My beautiful Mysore

This is an essay, I wrote in 6th standard for a competition conducted by the local newspaper, The star of Mysore. I won the second place and it was published in the newspaper.

Born on 22nd of September 1986 in Mysore, I have spent most of the time here. Whenever I get a chance to go out of Mysore, I do not miss it. But my mind will always be thinking of Mysore- My beautiful Mysore.
Why? I ask myself. I find that it is not easy to answer this. God has been very kind and generous in giving my city a nice hill- Chamundi hill-which I am told is older than the Himalayas!! Mysore has beautiful tanks like Karanji tank and the Kukkerahalli tank.
From our history books I have learnt that my city has a grand past. The contribution of the Wodeyars, who ruled over Mysore for a long period, made it their capitol, did so many nice things to my city. They have built palaces, nice wide roads, gardens, temples etc. I also learnt that Sir. Mirza Ismail worked very hard to beautify our city.
When I read the history books, hear things about old Mysore from my grandmother and compare with the city I see now, I often get puzzled. Why does it look so dirty, shabby and sound so noisy now? Then I realize it’s the dirt we throw around, the motor vehicles we ride or drive around, not stopping to think whether we really need it.
Then I start dreaming, dreaming of a beautiful Mysore, may be the Mysore of the days when my grandmother was a young girl like me. In that draem the roads are very clean and tidy, without potholes!! green grass on the pavements on either sides. Shady trees everywhere, lots of birds and no bikes and cars. Only bicycles and Mysore tongas everywhere may be as in China (my mother has told me that in China most of the people use bicycles to go to their workplaces, schools etc.,) The vacant plots with grass and shrubs with lot of flowers and no dust at all. Also no pollution.
Alas! I soon realized it’s a dream, after all a dream.
But then, why can’t we, you and I work to make my dreams- may be also your dreams come true?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Situated in the southern part of the Deccan Plateau, Mysore District is an undulating tableland, covered in parts by granite outcrops and fringed by verdant forests. From ancient times, this district has played a significant role in the history of South India. Mysore District is a popular tourist destination, offering several attractions ranging from the royal splendour of Mysore City and its fabulous Dasara Festival to exquisite temples, pilgrimage centres and scenic spots.

    Mysore city is at 770m above sea level and 140 kms from Bangalore. Also known as the City of Palaces, Mysore retains a quaint charm, that never fails to enchant.

    Mysore was the capital of the Wodeyar dynasty, feudatories of the Vijayanagar Empire, who declared their independence in the 16th century and ruled in Mysore until independence, barring three decades when Haider Ali and his son Tipu Sultan wrested power from them. Mysore today, is a pleasant city with an old world charm, contributed by its broad shady avenues, well laid out gardens, fine buildings and a salubrious climate.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mysore district is 770m above the sea level having an area of 6,268 sq.kms. The district has a population of 22,81,653 (1991 census). The climate is pleasant enough, which registers normal temperature between 19ºC and 30ºC.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The District Administration has got two parallel administrative bodies :

    The Zilla Panchayat is under the Rural Development and Panchayat Raj (RDPR) department. It is the executing body for the development works of Zilla Panchayat programmes and is the monitoring body for the development works of the Taluk Panchayats and the Gram Panchayats.

    This office is headed by the Chief Executive Officer, Mr.K.R.Niranjan

    The Deputy Commissioner’s Office is under the Revenue department and sees to the overall administration of the district and maintains Law and Order .

    The Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) is the head of this office.

    Mr.G.Kumara Nayak IAS is the current Deputy Commissioner

  4. Anonymous says:

    Zilla Panchayat
    The Zilla Panchayat is headed by the Adyaksha and assisted by the Upadyaksha, a team of 39 ZP elected members, and MLAs, MLCs and MPs who are ex-officio members of ZP. In all, there are 63 elected members who take decisions regarding the financial, social and developmental matters of the whole district.

