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Medical Conditions as depicted in films

1. In case of Multiple Personality Disorder, the transformation from one personality to another is characterized by facial acrobatics that can give Cartoon Network and Jim Carrey [or Animorphs] a run for their money, and special effects that wouldn’t seem … Continue reading

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Recently we suffered a bout of “parents-overconcerned-over-lowscoring-children” at home. Result – cable TV was removed. Since this happened just before I came home for vacation, I was a little concerned as to how I would spend a really long vacation … Continue reading

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Colonized in my living room!

We are, according to a very eminent author I read recently, living in an era of Coca-Colonization. So it came as no big surprise to me when I realized that our favourite , sorry, favorite soaps are not the desi … Continue reading

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IST – we are like this only

It was a few days ago when I was rudely awakened from my mid-morning catnap [one of many, which include mid afternoon, mid evening, mid mid morning all culminating in 40 wink long hibernation.] by an incessant banging on my … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

I’ve always wondered when I hear someone’s name as Tom, Dick and Harry or Ram or Shyam or Vinay or Shwetha or Shilpa (pardon me if its yours), how tough it is for them to deal with someone of their … Continue reading

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