Recently we suffered a bout of “parents-overconcerned-over-lowscoring-children” at home. Result – cable TV was removed.
Since this happened just before I came home for vacation, I was a little concerned as to how I would spend a really long vacation without cable TV. When I came home, the situation wasn’t very bad. There were two channels – DD news & DD national (with a time slot for DD kannada).
Starved for news, which I hadn’t got since two weeks (because of the exams), I switched on to the news channel first. But I wasn’t very lucky. It got on my nerves in less than five minutes. The grammar is so bad that I felt the readers should attend Subbu’s PC class (Mr Subramanium teaches ‘Professional Communication’ for first year students at NITK). The pronunciation is horrible. They even stray away from their put-on English accent to their desi-English accent once in a while. Disgusted, I ventured into the other channel, which was airing a soap. I was horrified to find that it was a poor imitation of Ekta Kapoor soaps (Imagine!!!). Again, bad pronunciation came to the forefront. The telecast was bad. Unable to take any more, I switched the TV off.
For a fortnight I couldn’t bring myself near the TV. In the mean time, I had done lots of things. I had actually woven a basket from cardboard, read lots of books and the newspaper, cover to cover. I started browsing the net for longer hours (not to forget the time taken to go to the net center, two kilometers away and coming back.). I lost count of the number of times I went out. I even started cleaning home everyday!!! Considering that I couldn’t have done so much if there was cable TV, I think it has been rightly called “The black hole of time”.
After a few days, boredom set in .So, it was back to DD again.. Dear me! I could see DD in a new light. There were lesser dots on the screen. I observed that, even though the soaps were very EK-ish there weren’t so many to make the only-DD-viewers realize its ridiculousness. The NCERT children’s show seemed quite enjoyable (of course it can’t beat my all-time-favorite Cartoon Network). Unlike the latest diet fads of other channels, ‘The health show’ provides useful health tips. The wardrobe of the cast in every show is quite elegant.
Even the news channel has a variety. The consecutive news airs of the same language are not facsimile of each other. There is separate news reporting all kinds of activities. There is a weekly show on the various cultural activities going on in India. Over all even though the presentation is drab, the news is not very biased.
With the entry of cable TV in the 90s, most of us have forgotten DD. DD itself hasn’t been able to keep up with the other channels either with respect to content or with respect to technological advancements. Nevertheless we should not forget it was with DD that television was introduced to the masses. Shows like Osheen, Surabhi, etc., had proved eye-openers to many of us. I feel with a dash of creativity, DD could perform better than it ever has.
Looking into mirror, I can observe the faint traces of something inexplicable that I see on the faces of the only DD viewers, on mine.

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Not one more of these again!!!
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  1. So how much are the DD folk payin’ ya for this publicity stunt? ;-D
    Hey but beggars can’t be choosers.
    Atta gurl!
    You’ll survive…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Doordarshan, a Public Service Broadcaster, is the largest terrestrial network in the world. The service was started on 15th September, 1959 to transmit educational and developmental programmes on an experimental basis with half an-hour programming. A major land-mark was the introduction of colour television in 1982 with Asia 82 (9th Asian Games) which ushered in a major revolution in broadcasting in the country. This was followed by a phase of rapid expansion of Doordarshan when, in 1984, DD installed a transmitter in the country more or less every day. With this, the reach of television increased far and wide.

    As on 31st March 2005, Doordarshan has 1314 transmitters (1188 for DD 1 + 121 for DD 2 + 5 others) with 56 studio centres and 23 satellite channels (which includes Gyandarshan).

    The flagship of Doordarshan – DD 1 (National) operates through a network of 1188 transmitters of varying power, covering 77.5% of the land area and 89.6% population of India.

    The primary channel of Doordarshan (Doordarshan-I) has 3 major components of programme contests – information, education and entertainment. The information component consist of News and Current Affairs. The education component is drawn from the contributions from IGNOU, UGC, CIET, SIET and other Sponsored programmes like TURNING POINT (Science magazine) and Tera Quiz (a programmes on environment). Public Service Broadcasts also form a part of educational programmes which deal with programmes on women’s issues and programmes produced by Public Service Broadcasting Trust. The live interactive show “Hum Hazir Hain” presents persons of eminence before the audience as a part of public service broadcast.