    The Adyaksha : Mr.K.C.Balaram

    The Upadyaksha : Ms.Jaji Sidappa

    The term of the Adyaksha and Upadyaksha is for a period of 20 months starting from 30/08/2004, which is the date they took charge.

    There are 5 sub-committees:

    1) Planning, Finance and Audit sub-committee headed by the ZP Adyaksha

    2) General Standing sub-committee headed by ZP Upadyaksha

    3) Education and Health sub-committee

    4) Agriculture and Industry sub-committee

    5) Social Justice sub-committee

    The executing authority is the Chief Executive Officer appointed by the Government.

    The Chief Executive Officer : Mr.K.R.Niranjan

    The Chief Executive Officer is assisted by

    a) The Deputy Secretary : Mr.Kempe Gowda

    b) The Chief Planning Officer : Mr.Subba Rao

    c) The Chief Accounts Officer : Mr.Siddaraju

    d) Project Director : Mr.K.I.Gudugi

    e) The Counsel Secretary : Vacant

    Planning Section:

    The Chief Planning Officer heads the Planning Section. This section

    Compiles the requirements of the plan amounts of Grama Panchayat, Taluk Panchayat and the Zilla Panchayat
    Prepares the perspective plan of the Grama Panchayat,Taluk Panchayat and the Zilla Panchayat
    Distributes the plan schemes grants released from the government to Zilla Panchayat among Zilla Panchayat, Taluk Panchayat and Grama Panchayat
    Monitors the progress of implementation of plan schemes
    Prepares Taluk panchayat Grama Panchayat and Zilla Panchayat annual developmental plan
    Prepares the draft plan for Zilla Panchayat and urban local bodies for submission to the Finance Committee
    Prepares the MMR for each Plan schemes
    Prepares the notes for monthly and quarterly KDP meetings
    Prepares the notes for review meeting of District-in-charge
    Prepares the guidelines, allotment and physical targets of the action plan
    Monitors the implementation of all housing schemes in the rural areas of the district
    Feeding and monitoring grama panchayati samanya mahiti
    Prepares the notes for District Planning Committee meeting

  5. Anonymous says:

    D C’s OFFICE
    The Deputy Commissioner’s Office is headed by the Deputy Commissioner (Revenue)

    He is in charge of the general administration of the entire district and is responsible for maintaining law and order in the district.

    The Deputy Commissioner of Mysore : Mr.G.Kumara Nayak IAS

    He is assisted by the Head Quarters Assistant : Mr.Palaiah

    He is the head of the Revenue district. Mysore Revenue district is divided into 2 sub-divisions headed by Assistant Commissioners. These sub-divisions are comprised of talukas headed by Tahsildars. Taluks are further divided into hoblis headed by Revenue inspectors. These hoblis are comprised of villages. Groups of villages are formed into Village Accountant circles. Village Accountants maintain revenue records and it is their duty to collect revenue and other dues.

    The Administrative Section directly assisting the Deputy Commissioner in his office is headed by the Office Assistant of the rank of Tahsildar.

    There are four sub-sections in this office : 1)Service section which deals with service matters of the staff 2)Revenue section which collects all government dues 3)Judicial section which looks after all matters coming under the purview of CRPC, IPC & CPC Acts 4)Election section which looks after all election matters.

    Mysore Deputy Commissioner has a Protocol Tahsildar to look into the protocol matters of VIPs.
    There is a Muncipal Tahsildar to deal with Muncipal affairs. There are seven muncipal offices in Mysore. They are :K.R.Nagara, Hunsur, Periyapatna, H.D.Kote, Nanjangud, T. Narasipur and Bannur.

    There is an Election Tahsildar to look into the election works.

