Goodbye to Sense and Sensiblity

I can’t believe it has been three weeks since I actually wrote anything. The one-hour time restriction in the GB net centre must go. Or better still, net in the rooms. Rumoured to be coming soon. The way things are going, ‘Soon’ can be any day between today and the day Darth Vader meets Jesus Christ.
I then fell back on the old standby-reviews. The only flick I’ve watched in recent times is Salaam Namaste, [with a bunch of friends, the room echoing with shouts of ‘wot a’ , ‘How the heck!’and ‘Godot’] but then I found that a review was an impossible task!
Top Reasons Why I couldnt review Salaam Namaste:
1. I watched it on pirated CD, so I missed watching quite a few chunks… like the ending. Sound quality was bad, too. Others tell me it was fine that way, I didn’t hear many dialogues that would’ve had me cringing.
2. The utter lack of a storyline: boy meets girl, they live together, fight, have babies. So what’s new? Anything I can possibly review?
3. I didn’t and don’t ever will get what the director was trying to say: was it just a comedy-of-errors posing as a serious theme?
4. Most other reviews hailed it as ‘pathbreaking’ and ‘epoch-making’. I thought I had the wrong picture in mind. Live-in has been ‘in’ since the ’80s. All you reviewers, ever heard of Anant Nag?
5. It was a more serious contender for the Medical Conditions as depicted in flicks post I’m”>”>post I’m yet to see another film that so faithfully depicts morning sickness and fetishes. Yeah, there’s a scene where Saif shows Preity how to go through labour, sound effects and all. Metrosexual, huh? We’d rather have Arnold flexing his muscles.
6. I first thought it was a paegent for worst-dressed evver. Designers, please note: Low-rise DON’T look good on Saif; he ain’t got abs like John has.
7. I am passionate about radio [and hope the field grows in India], and can’t stand to watch anything that shows it in a derogatory light. Like, which radiostation you know lets its RJs get away with slander? And which content-manager would allow such sad lines masquerading as PJs [ Nikhil Arora ko unke restaurant ke naam ‘Nick of Time’ nahin, ‘Never on Time’ rakhna chahiye tha] get on air? Darius Sunawalla, Rohit Barker, Anjaan, you Gods of Gab, what say?
8. And most of all, Tuhina refused to help me. She’s the more positive of the two of us, and I was hoping to get something that justified the existence of the film other than Arshad Warsi [he carries off his ill-written role with panache, though his exits [all after calls from wifey, which all end with ‘love you too’] get cliched after a while.] and Javed Jaafrey [ditto, though his ‘Sowie? Eggjacktly’ does get boring.].
But nope, Tu too was echoing cries of ‘whaaat ya?’ throughout the three excruciating hours, and after that, refused to have anything to do with anything even remotely connected with the film.
And yeah, after reading what I’ve just written, I don’t blame her.

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45 Responses to Goodbye to Sense and Sensiblity

  1. Anonymous says:

    People who actually go to the extent of renting a pirated cd of a trashy hindi flick after trashing then on their blogs deserve what they get.

  2. way to go gal. u sound more optimistic about the phillum than me. i’d rather go and watch that film being made by a 9 yr old kid than read a review of salaam namaste, let alone write one.
    in fact i learnt quite a few swear words to comment on the movie..eggjactly.
    gimme jon abraham’s abs anyday and i’ll be the on hooting in the crowd. wish i got the director’s hat to puke in!!
    and jeez i could make a better RJ than that!!

  3. karthik says:

    Some one takes extreme pleasure in paining you(am talking about anonymous…). And yes, i can’t comment about salaam namaste coz i’ve not watched it..was told a strict no-no by friends..

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m not “paining” her (whatever that is), just pointing out a rather obvious fact.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Paining is actually lingo that IITB junta throw around a lot. obviously visitors to that place have picked it up and throw it around NITK too.
    now i have read a lot of movie reviews on blogs, but yes i agree, watching sn and then reviewing it because of lack of material to write is a little too much.

    half naked men and women arent really the things good movies are made of. suggest you watch before sunriose and before sunset. will make you realize that there is much lesser that is needed to make a movie that is worth watching and makes sense at the end of it all.


  6. Anonymous says:

    oh…by the way if it wasnt very obvious i am from NITK too.


  7. Priya says:

    @anon[as opposed to ‘he’]
    i watched it the weekend the flick was released, and i had no idea it would be this trashy. as i said, it was being hailed by reviewers as ‘pathbreaking’, and we just wanted to check out how much of this was true.
    as for pirated… it seemed too much of an effort to wait for three weeks for SN to come to mangalore, so, the next best alternative it was.
    why the heck is it ‘too much’ if i fall back on a review coz i dunno what to write?

  8. Anonymous says:

    My child, forgive me. I sympathise. But really, does a half naked Saif ever occur to you as path breaking? Where have your brains been visiting? Think for yourself!

  9. Anonymous says:

    like they keep saying…”dimag ghaas charne gaya hai!!!”

    and pathbreaking could also refer to bad roads and so on and so forth. agree with anon(let’s call you she…please???)that a half-naked saif is not really pathbreaking. inci fashion show i am sure has much better looking half naked people and these guys will probably even end up with an engineering degree….


