Those ‘ickle ‘uns!

The new semester began a week ago and I needn’t even ask ‘what’s new?’ like I usually do, coz they share the corridor with me in the hostel. Yea readers, I am referring to that bunch of people called FRESHERS.
Being one no longer, I derive immense pleasure in looking at their expressions of shock and awe at anything new, which is presumably everything.
Like this budding electrical engineer who was taken by my IIMB T-shirt:
“Hi, are you from IIMB?”
“Nope, NITK.”
“Then how’d you get the T-shirt?”
“Someone I know did a short-term course there.”
“Ohh…. so are you doing your MBA?”
“Actually, I graduated last year.”
“Uh-huh…..Hey! how can you be doing your post-graduation when your graduation is still in progress?”
“Beats me, but remember, YOU started the jokes.”
But the naivete ends there.
You next have this madame with her acquired fake accent who disturbs us by blasting away modern rock on her imported deck [she could lend it to George Lucas for his next film, what with its flashing lights and metallic sheen].
8:00 pm: “hi, didn’t get your name…?”
Well, don’t you KNOW that questions are outlawed for you guys outside of the classroom?
8:30 pm: “hi, didn’t still get your name, but my roommate’s on the phone and I am feeling SO BORED, could I pass time here?”
9:00 pm: “Hi, i invited all my friends to chat on Yahoo!, could you please vacate this comp for me?”
11:49 pm: “Hi, I still am bored. Do you have a novel to read?”
9:00 am: “Hey, how come you have power in your room? We are stuck with low voltage.. so could I use my hairdryer in here?”
Yea dahling, this is your commonroom-cum-lounge. Coffee with milk or cream?
And just as I write this, I am playing ‘But it Rained’ by Parikrama as loud as my laptop allows in order to reassert my position as a senior. Ms Very Un-Naive is at my door, gushing about how much she likes this song which she heard ‘sooo looong ago’ on TV, and would I please play it for her and ruffle her memory.
And she is a far cry from that other gang of freshers who fear us, but talk to us anyway [haan didi, the rooms are fine, mess food is okay, classes are cool] coz they think they’ll be ragged otherwise.
People, if there’s one thing a senior hates, it is to be misunderstood. No, we won’t pull your legs here; we know how stranded you feel in this brand-new place. And we’d like it that you don’t pull ours, we oldfaces wouldn’t like to ‘assert’ ourselves here,[nor would you, if we did], we don’t like to be pushed off the calling-the-shots pedestal this early.
Gotta go now, coz I can’t keep Madame waiting.
{shuts this window, presses the replay button on Windows Media Player}

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21 Responses to Those ‘ickle ‘uns!

  1. maveric says:

    hmm…. in our col the 1st day the freshers enterd our hostel v ragged’em real bad ,but u know at the end my frnd kinda gave a small speech tat ,raggin is only to get accquinted n not really hurt them ……n our guys were like ooo ok never knew tat, but it did stop the juniors 4m complanin to the warden….;)

  2. Priya says:

    hey mave…
    which college r u in? greendad?

  3. maveric says:

    he…he… nope, but u dont hav 2 b in greedad to pull tat out…..

  4. Deepti says:

    😦 ragging was banned in my college!! a junior could complain that he/she was ragged, and you would end up being fined upto 10k !! Really sad……….

  5. maveric says:

    wat de… ragging banned!!! if they had did that in my col i wudn’t hav finished ne of my records n assignments …..;)

  6. Shashi Iyer says:

    i’ve seen those kinda gals too (talkin abt the gal wid an acquired accent)… i’m sure u kno how to get those creatures off ur shoulders! the worst part is… u shd c the guys pouring over em… a 5 min break after classes ll do jus fine… and there is dis female who sat next to m in class and so i become desperate…
    hmmm… comin to u guys “wont pull our legs” i ll tell u d boys ll have a different story to say… perhaps u cd take note of some of our sessions… oh yeah we do get ragged… but u shd jus kno to snub them back without them knowing u actually did it! infact the senior boys r so jobless they call us at like 11 30 in d nite n ask us “if we’ve seen any b.f’s”… u can imagine!

  7. speed says:

    Yeah, impudence my friend, is not prudent. They’ll learn that soon enough.

  8. Priya says:

    yea, shashi, u WOULD know about that gal. and speed, just a few more weeks, and then the gettin-to-know ppl sessions’ll get a wee bit harder. cant wait for the warden-approved session, though.

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  10. Anonymous says:

    You know… you bunch of folks had all of us laughing with your ‘masterpieces’ of statements. and heck, you still do…

    he pot…you calling the kettle black..?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Bloggs are such a wonderful way to plublish ones thoughts. Thanks for letting me visit and leave a comment. digital video

  12. Shashi Iyer says:

    priya and tuhina.. i’m waiting! new posts please!

  13. time 4 a new post 😉

  14. Anonymous says:

    heck…windows media player is highly overated. try amarok that comes for linux. but then you wouldn’t know what it is would you????

  15. karthik says:

    hey..nice post.Very nice indeed..similar things happen here at IITM also..

  16. karthik says:

    hey..nice post.Very nice indeed..similar things happen here at IITM also..

  17. Anonymous says:

    hey this surely time for some action ….man i hope the freshers know their stand in the coll but inspite of which their behaviour is getting intolerable day by day…..damn their accents and their tittles…..their becomin famous for all the wrong reasons at the onset of the sem say is all abt them…anywys have fun with them knocking ur door every now and then to entertain them ……

  18. Anonymous says:

    Ragging is bad. You will be reported to police.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Fuck you people !!

  20. Nitin Rao says:

    Nobody can write like you can, Priya!

  21. saurabh says:

    am a student of the 97-01 batch of krec/nitk. it was so nice to find so much stuff about krec from you guys and from a few videos on the web. some of the things have not changed at all, and some of the stuff has really changed.
    was planning a road trip this winter with my friends, but was slightly low on enthusiasm. reading your blog was definitely a fillip!
    point me to any other places with pics of the campus and the beach.
    take care.

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