    Question Hour in Parliament is telecast live on the National channel. Specific window is earmarked for programme in regional languages between 2.30 PM and 8.00 PM on all week days for Public Utility programmes and entertainment programmes in the regional languages and dialects. The entertainment programmes mainly consists of mid-day daily soaps between 12.00 to 2.00 pm and again between 9.00 pm to 11.00 pm. This includes feature films on Friday and Saturday and regional Award winning films on Sunday.

    Doordarshan has made a significant contribution to accelerate socio-economic change, promote national integration and stimulate scientific temper. Being a Public Service Broadcaster, it strives to carry messages in its programmes on means of population control and family welfare, agricultural information and knowledge, preservation of environment and ecological balance, highlighting the need for social welfare measures for women, children and the less priviledged. It also promotes games and sports, and the artistic and cultural heritage of the country.

    The weekly duration of the programmes telecast on the National Channel as on date is given below:-

    Total Weekly Duration Hrs.
    168 Mts.
    Window for Regional Programming 20% 33 12 Terrestrial
    National 60% 100 53 Terrestrial
    Post Midnight 20% 33 55 Satellite

    The components of national terrestrial transmission are as given below:-

    In-house Hrs.
    27 Mts.
    28 News, CA, Music, Dance Hello DD etc.
    Commissioned 8 38 News and CA, Kashir, NE PSBT/Regional Films
    Acquired 16 05 Gyan Darshan
    Sponsored 48 42 Soaps/ Serials Weekly Films
    Note: As per Fixed Point Chart, (31.03.2005)


    Doordarshan has a three tier programme service – National, Regional and Local. The emphasis in the national programmes is focussed on events and issues of interest to the entire nation. The regional programmes are beamed on DD Channel from the state capital Kendras at specific times and also on the 11 Regional Language Satellite Channels (RLSCs) and relayed by all transmitters in the respective States. These RLSCs telecast programmes of interest to the state level in the language of that particular region. The Kendras at local stations originate programmes in the local languages & dialects, and the programmes are area specific.

    DOORDARSHAN NETWORK (AS ON 31st March, 2005)

    S.No State/ Union Territory S
    o DD1 Transmitters Present Coverage

    HPT’s LPT’s VLPT’s Trp Total % Area % Pop
    1. Andhra Pradesh 2 9 70 8 1 88 81.9 88.9
    2. Arunachal Pradesh 1 1 3 43 1 48 16.7 53.3
    3. Assam 3 3 20 1 1 25 74.6 82.8
    4. Bihar 2 3 32 0 0 35 93.4 93.4
    5. Chhatisgarh 2 2 16 7 0 25 57.5 69.8
    6. Goa 1 1 0 0 0 1 99.9 99.9
    7. Gujarat 2 5 59 3 0 67 84.3 86.0
    8. Haryana 0 0 12 0 0 12 96.8 98.7
    9. Himachal Pradesh 1 2 8 36 2 48 42.9 67.3
    10. Jammu & Kashmir 3 6 17 70 1 94 34.7 91.9
    11. Jharkhand 2 3 17 1 1 22 96.7 97.4
    12. Karnataka 2 6 48 4 0 58 70.1 76.2
    13. Kerala 2 4 20 2 0 26 99.1 99.2
    14. Madhya Pradesh 3 5 63 5 0 73 75.6 76.5
    15. Maharashtra 3 5 80 20 1 106 79.6 88.6
    16. Manipur 1 2 1 4 0 7 39.9 69.1
    17. Meghalaya 2 2 2 2 1 7 94.6 97.2
    18. Mizoram 1 2 1 2 1 6 69.0 73.1
    19. Nagaland 1 2 2 6 1 11 68.5 69.6
    20. Orissa 3 5 61 17 1 84 88.7 93.3
    21. Punjab 1 4 5 0 1 10 99.9 99.9
    22. Rajasthan 1 6 67 18 2 93 71.3 78.1
    23. Sikim 0 1 0 5 0 6 77.4 95.0
    24. Tamil Nadu 1 4 46 5 2 57 93.6 93.5
    25. Tripura 1 1 3 1 1 6 93.5 96.2
    26. Uttar Pradesh 7 10 53 3 0 66 90.0 80.4
    27. Uttaranchal 1 1 14 30 2 47 55.1 96.2
    28. West Bengal 3 6 20 2 0 28 95.9 96.8
    29. Andaman & Nicobar Islands 1 0 2 11 0 13 26.2 99.9
    30. Chandigarh 1 0 1 0 0 1 99.9 65.0
    31. Dadra & Nagar Haveli 0 0 1 0 0 1 65.2 99.9
    32. Daman & Diu 0 0 2 0 0 2 99.9 99.9
    33. Delhi 1 1 0 0 0 1 99.9 99.9
    34. Laksha-dweep Islands 0 0 1 8 0 9 99.9 99.9
    35. Pondicherry 1 1 2 2 0 5 99.9 99.9
    Note: In addition to above transmitters, 121 DD-2 transmitters, two LPTs at Delhi for relay of LS & RS proceedings and three HPTs, one each at Srinagar, Chennai & Kolkata for regional channel programmes, are in operation.
    Total Transmitters: 1314 (as on 31st March 2005)