    The Deputy Commissioner is an appellate authority against the orders of Assistant Commissioners and Tahsildars regarding Land matters or any other administrative matters.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Education Name of Technical Institutes Phone
    CPC Govt. Polytechnic , Ashoka Road, Mysore-1 2441444
    D.Banumaiah Polytechnic College, Sayyaji Rao Road, Mysore-1 2425551
    Farooquia Dental College, Edigah Grounds, Umar Khayam Road, Mysore-21 2496050
    Farooquia Institute of Pharmacy, Umar Khayam Road, Tilak Nagar, Mysore-1 2491974
    Farooquia Women’s Polytechnic, Ashoka Road, Mysore-1 2448180
    Govt. College of Indian Medicine, Near Vishveshwara Circle, Mysore -21 2443701
    JSS Dental College, SS Nagar, Mysore-21 2494484
    JSS Polytechnic, SJCE Campus, Mysore -6 2517110
    JSS Medical College, Shivarathrishwara Nagar, Bannimantap, Mysore-15 2490732
    Mahajana Law College, Jayalakshmipuram, Mysore-12 2511607
    NIE (National Institute of Engineering), Manandavadi Road, Mysore-8 2480475
    NIE ITI, Vishveshwara Nagar, Mysore-8 2480137
    Regional College of Education, Manasagangotri, Mysore-6 2515058
    Regional Institute of Education, Manasagangotri, Mysore-6 2512153
    SCVDS School of Nursing, 444-7, JLB Road, Ramaswamy Circle, Mysore- 5 2442149
    Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Manasagangotri, Mysore-6 2515944
    St.Joseph’s Teachers’ Training Institute, St.Joseph’s Complex, Temple Road, Jayalaksmipuram, Mysore-12 2500975
    St.Philomena’s Industrial Training Institute, BN Road, Lashkar Mohalla, Mysore -1 2447662
    Vidyavardhaka Law College, S Iyer Road, Mysore-5 2446220

  7. Anonymous says:

    Government Sectors
    Education department Health & Family Welfare
    Water Supply & Sanitation SC, ST & BCM
    Agriculture Horticulture
    Sericulture Animal Husbandry & Vet.Services
    Fisheries Forest
    Irrigation Roads & Bridges
    Handloom Rural Energy Program
    Minor Irrigation Engineering division
    Co-operative department ITDP
    Social Welfare Ground water survey department
    District Industries Centre Youth Services & Sports
    Women & Children Ayurvedic Department
    Khadi & Village Industries Adult Education
    Social Forestry Police
    Treasury Muzrai

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dasara Festival
    Caparisoned elephant carrying golden howdah This festival is held in October every year in Mysore city and is celebrated with pomp and pageantry, echoing the grandeur of its royal past. Dasara celebrates the victory of good over evil, marking the slaying of the demon Mahishasura by the goddess Chamundeshwari. The palace and city are lit up for ten days and the entire city wears a festive look. Festivals of music, dance and theatre are held. The Dasara exhibition, craft fairs, film festivals and vajramushti (traditional wrestling matches) entertain visitors. The highlight of the festivities is the Dasara procession held on Vijayadashami, the tenth, penultimate day. It is led by caparisoned elephants carrying an idol of goddess Chamundeswari seated in a golden howdah (elephant seat). Following, are decorated horses, folk dancers and colourful floats. The procession wends its way from the Maharaja’s palace to the torch light parade ground. the procession then returns to the palace. The closing ceremonies include cultural performances from different states, gymnastic and equestrian events, followed by a torch light tattoo and fireworks.
    Golden Howdah Dasara Exhibition Ground

  9. Anonymous says:

    oadMap 1. City Railway Station
    2. Tourist Office

    3. City Bus Stand

    4. Maharaja’s Palace

    5. Art Gallery

    6. Hotel Hoysala Airlines Office & Yatri Nivas

    7. Railway Museum

    8. Zoo

    9. Race Course

    10.Forest Office

    11. St.Philomena’s Church

    12. Chamundi Hill

    13. Sandalwood Oil Factory

    14. Silk Factory

    15. Central Bus Stand

    16. City Market

    17. Cauvery Arts & Crafts Emporium

    18.Youth Hostel

    19. Folk Arts Museum

    20.Lalith Mahal Palace Hotel

    21. University of Mysore

    22.Administrative Training Institute

    23. Cactus House

  10. Priya says:

    hey mr/ms cut-copy-paste, thanks for helping with my li’l sister’s geography project.
    ps: you forgot about the bus and train time tables from the ksrtc and southern railway websites.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Mysore – The Traveler’s Paradise

    Click here if you would like to Contribute or send a feedback.

