amalgamations.
More than once, I’d say, considering the way it has been playing and replaying in my head.
“It ain’t all that bad, think of the ice-cream you’ll get!” is all the consolation I give myself.
But that cool, sweet promise isn’t enough to keep my nightmares at bay. All I hope is that it gets over quickly, and before I realize it, and that Doc has no more Appointments to keep outside of his clinic, coz one operation is bad enough, I don’t want those that keep playing and replaying inside my head.

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