Thanks, Jo!

All that which is too dumb to be said, is sung for a dime. All that that is too dumb to be written in prose, is put in rhyme.
A cluster of Not-So-Terse Verse.

I walked into the bookstore nearby
To Advance-book that book held so dear by
Us Pottermaniacs.
Then my eyes fell on other tomes
Jeeves, Blandings, Swami, Sherlock Holmes
My nose betwixt the pages
My mind glimpsing images
Of a fictional world that seemed so distant
But only for that precise instant.
It was the world I knew not so long ago
To where I escaped in joyful moment and woe.
Ah! To thumb through Tharoor's tome.
Ah! To saunter through Caesar's Rome.
This was the end of my long vacation
Away from fiction for alien vocation.

No snooty proprietor looked over my shoulder
She didn't, with her gaze, leave me smoldered.
Coz, she understood, and did so jolly well
"This ain't no library, miss!" she didn't yell.

As I took in the Cornucopia.
The minutes ticked away, oh deah!
Soon, 'twas time to go back home.
So I chose the best of those tomes.
The total cost but made me wince
I'd spent twice more'n on the Half-Blood Prince!
I then passed my Card to swipe.
Blame it on the goddamn hype
That HBP costs way more than
Three of some other also-rans!
With armloads of books I made my way
To, beside my bookcase, spend the day.

Since then,
There've been sleepless nights and headache-d days
But they're no hindrance to devouring Satyajit Rays
Or Wodehouse or Narayan or Ogden Nash.
Well, goodbye now, I need to dash.
Just stopped by to say a bit of thanks.
To her who made me break the ranks
And come back to reading
A hobby that's receding.
She did the same to Playstation kids
But, with me, in an other way than she famously did.
Must just say this before I go,
Merci beaucoup, Thanks, Jo!

About wanderlust

just your average books-and-music person who wants to change the world.
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7 Responses to Thanks, Jo!

  1. wacko_ram says:

    lovely poem, priya .. thanks for visitng my site and please do keep visiting

  2. PAPARAZZI says:

    lovely poetry!!!

  3. maveric says:

    nieeeeeeeeeeech poem priya , n thanx 4 visiting my blog site,always welcome.

  4. nandini says:

    Nice poem! And I empathize with the bookshop incident…It seems to happen to me a lot too!

  5. Shashi Iyer says:

    i must say its a really nice poem… with the hols over my reading has come to a close too, but may be i can catch up wid a few sleepless nites, as u did!

  6. hmm
    i threw mah bugging hollow self away
    as i fell in love with books that day
    picked up a few hardbound classics,most tempting
    caressed the pages with my eyes, never blinking
    the world was sleeping like a baby
    while i was saying yeah,wow and maybe
    my textbooks received stepmotherly treatment then on
    coz i was into the finer things of life,head on
    the blah blah blahs or the dead serious works
    them books were much more to me than a set of words.
    they are …even now,as i stay disconnected
    from routine,coz the stuff’s gotten me addicted.

    hey priya that poem was really good. hmm ya told me how the bookstorewaalah shooed u out when he thought u had been dawdling…
    c ya then

    waise my blog is called coherent one

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