    As on PPC HPT LPT VLPT T TT CP (%) CA (%) Other Transmitters
    1980 10 18 — — — 18 25 13.5 —
    31.3.1983 10 23 20 — — 43 26.4 15.4 1
    31.3.1985 17 40 132 — — 172 56.2 36.5 1
    31.3.1987 17 46 148 3 — 197 70.3 46.8 2
    31.3.1989 18 52 237 46 — 335 73.9 51.4 4
    31.3.1990 18 55 374 72 18 5 19 76.3 54.5 4
    31.3.1991 20 60 372 76 19 527 78.7 57.7 4
    31.3.1993 25 67 372 80 23 542 82.9 63.5 4
    31.3.1994 32 70 389 82 23 564 84.5 66.6 7
    31.3.1995 34 74 478 100 20 672 85.1 67.8 27
    31.3.1996 40 77 526 120 20 743 85.8 68.8 49
    31.3.1997 41 82 596 170 20 868 87.1 69.2 53
    31.3.1998 42 83 600 196 18 897 87.1 71.6 52
    31.3.1999 46 84 654 228 18 984 87.6 72.9 57
    31.3.2000 47 86 674 251 19 1030 87.9 74.8 60
    31.3.2001 51 89 711 277 21 1098 88.9 76.3 92
    31.8.2001 54 93 712 293 21 1119 89.1 76.6 96
    1.12.2001 55 95 714 296 21 1126 89.1 76.6 103
    1.3.2002 56 99 712 306 20 1137 89.3 76.8 107
    1.6.2002 56 103 749 316 20 1188 89.6 77.5 126

    PPC Programme Production Centre
    T Transposer
    TT Total Transmitters
    CP Coverage of Population
    CA Coverage of Area

  3. Anonymous says:

    DD Sports

    The Asian Games held in Delhi in 1982 was turning point in the history of Doordarshan. The asiad also triggered the fast expansion of Doordarshan through LPTs.

    For the first time in the history of Indian broadcasting a dedicated Indian sports statellite channel was launched on 18th March 1999 by the prime Minister. The duration of the transmission in the beginning was 6 hours daily. It was subsequently increased to 12 hours daily from 25th April 1999 and round-the-clock from 1st June 2000. DD sports channel has now become encrypted from 15t September 2000.

    From 15th August 2001 the channel has been re-positioned as ‘Live Indian Sports Channel’ for C&S viewers with the objective to bring the best of live Indian and international sporting events. Some of the changes brought about in the sports channel include showing India sports including ‘traditional sports’ extensive live coverages of sports like cricket, football, hockey and tennis. Another important feature of the now look DD sports channel is four hours of daily in house production, at the Central production Centre (CPC) Siri Fort, of programmes on fitness, quiz contests and attractive packaged programmes based on our library.

    DD sports is now a channel. During the past 2 ½ years, a number of major National and international events were telecast live, deferred live or recorded. These events include: Sydney Olympics 2000, BCCI Cricket held in India, ICC Knock-Out, Davis Cup, Australian Open, French Open, All England Badminton championship Commonwealth Table Tennis Championship, Euro 200 Soccer, etc.

    Doordarshan has entered into an agreement with 16 National sports Organisations/ Federations, including Board of Cricket Control of India, Indian Hockey Federation, All-India Tennis Association on a long term basis for smooth and planned coverage of the major events organized by them. Apart from national cricket matches, all the international cricket played in India are also being covered by doordarshan on a 5 year agreement with BCCL.

    The channel earlier available on analog and digital mode on PAS-4 has now been shifted on PAS-10 from 6th August , 2001 with footprints in 34 countries of Middle East, CIS and Neighboring region, European region and African region.