    Mysore, the charming, easy-going city is the travelers’ paradise of South-India blessed with a pleasant climate throughout the year. The city of Mysore is easily accessible to all parts of the country, both by rail as wells as road.

    History | Places to Visit | Places around Mysore | Hotels, Transportation | Distance to Important Places | Telephone Directory | Srirangapattana | Accommodation in Srirangapattana | Brindavan Gardens (K.R.S) | Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary
    | Chamundi Hills, Temple, Lalitha Maha l Shopping in Mysore | Bus Timings | Train Timings

    wµ²°l® …xÝ îµ±¶š®²Š®± AŠ®î®±wµ‡®±….
    îµ±¶š®²‹w® œ®äu®‡®±š¯Úw®u®ªå îµ±¶š®²Š®± AŠ®î®±wµ šµ²…Tw® wµŒµ‡®¾¯T N®ºSµ²¢š®±rÙuµ. 1897 Š®ªå ATÝš®ÞÇ®Ávºu® „®S®Ýî¯u® AŠ®î®±wµ‡®±w®±Ý 1907 Š®ªå cS®væP¯ãq® BOÁgµN¬Ô œµxä CïÁw¬Š® wµ°q®äq®æu®ªå y®¼w®: xï±Áš®Œ¯‰±q®±. AŠ®î®±wµ‡®± N®Œ¯q®âN® Nµq®Ùwµ‡®± „¯T©±S®¡®±, „®î®ã A©ºN®äq® Nµ²j®mS®¡®±, N®Œ¯q®âN® N®º„®S®¡®± î®±q®±Ù Z¯î®pS®¡®± y®äS®Š®w®±Ý î®±²N®ï›âq®Š®w¯ÝTš®±q®Ùîµ. ïý®æu®Œµålµ‡®± N®ŒµS®¡®±-N®ŒµS®¡® ¯u®‹S®¡®w®±Ý Cªå N¯o…œ®±u®±. AŠ®î®±wµ‡®± œµ²Š® „¯S® Aq¯ãN®Ç®ÁN®î¯u® N®î®¾¯w®±S®¡®w®±Ý œµ²ºvu®±Û Cu®± Cºlµ²°-šµŠ¯š®xN¬ ýµ¶ª‡®±u¯ÛTuµ. î®±±0uµ Lv

    History: Mysore was the capital city of the Wodeyars. Abode of untold grandeur and glory, where the rich heritage of the Wodeyars is carefully preserved to this day in its magnificent palaces, gardens, broad shady avenues and sacred temples. There is an old world charm about the city that reaches out and leaves no one untouched.

    Mysore, or Mahishur as it was called then, traces its history back to the mythical past, when Goddess Chamundeshwari of Chamundi Hills killed the wicked buffalo-headed demon, Mahishasura. Mysore Dasara is the celebration of this victory of good over evil. Mysore also has associations with the Mahabharatha and King Ashoka of 3rd century B.C. During the Wodeyar rule of Mysore reached the zenith of its glory as a fabled center of oriental splendor.
    Mysore still retains a majestic charm, both in appearance and culture. During the Dasara the entire city is adorned like a bejeweled bride.

    Places to Visit

    Mysore Palace | Chamundi Hills | St. Philomina’s Church | Mysore Zoo |
    Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery | Brindavan Gardens (K.R.S) |
    G.R.S. Fantasy Park | Balmuri and Edmuri | Blue Lagoons | Mysore lakes | Distance to Important Places

    Mysore Palace – where the Maharajas lived…

    Don’t miss the Palace at Mysore, for all roads lead to the Maharaja’s Palace. It is built in Indo – Sarcenic style with beautiful domes, arches, turrets and colonnades. It is the heaven of exquisite carvings and works of art from all over the world. You can’t miss the luxuriously furnished rooms. The majestic Durbar Hall has an ornate ceiling and many sculpted pillars. See the magnificent jewel studded golden throne, the pride of the Wodeyars and the symbol of their sovereignty. It is displayed only during the Dasara.