  10. the Monk says:

    nice post…salaam namaste’s supposed to be lifted from nine lives…which was good timepass…me first time here,will be back…me an NITian too….from Trichy….

  11. Priya says:

    @anon and he:
    well isn’t it OBVIOUS from my post that i DON’T think SN is pathbreaking? if The Week, India Today, The Hindu and The Times all call a film ‘a breath of fresh air’ and suchlike things, it does stir up curiosity.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I repeat, Saif bare chested is not path breaking or a breath of fresh air. Common sense!

  13. Priya says:

    precisely the thing im saying!!!! but then the critix thought live-in was new.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It is. But dumb.

  15. insane says:

    SN was not really a good watch..esp the bloopers..wat was he intending to show..I think the movie talked less of live in and more of usual husabnd wife stuff as generally shown in bollywood..who or what is anant nag in b/w ?
    and yes radio part was really stupid..anyways cant c bollywood growing up so soon !!

  16. Priya says:

    anant nag is a kannada actor who had a live in relationship in the late eighties or early nineties.

  17. Anonymous says:

    sometimes silence is better than writing about things like SN.

    and by the way does living with a roomate in a hostel qualify as “live-in”???


  18. Anonymous says:

    Or with one’s parents. You’re still “living in” the house.

  19. Priya says:

    well, i dunno about that. maybe it would help to look it up on

  20. I found a site while searching google and the site gives you previews of I found previews for the NEW – NEXT Harry Potter book 8, the book AFTER the half blood prince, it’s insane… i have no idea how they got the previews maybe they know J.K. Rowling..

  21. Anonymous says:

    You’re the one supposed to be giving answers.

  22. Anonymous says:



  23. Priya says:

    hey, it seems to have become a fashion here to comment as anon. what can i say? HERD MENTALITY!!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t occur to your rather pitiful amount of brain that it could be just 2 people, me and he, would it?

  25. Shashi Iyer says:

    title makes all the sense, to the sensible of course. and anons (the 2 of you) one’d rather think one is the effigy of the other.

  26. Anonymous says:

    “Effigy”?! ROTFLMAO!

  27. Anonymous says:

    And while we’re on the topic of herd mentality, aren’t you the pseudos trying to pretend you’re “cool” and “with it” coz you think you can write? Especially you shashi, with the obscene insult to poetry.

  28. Shashi Iyer says:

    anons (only the two-some). know what? there’s something “clicky” that goes like this
    I don’t have an attitude problem, you’ve got the perception problem.

    and when people are expected to “take things in the stride” may be i made a mistake assuming that u’d do that too.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Ah…i see that the whole anon thing is gotten to you people.

    Brilliant, i agree with me on the ‘cool’ part. Get a life. There are a million other ways to be cool. And cardinal rule – if you are cool you dont go around proclaiming that. That automatically degrades you to non-cool status.



  30. Anonymous says:

    Sure it isn’t a threesome? Its more fun, you know. And just just when playing anonymous.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Not just, not just just.

  32. pAndA says:

    hello numbskull.
    humour and sarcasm is wasted on you.
    you shoudn’t have posted comments on my blog.
    you really shouldn’t have.
    be scared.
    be very scared.

  33. Priya says:

    hey anon!
    we dont write coz itz ‘cool’ to write, we just write. and ‘cool’ is all about perception.
    and if there is someone signing off as ‘it’, it is obvious it isnt just you and ‘he’ out here.
    and no, the anon thing hasnt gotten to us as yet, else wouldnt we have restricted comments to bloggers only?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Do you really think that would keep us away?

  35. Reading NITK blogs is good entertainment…you guys do this in college as well?…if yes, for the first time I regret having chosen another NIT!

  36. Shashi Iyer says:

    anon-last-till-now: incase you thought yu were invincible, think again. dont rot.

    @ priya: do you sense any fall in temperature? the last anon’s comment was supposed get things kewl, isn’t it?

  37. Priya says:

    well, i’ll take that compliment.

  38. Anonymous says:

    @ Shashi – Darlin’, you ain’t invincible either. Don’t tempt me.

    @Priya – Well I’m glad you’re flattered. I’m also hoping you don’t come to regret being flattered. Because I’m not here for fun.

  39. Shashi Iyer says:

    oh no my love. i didn’t think i was. but if you expect people to pack up because you think you’re an authority, may be you could check things again.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Nobody expects you to pack up! Of course, this is assuming you have a backbone. All I’m saying’s nothing’s gonna keep us away.

  41. Priya says:

    for starters, this is MY page. and i dont seem to have a problem with anyone.
    and kid, stop reacting to things as if they were personal attacks.
    for heavens sake, GROW UP!

  42. Anonymous says:

    @ Priya – You’ve turned over a new leaf. The question is why….. *suspicious look*

  43. Priya says:

    new leaf nothing, i dont want others’ slugfests spilling out here.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Uh huh… do you know this ain’t aimed at you?

  45. Priya says:

    if it is, you just have to say so.
    neway, i dont think a personal attack from someone who i dont know, or who is too shy to do it on my face with his/her real name matters.

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