    Categories under which Programmes acquired
    – Olympic Build up Programmes
    – Adventure sports programme
    – International sports programme
    – Magazine shows
    – News based shows
    – Personality oriented programmes
    – Indigenous games/Tribel games of India Content Derived from
    ENG/live/Deferred live coverages 37%
    Acquired /commissioned programmes 21%
    In-house production 21%
    Sponsored Programmes 21%

  4. Anonymous says:

    DD News

    For every Public Service Broadcaster, News and Current Affairs Programmes have always been the flagship of the network. Away from entertainment and general information, these programmes have focussed on the process of a developing society and the programmes and policies of the Government in achieving the objectives of governance and development. For the last several decades, Doordarshan News and Current Affairs have provided to the viewers, a balanced and objective presentation of day-to-day news and developments covering a wide canvas of issues relating to Politics, Business and Economics, Sports, Health, Youth, International Affairs, Science and Technology, etc.

    As part of the National Network, Doordarshan News and Current Affairs at present is catering to alteast 30 per cent time-slot on the Channel. It is providing round-the-clock News Bulletins with headlines on the Hour every hour. In the last one year, with the closure of the short-lived independent News Channel of Doordarshan, the segment of News on DD-1 has increased appreciably and the duration of the Bulletins has also increased. there are now two half an hour long bulletins every morning with Liveinputs from different regions of the country. The same is available at prime time every evening.

    Substantial chunks of News & Current Affairs, which were out-sourced during the pendency of the News Channel, are now by and large in-house. The anchoring and reporting capability has also increased substantially with the induction of 21 Anchors/Reporters, who form the core group in the Headquarters at CPC, Asiad Village and some of whom are being posted to different State Capitals to strengthen the coverage span of the network. A major effort is on the anvil to reactivate the Regional News Units in the State capitals to be more responsive to daily developments and contribute significantly to the overall coverage of news events across the nation. These are now getting reflected as wholesome capsules in the National News Bulletins. News segments like Newspaper Review, Business Capsule, Sports Capsule, Making a Difference, Personality of the Week and others have been introduced recently. During the course of the major Bulletins, news scrolling is available for a quick glance and recap of the major stories of the day. During Cricket Matches, a running update window of the current score is also available.

    The Regional News emanating from the State Capitals 18 at present, contribute 71 news bulletins every day. This is an enormous task by moderation in contrast to Private Channels, who oftern sensationalise the issues. All these Bulletins are produced in-house.

    Overall, there is as much as 3 hours and 25 minutes of Live news every day on DD-I, 10 minutes of Live News in Urdu every day on DD-II and 3 hours and 35 minutes of Live News on DD-India every day (This is a combination of the above two). Apart from this, theres is invariably a Live telecast of Breaking Stories and special events, such as the Annual Budget, the Exit Poll of Elections, Exim Policy and several other Live events.

    As a sequal to the news presentationa, Doordarshan also has a News Website, ddinews.com where all the News Bulletins are available on-line. The Website also provides interactive sessions on select issues. The viewers also have the facility to express their views through the Website. It has also an on-line Stock Price Ticker and Weather Information is also available on-line. DD News is still in the flux and growing day-by day the effort is to present news and current affairs with precision and speed but away from sensationalism. The presentation is more slicker and brighter as good as in competitive Channels.


    This new edutainment channel launched by Prasar Bharati on 26 January 2002 is available in the satellite mode, on the PAS-10 satellite, in the band that carried the DD-News Channel.

    The Channel focusses on health, children, music, dance and heritage, with special emphasis on the Indian way of life. It carries programmes on yoga, meditation, alternative systems of medicine, aerobics and other aspects of health care in the Health Segment every day. It holds a daily Children and youth Segment featuring programmes for the young such as cartoons, talent hunt shows, wildlife films, news magazines by and for children, campus scenes, conselling shows, etc. The Channel also offers music, dance, travel and tourism shows, programmes on heritage, and literature.

  5. Anonymous says:


    Gyandarshan, a major milestone in the field of educational TV in India is a joint venture of Ministry of HRD, Information & Broadcasting, the Prasar Bharati and IGNOU. It was launched formally on 26th January 2000. Gyandarshan is envisaged as a public co-operative in which institutions such as the UGC/CEC, NCERT/CIET constitute the major stakeholders.