    The Palace, illuminated on Sundays and Public Holidays, presents a spectacle of breathtaking beauty.

    Timings: 10.30 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.
    Entrance Fee: Rs. 10/- per head.

    Chamundi Hills – home of the presiding deity of Mysore

    Chamundi Hill can be reached by a 13 km road or by climbing up by the 1,000 steps laid out by the Maharaja in the 17th Century. It is a well-known 335 meters high landmark. Half – way up along the stone steps is Nandi, Lord Shiva’s bull. It is a majestic 4.8-meter monolith. At the top is the 12th Century temple of Chamundeshwari, the patron goddess of the Wodeyars. Form the top you can take a beautiful view of Mysore’s lakes, parks and palaces.

    The gigantic statue of the demon Mahishasura, from whom Mysore got its name is very close to the temple.
    You can take the “Darshan” of “Jwalamukhi Amma” temple, which is approximately 3 km from Chamundeshwari temple.

    Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Asram, which is situated in the foothills of Chamundi Hills, is worth visiting. It is worth visiting the beautiful temple there.

    About 1 km away from this Ashram is the “Pinjrapole”, a shelter for orphaned and destitute animals run by a charitable society. The entrance is free.

    Karanji Lake: The Lake is situated on the foothills of Chamundi Hills. This lake is famous for its boating facilities.

    St. Philomina’s Church

    A beautiful Cathedral, reminiscent of medieval architectural style. Stained glass windows and lofty towers make it an imposing structure.
    It is approximately 1 km from the main bus stand.

    Timings: 8.00 A.M. to 1.00 P.M. and 5.00 P.M. to 8.00 P.M.

    Mysore Zoo – home of rare species of fauna

    The Mysore Zoo was set up under royal patronage in the 19th Century. Its fauna includes rare and exotic species, which are housed in lush, green surroundings. The Zoo is famous for breeding some very rare animals in captivity. These days Mysore Zoo is very much in picture because of frequent deaths of animals and birds and because of this factor it is slowly loosing its charm and fame. A good place for children.

    Timings: 8.30 A.M. to 6.00 P.M.

    Entrance Fee: Adult Rs.10/- and Children Rs.5/-

    Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery – a treasure house of masterpieces

    It is popularly known as Jaganmohan Palace. The Jaganmohan Palace was converted into an art gallery in the year 1875. It exhibits paintings, which date back to that period. The artists of that time used natural vegetable and mineral dyes. The famous traditional Mysore “Gold leaf” paintings are also exhibited in the gallery, as are oil paintings of contemporary artists like Raja Ravi Varma and Svetoslav Roerich.

    It is just opposite to the City Bus-Stand and walk able distance from the KSRTS Bus-Stand or the Main Bus-Stand.

    Apart from these, regular cultural programs are also arranged there.

    Timings: 8.30 A.M. to 6.00 P.M.

    Entrance Fee: Adults Rs.10/- and Children Rs.5/-

    Brindavan Gardens
    19 Km northwest of Mysore are the famous Brindavan gardens. They stretch below the Krishna Raja Sagara (K.R.S) Dam on the river Cauvery, and present a breathtaking harmony of water, color, light and music! The dam was built by the world famous Sir M.V.Vishweshwaraiaha. The garden is famous for its beautiful musical fountains.

    Timings: 7.00 P.M. to 7.55 P.M. on weekdays.
    7.00 P.M. to 8.55 P.M. on holidays.

    During winter: 6.30 P.M. to 7.25 P.M. on weekdays.
    6.30 P.M. to 8.25 P.M. on holidays.

    Entrance fees: Rs.10/- per head.

    City buses and private buses ply frequently.

