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The Unreasonable Man

“A reasonable man tries to adapt himself to the world, but an unreasonable man makes the world adapt to him and all progress depends on the unreasonable man” Imagine how everything would be if life went like this… the sun … Continue reading

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Those ‘ickle ‘uns!

The new semester began a week ago and I needn’t even ask ‘what’s new?’ like I usually do, coz they share the corridor with me in the hostel. Yea readers, I am referring to that bunch of people called FRESHERS. … Continue reading

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I’ve been Tagged!

I wouldn’t be writing this if i had anything else to write. Still, can’t complain….thnx to Maverick.. Neways…here goes! Three names i go by: Priya – that’s the official one Puri – that was what my friends called me at … Continue reading

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