    The Gyandarshan channel, had a modest beginning on 10th January 2000 with a 2 hours daily test transmission ( 5 PM to 7 PM). Then on 26th January 2000 the channel was formally inaugurated. Its duration was increased to 4 hours ( 5 PM to 9 PM). In mid-February 2000 the transmission rose to 9 hours a day. By st June, 2000 it was extended to 16 hours and by 1st November, 2000 it became a 24 hour channel with non-stop transmission daily offering a rich fare of multi-faceted programming.

    The channel has earmarked time slots for curriculum-based as well as career based programmes targeting various groups of learners. Special programmes on art, culture, science and technology, etc. having a wider appeal across different age groups are telecast.

    The unique feature of the channel is the high degree of interactivity. It is a people’s channel which inspires, instills hope and provides the means. Gyandarshan is all set to usher in a learning society. The channel has lent support to the students of Secondary and Senior Secondary School through specially designed programmes by NCERT/CIET, SIET, NOS and others. It also covers topics ranging from science and technology to environment, computer education to career counseling.

    The channel seeks to offer alternatives and substitutes to learners of various age groups and categories in the growing demand for quality education in the country.

    The 24 hour Gyandarshan channel is now accessible to an estimated 20 million viewers in 40 lakh cable homes spread all over India.

    Satellite INSAT 3C.
    Position 74 0 E
    Transponder C-12
    Down Link frequency 4170 MHz.
    Polarity Vertical

  6. Anonymous says:

    DD at a Glance

    Doordarshan, the national television service of India, is devoted to public service broadcasting. It is one of the largest terrestrial networks in the world. Its network of 1314 terrestrial transmitters covers more than 89.6% of India’s population (Over 1 Billion at last count).

    The Website : At a Glance ( or )

    A website has been developed, which includes live streaming site of Doordarshan’s international channel (DD INDIA) and information on all the principal channels: DD NATIONAL, DD NEWS, DD SPORTS, DD BHARATI and DD INTERNATIONAL.

    The News Department has its own website : http://www.ddinews.com ddindia.com is a site offering tactical, content, production and utility value. The site has been carefully planned to allow for smooth navigation and easy usability. Keeping the user profile in mind, information is made available in a simple yet concise format. A number of interactive tools too have been built into the various sections.


    The site’s contents are displayed clearly on the home page; informing viewers about what they might find and what they could do.
    It clearly indicates what each page is about, i.e.what one can expect to find.
    It arranges and organizes the contents in a readily understandable order.
    The site is easy to navigate – the structure readily apparent, and uses well-organized and labeled navigational aids. Navigational aids are available at the top and side of each page.
    Short descriptive titles and headings are used to orient viewers about the contents.
    The site allows viewers to explore the site without excessive backtracking or feeling of disorientation. There are no excessive scrolls to access contents.
    It provides viewers with a preview of what will happen and where they will go when they click on highlighted items.
    The website :

    Supports a variety of different browsers, and browsing options (high and low bandwidth).
    Allows viewers using an all-text browser to access and find useful information.
    Allows viewers to access the site quickly to see or do something without having to wait excessively as images and text are downloaded.

    The website has been designed using the latest technology and software. Descriptive text, breathtaking visuals and real videos have been used to provide information on the various sections covered. Pictures and vides of people, products and services have been used throughout the site to convey the integral relationship between them as well as DD’s people-centric image. To convey information in a gripping manner and enhance the user’s overall experience of the site, several interactive elements have been created using Flash 5.0 and other software.

    The site has very high interactive content. Its features include live video streaming, video archives, news updates etc., It has also has polling area, interesting video archives and a discussion forum, besides sections on Indian music, food, travel etc., to cater to the varied backgrounds of its users.

    Information provided is up-to-date and relevant to the current affairs of India and the world. The tone of the content on the site is friendly and has been conveyed in a simplistic manner, which is understandable to any user.

    Corporate Information
    Information about Doordarshan’s history, policies, structure etc., is provided in the About Us section and is aimed at accessibility and transparency.
    Business opportunities, Audience Feedback, Advertisement details and bookings are some of the other sections covered.

    General Interest
    The site also provides interesting articles on Cinema, Classical Music, Devotional Music, Travel, cookery, Sports, Shares and Stocks, Reviews, Transcripts of programmes, Weather, and other such topics of general interest. The idea behind this is to generate interest and retain the interest of users visiting the site. This section is updated regularly and features the latest information on the topics included here.

    Services for Users
    Services related to Real Estate, Wedding Bells, Discussions, chat, Fan clubs, Education and Shopping are provided to users visiting the site. Interesting schemes and discounts will form part of this too. All this is aimed at generating and maintaining user interest levels.
    Meeting it’s objectives as a Public Broadcast Organization.