    ** On the way to K.R.S. (Krishna Raja Sagara), you come across an ancient “Venkataramana Swamy” temple in Gokulam, which is built in the way of Thirumala Temple of Thirupathi. The temple is open on all days and devotees flock to temple on Saturdays and special occasions. City buses are frequently available to the temple.

    G.R.S. Fantasy Park
    G.R.S. Fantasy Park is the only amusement cum Water Park, situated in the outskirts of Mysore City at Metagalli on the way to Brindavan Gardens. Water games, amusement rides, kid’s pool and catering facilities & shopping are the main attractions in the 30-acres of the park. Now days it is one of the favorite place of students.

    Timings: 8.30 A.M. to 6.30 P.M.
    Entrance fees: Rs. 150/- + 10% tax, Rs.165/- per head.
    Rs. 100/- for children and free for infants below 3-years of age.
    City buses, private buses and taxis ply frequently. The management group is starting the bus facilities shortly.

    Balmuri and Edmuri
    On the way to K.R.S. from Mysore, 3 Km away from the main road, there are two beautiful small waterfalls, which is the hot spot for students and nature lovers. You also come across an ancient Ganesh temple in the vicinity.

    Catch the K.R.S. bus and you have to get down before 8 Km from K.R.S. and walk about 3 Km to reach the spot. You can also hire a taxi or an auto.

    Blue lagoons:
    Two Km from K.R.S. there is a beautiful island created by the backwaters of K.R.S.Dam. You can reach the spot cutting through the shallow waters. It is a beautiful picnic spot and atmosphere is mind relaxing. Risk involves while reaching the island due to swirling of water and necessary precaution to be taken.
    You can hire an auto from K.R.S. to reach this spot. Don’t miss this spot.

    Lakes in Mysore:

    1.Kukkarahalli Lake: In the heart of Manasa Gangothri campus, situated a beautiful lake, which is frequently visited by bird watchers, water sport lovers and nature lovers. Varieties of migratory birds visit the lake during winter and to watch those birds is feast to the eyes. The lake is very near to the railway station and bus stand. Boating facilities are available on nominal rates.

    2.Lingabudi Lake: Lingabudi Lake, which is situated in Sriramapura, also accommodates varieties of migratory birds. There is also a beautiful park by the side of the lake. The whole place is full of green and it is another favorite place of nature lovers.
    It is about 8 Km from the city. Frequent buses are available from city bus stand.

    Don’t miss Mysore Dasara….

    Come to Mysore in October when the tranquil city awakens to ten days of Dasara festivities. Brilliantly lit up palaces, decorated arches, festooned streets, colorful costumes and cultural shows… classical music, folk dances like Bharatha Natyam, Yakshagana, Huthari, Torch Light Parade, Theppothsawa….

    The culmination is the legendary Procession with caparisoned elephants, Mysore Dasara the golden howdah, decorated horses, stately coaches, troops in ceremonial uniforms, folk dancers and colorful floats.

    Distance in Kilometers (Km) to important places from Mysore:
    1. Nanjangudu 24 Km
    2. Gommatagiri 48 Km
    3. Gopalaswamy Betta 68 Km
    4. Shivanasamudra (Shimsha Falls) 69 Km
    5. Bandipur 83 Km
    6. Shravanabelagola 83 Km
    7. B.R.Hills 109 Km
    8. Madikerii (Marcara) 127 Km
    9. Nagarahole 135 Km
    10. Belur 158 Km
    11. Halebeedu 168 Km
    12. M.M.Hills 186 Km
    13. Subramanya 224 Km
    14. Dharmasthala 267 Km
    15. Shringeri 278 Km
    16. Kudremukh 285 Km
    17. Hornadu 308 Km
    18. Ooty 160 Km

    K.S.R.T.C. and Private buses are plying to these destinations.

    Traveling charges (approximately):

    1. K.S.T.D.C.:

    Daily Departure: 7.15 a.m. Arrival: 11.00 p.m.
    Fare: Rs. 230/- AC Rs. 300/-
    Places of Visit: Srirangapattana, Daria Daulat, Gumbaz, Ranganatha Swamy Temple of Srirangapattana, Mysore City, St. Philomina’s Church, Chamundi Hills, Palace, Zoo, Art Gallery and Brindavan Gardens.


    Daily in season (April – June).
    Monday, Wednesday and Friday during off-season.
    Departure: 7.15 a.m. 1st day. Arrival: 10.30 p.m. 3rd day.
    Fare: Rs. 1,050/- (including accommodation)
    Places of Visit: Mysore, Brindavan Gardens, Srirangapattana, Nanjangud, Bandipur and Ooty.

    3. Private Tourists:

    You can hire a Car or a Sumo. The Fares are given below.
    Ambassador car Rs. 650/- and for Sumo Rs. 950/-
    Ambassador AC Rs. 1000/- and for AC Sumo Rs. 1200/-
    Places of Visit: St. Philomina’s Church, Chamundi Hills, Zoo, Palace, Art Gallery, Srirangapattana, Dariya Daulat, Ranganathittu and Brindavan Gardens.

    For your convenience we got the specific fares for specific places

    1. Srirangapattana, Nimishamba, Ganjam, Dariya Daulat, Sangam and Ranganathittu:
    Car: Rs. 300/-
    Tata Sumo: Rs. 500/-
    2. K.R.S, Balmuri, Edmuri and Blue Lagoons: Rs. 750/-
    3. Chamundi Hills, Nandi, Jwalamukhi temple, Karanji Lake, Pinjrapole and Sachidananda Ashram:
    Car: Rs. 350/-
    Tata Sumo: Rs. 500/-
    4. Palace, Art Gallery, St. Philomina’s Church and Zoo: Rs. 300/-
    5. G.R.S. Fantasy Park: Rs. 300/-

    The above Fares includes both up and down charges and the sitting capacity of the car is 5 + 1 and the Tata Sumo is 10 + 1.
    Apart from these, you can also consult the manager of lodges as they have their own traveling facilities.

    Mysore is known the world over for its exotic sandalwood and rich silks. At the Government Sandalwood Oil Factory, you can buy Sandal Powder, Sandal Oil and scented incense sticks. At the Government Silk Factory you can see the master weavers at work. Buy shimmering silk straight off the looms.

    Mysore is more than palaces, parks and temples…the exotic fragrance of Mysore Jasmine… the melodious strains of the Veena… the rich aroma of filter coffee… traditional carvings on fragrant sandalwood, rose wood and ivory… the rustle of rich silks… delicious bananas… hot and spicy bisi-bele-huliyanna…mouthwatering Mysore-Pak, a traditional sweetmeat… It is a gourmet’s delight and a shopper’s paradise. Shop at little back streets and by lanes that offer some exciting bargains.

    Come to Mysore and experience it for yourself….

  12. Anonymous says:

    STD Code: 0821

    Police: 100

    Fire: 101

    Ambulance: 102

    Postal enquiry: 22165

    Telegraphic enquiry: 23785

    Indian Airlines: 426317 and 421846

    Arrival/Departure timings (recorded): 134

    Main Bus-Stand: 520853

    City Bus-Stand: 425819

    K.R.Hospital: 32737 and 23300

    Cheluvamba Hospital: 520950

    Morning alarm and reminder service: 173

    Directory enquiry:
    Local: 197
    Bangalore: 36197

    Distant Station (computerized): 30183

    Tourist Information center: 22096

    K.S.T.D.C: 423652,24997 and 425349

    Mysore Bar Association: 37222

    Commissioner of Police: 523777

  13. Anonymous says:

    6215 CHAMUNDI EXP 06:45 — — — — 12-07 — —
    6205 TIPPU EXPRESS 11:00 — — — — 12-07 — 12-07
    2008 SHATABDI EXP 14:20 13-07 — — — 15-07 — —
    213 TIRUPATI PASSR 17:00 — — 12-07 — — 17-07 —
    6732 TUTICORIN EXP 18:00 — 12-07 — 14-07 — 12-07 —
    6221 CHENNAI EXPRESS 20:05 — 14-07 — 16-07 — 12-07 —
    6201 MYS DHARWAD EXP 20:00 — 12-07 — — — 12-07 —
    235 BANGALORE PASSR 23:30 — — — — — 12-07 —
    1036 SHARAVATI EXP 06:20 — 14-07 — 14-07 — 14-07 —
    6217 SWARNA JAYANTHI 16:20 — 15-07 — 22-07 — 15-07 —