    As a public broadcasting service, Doordarshan’s objective is to reach out to the largest possible audience. It’s diverse network has been quite successful in meeting this goal, as far as residents of India were concerned. Today, using the Internet, a large number of viewers the world over can have access to the content aired by Doordarshan, at the click of a mouse. The website will lead to a considerable increase in visibility without the use of any extra infrastructure or manpower. The image of the organization, its profile, and its offerings will also receive a boost.

    Regularly updated information on the organization’s services, products etc., will be available at the click of a mouse. Moreover, keeping changing user needs in view, the site will be reorganized regularly with respect to information, design elements, and programmes.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Annual Awards
    Doordarshan Annual Awards
    Doordarshan Annual Awards Scheme came into being with the Sole purpose to promote professioalism and competitive work culture for In-House productions. The Annual Award Scheme has not only given new dimension to the Doordarshan In-House production culture and Inter-Kendra competitiveness but served as a star revenue earner.

    Doordarshan Annual Awards instituted in the year 2001 to select and promote in-house programmes of thematic, aesthetic and technical excellence, and to encourage the in-house talent from amongst Doordarshan’s regular staff.
    DD Annual Award ceremony in 2001 held on 19th December 2001 at Sirifort auditorium in New Delhi. A cultural event organized by DDK Mumbai was presented.
    135 entries in 25 categories were received from all the programme production centers of Doordarshan.
    Screening was done by Eminent Jury Members from 6.11.201 to 22.11.2001.
    Total 30 Awards were given in 30 categories of programmes, Engineering, Best DDK, Exemplary work.
    2nd Annual Awards held on 23rd November 2002 at Goregaon, Sports Club Malad, Mumbai.
    Total 168 entries in 28 categories from 27 DDKs/ PGF was received.
    Screening was done by eminent jury from 10th July to 26th July, 2002. This year special awards in category of news and administrative work have been introducted.
    The award for exemplary services introduced by MIB in 2002 has been extended in other area of excellence like in-house production, marketing etc
    The total awards being 35 this year.
    The institution of Doordarshan Awards served as an incentive to bring out the best among the staff working in the organization.
    The presentation ceremony of 3rd DD Annual Award also held at Goregaon Sport Club, Mumbai on 22nd November 2003.
    More than 300 entries in 34 categories from 35 DDKs/ PGF were received.
    Screening was done by the eminent Jury from 28 July to 27 August 2003. This year there was a furthur increase of seven categories i.e. Best Film Based Programme, Best Promo, Best Soap Opera, Best Docu-Drama, Best Health Programme, Best Literary Adaption Programme and Best Idea Leading to Financial Saving.
    Total Awards being 54 this year.
    The most welcome affect of DD Annual award Scheme has been a sudden surge in competitiveness inside the organization due to recognition of Excellence and its appreciation resulting in better In-House Production of software. These programmes are T/C on DD National, DD Bharati and DD India.

    This scheme of awards has also given a new dimension to the Inter-Kendra competitveness, North-East participation has promoted in a big way. The Kaleidoscope of software from all over India in varied ethnicities and culture there by accomplishing the national goal of unity in diversity.

    Prize Money
    The Best Programme is awarded Rs. 25,000- with Trophy and Certificate by the distinguish personality at the function.

    General Terms and Conditions for Participation
    All entries must have been in telecast between 1st April to 31st March.

    Doordarshan Annual Awards for Television is given to the entry which comes in the classified category.

    All entries should be sponsored/ approved by the Head of the concerned Doordarshan Kendra.

    Categories of Doordarshan Annual Award 2003

    Programme Categories

    2. Teleplay

    3. Telefilm

    4. Serial

    5. Screenplay

    6. Music

    7. Agriculture
    8. Children
    9. Youth
    10. Women’s Programme
    11. Sports
    12. Animation
    13. Spot
    14. TV Show
    15. Innovative Programme
    16. Wildlife & Environment
    17. Science & Technology
    18. Dance
    19. Cinematography

    20. Sound
    21. Editing
    22. Graphics
    23. Live Event/ OB

    24. Art Direction & Set/ Costume

    25. Make-up
    26. Best Health Programme
    27. Best Promo
    28. Best Film Based

    29. Best Soap Opera
    30. Best Docu-Drama

    31. Best Literary Adaptation of Acclaimed Work

    32. Best Innovative Idea Leading to Financial Saving

    Engineering & Technical Awards
    1. Best Maintained – Studio/ HPT
    2. Best Installed – LPT/ VLPT
    3. Best Maintained – Kendra
    4. Best Maintained – DDMC
    5. Best Installed – Project
    6. Best Maintained – HPT

    Individual Awards
    1. Best Technical Paper
    2. Best Innovation
    3. Best Doordarshan Kendra
    4. Best Award for Exemplary Work in the Field of Broadcasting Programme

    News Category
    1. Best Anchor
    2. Best News Producer
    3. Best News Cameraperson
    4. Best Live Dispatch
    5. Best Regional News Unit
    6. Best News Editor
    7. Award for Engineering Contribution to News

    Special Awards
    1. Exemplary Work in Narrow Casting
    2. Glorious Production of Archival CDs & VCDs
    3. Outstanding Contribution in Production of India Classics in 14 Languages
    4. Dedication in Sports (In-House) Production & Management

    Special Awards
    1. Exemplary Work in Narrow Casting
    2. Glorious Production of Archival CDs & VCDs
    3. Outstanding Contribution in Production of India Classics in 14 Languages
    4. Dedication in Sports (In-House) Production & Management

    Administration Award
    1. North East Zone
    2. East Zone
    3. North Zone
    4. South Zone
    5. Directorate General : Doordarshan

  8. Anonymous says:

    thank you for the publicity. you cheque will be mailed shortly.

    doordarshan team

  9. Aravind says:

    Looks like Mr. Anonymous had no other place for this junk.
    DD’s nowhere today. It’s lacklustre presentation is no entertainment. Actually, one of the better expansions I can think of is – Daridra darshan!
    Now, if DD’s got to show itself as a channel again, it’s gotta refurbish everything. How can Star / NDTV / Headlines Today keep coming up with bright ideas? Why’s DD just cogging stuff?
    I guess it’s because of corruption that DD’s gone to the dogs. I’m sorry, I don’t see the silver lining in DD’s case!
    And Mr. Anonymous is himself ashamed of being a DD fanatic / knows someone very close working for DD. That’s the only rational reason for throwing in statistics no one’s interested in. If you want to prove DD’s good, you have the best possible resource; a medium which touches almost every Indian, what more do you need? C’mon, let’s see you do it.

  10. priya says:

    who is this guy who is too shy to publicise himself but stops at nought to publicise what can be called the least-watched tv channel in urban india?
    and where did you cut-copy-paste all this trash from?
    naah, forget it, i dont wanna know.

  11. priya says:

    this post shows a clear case of stockholm syndrome.
    when a person is held captive by another for too long, cutting him off from others, the captive starts empathizing with the kidnapper.
    tuhina, i guess you have been far away from real tv for too long.

  12. Aravind says:

    You hit the nail on the head!

  13. Mr. anonymous is everywhere!!!
    he got a trashing last time around when he was in my blog =))
    Chuck it now…
    well, thx 4 giving us an insight abt how DD is nowadays, as we dont get a chance to view these channels ( i havent tuned them at all!!!)

  14. wacko_ram says:

    Good blogging, numbskulls… whichever one of ya wrote it ..ur post actually brings back nostalgic memories of the good ‘ol days when i used to watch ramayan etc…

    Internet ettiquete demands that a blog comment be something of ur own, not a ton of crap copy-pasted from some web-pedia …

  15. tuhina says:

    too late I suppose. but who is this I-have-no-originality freak?

  16. Deep Throat says:

    Good work anonymous.
    The post on the other hand was eminently useless in that it conveyed little of any consequence.

  17. wacko_ram says:


    Thx for popping into my blogpage .. as u described rightly, im an “originality freak” … as i describe myself, im a total wacko .. being human, i do indulge in copy-pasting as well, but then i ensure that justice is done to the authors too…

  18. Anonymous says:

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  22. sindhu says:

    you seem to have a lot of spam coming here.
    anyway i liked Osheen too, i barely remember her face. now in DD i think they are airing some “jewel of the palace” not quite engaging as back then.

    not only dd, but other channels like sony and star plus back in teh days before they were still in the hands of homeland admins, they aired really good stuff like the 3 stoogies, dennis the menace, bewitched, genie, who’s the boss?, different strokes! and so many lovely shows… atleast funny and entertaining.

    and now its those sad soaps which teaches people on who squabble more with family members. gah

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