  14. Anonymous says:

    Time Table* of Trains Arriving and Departing from Mysore City



    Push-Pull Passenger (Except Sunday) Bangalore City
    Mandya Town

    Sharavathi Express (Saturday only) Mumbai (CST)
    Hubli City

    Chamundi Express Bangalore City
    Mandya Town

    Bangalore Passenger Bangalore City
    Mandya Town

    Tippu Express Bangalore City
    Mandya Town

    Shatabdhi Express (Except Tuesday) Chennai City
    Bangalore City

    Push-Pull Passenger (Except Sunday) Bangalore City
    Mandya Town

    Tanjavur Express Tanjavur City
    Bangalore City

    SwarnaJayanthi Express (Fri only) Nizamuddin
    Bangalore City

    Tirupati Fast Passenger Tirupati Town
    Bangalore City

    Kaveri Express Chennai City
    Bangalore City

    Shimoga Passenger Shimoga Town
    Bangalore City

    Bangalore Passenger Bangalore City
    Mandya Town

    * The above times are tentative and are subjected to change.

    For change in time table, ticket booking status and further information on fares visit

  15. Anonymous says:

    c u in mysore pri!


  16. Priya says:

    is your name kartik kumar by any chance?

  17. Anonymous says:

    try again pri

  18. Aravind says:

    Good post!
    But, C’mon, Mysore’s far better than B’lore is, and you can’t shun urbanization!

    PS: NITK numbskulls: Blogger may soon need to delete your account for overloading!
    Mr. Anonymous / KK: Try copy-pasting links to the pages, if you can’t stop this nonsense.

  19. PAPARAZZI says:

    nice post

    have a question who is this anonymous giving u all these details..looks funny..

  20. vasundhara das says:

    hi, i happen to be on an ad campaign to promote karnataka’s tourism. mr/ms anonymous, i must really thank you for doing my job. you have done it better than i could possibly have done.
    thanks again.

  21. wacko_ram says:

    Whats this, a comment-page for a blog or some cut-copy-paste garbage dump? .. anyways priya, thanx for visitng my blogpage regularly .. Unfortunately i’ve found very little time to spare to actually post something worthwhile on my site. However, something good is in the pipeline .. do keep checking …

    yours vettifully,
    ram the wacko !!

  22. WHEW!
    Why do people mess up someone else’s space?

  23. Anonymous says:

    still havnt recognized me?

  24. Priya says:

    why should we even bother with someone too cowardly to give out his/her name?

  25. Abhilash says:

    Nice post, but it seems that the anon comments seem to be hogging more limelight than Mysore !!

  26. these anonymous guys are entertaining us rather 🙂
    just go thru my post on Ayodhya, Mr/Ms anonymous succeeded to get on my nerves and managed to get some thrashings :))

    btw, a vice neat n cute essay 🙂

  27. a unique blog url, an interesting post….and an even more interesting comments section 😉

  28. Hoda says:

    i liked it… anonymouses are around us… who may be deserve more than a name… anonymous is someone’s heart and mind… when we are kid, we are anonymous… this firm person inside… but when we grow old (not growing up)many of us lose our anonymous inside who says goodthings and sometimes naughty things… anyhow.. i was looking for some information about Maysore that i found this page… good luck!

  29. From our history books I have learnt that my city has a grand past. The contribution of the Wodeyars, who ruled over Mysore for a long period, made it their capitol, did so many nice things to my city. They have built palaces, nice wide roads, gardens, temples etc. I also learnt that Sir. Mirza Ismail worked very hard to beautify our city.

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