Dispi Diary

Phew! I’m finally done with the last of my anti-rabies shots. I got a bite off a seemingly rabid dog a month ago, and so have to visit the NITK dispensary once a week. I’m pretty amazed at the rate at which it has been improved. The dispensary, I mean.
I remember my other emergency visit to the dispensary around a semester ago, which left me pretty wary of the place.
It was a Friday morning in my second sem, which meant I had sheet metal workshop, easily the bestest course I’ve done so far [followed by fitting workshop, man, Alex seriously rocks!]. I’m one accident-prone person, and can’t handle even a pair of scissors without blood spurting out of somewhere. So it was no big surprise when I snipped off a bit of my left palm with a pair of rusty snips.
The workshop authorities wasted no time in giving first aid – Cotton wool from the workshop cupboard, kept among the rusty tools, some liquid that smelt of alcohol used to disinfect the cut, and gauze cut with something normally used on sheets of metal .3mm thick[I forget the name of the tool].
That stemmed the bleeding, but not my fears of tetanus and lockjaw. The workshop guys weren’t doctors, they’d’ve been the first to admit.
So I found myself at the NITK dispensary, waiting outside the Chief Medical Officer’s door. We [me and a friend] were shown in by the nurse [or some arbit lady in white].
What we saw was not some smart-looking white-coated doc [guess those types are found only at KMC], but a fiftyish, greying tired-looking man bent over a huge book. He had his back to us when we entered, and so, didn’t notice us.
No response.
I knocked on the door.
No response again.
Okay, maybe this guy wasn’t the doctor.
“Umm, Uncle?”
Still no response. He was still immersed in his book, and was now muttering some medical-sounding terms.
Okay, so this guy IS the doc.
Maybe we should wait, he just might be busy, suggested my friend, who, since her parents are both doctors, is assumed to have superior info on the inner workings of medics.
It was now more than ten minutes since I’d come in, and I was beginning to lose my patience, and besides, the cut was showing signs of healing.
I stood there for a couple of minutes more…
The pharmacist entered, gave us an amused look.
Went straight to Doc and talked to him animatedly, all the time facing him, mouthing his words clearly.
It was then that Doc noticed that there were two girls in his office, and gestured for us to be seated.
After a few more words with the pharmacist, the doc turned to me.
“Ah, what seems to be the problem?”
I told him, taking care to mouth my words clearly.
“This isn’t very deep, you probably won’t require a Tet-vac” he said, all the while preparing the injection.
He asked me inane details of my studies and where I was from, as is usual when you meet a stranger in a campus. I muttered replies, which, I realize now, didn’t in the least register with him.
Soon after, he went back to his book, and didn’t hear me say my thanks as I left.
“Did he get in here thro’ the Physically Handicapped category?” asked my friend as we went back.
I didn’t even attempt to shush her though we were barely outside his door; it wasn’t at all necessary.

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42 Responses to Dispi Diary

  1. karthik says:

    KMC haan.. ahem ahem..:D

  2. pragathi says:

    hmmm…am wondering why the “ONE PILL FOR ALL ILLS” dint figure in the blog….and ya i must admit the bit about KMC is true..:-)

  3. insane says:

    KMC ??
    neways does remind me of similar experiences in my college..but do girls ever do the workshop stuff??
    be careful…lol

  4. Shamant says:

    News wagon had the dog-bite incident a certain ‘nitwit’ suffered.lol.

    Thanks for warning me about the dispensary anyway…

  5. Priya says:

    the deaf doc has retired and there’s a new one now. don’t fear the dispensary as much as fearing the suratkal hospitals [padmavati!]…. they diagnose viral fever as malaria, and treat you accordingly.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Maybe it has something to do with the presence of the letters s,u,r,a,t, in th name…We have a (wilingly) deaf doctor too an the local doctors still can’t differentiate between malaria, dengue, jaundice…

    On the darker side, it is an alarming issue…Esp since one of the students was wrongly diagnosed and died.

  8. karthik says:

    One more thing..see if you can beat this..Last year, the hospi guys kept a friend of mine for 4 days forcibly, convincing him he had malaria or something(Which he ob did not..)..This resulted in this guy almost tearing up the glucose(IV) stuff, filmi style and comin back…!

  9. NedSchneedly says:

    Damn!!! two chances to rid the world of this pest and nature screws up both times!!!

    BAh…this look likes a job for me so everybody just follow me, we need some controversy, coz it feels so empty without me….

    Die numbskull, die…

  10. Priya says:

    get original, man. eminem’s lines are not the stuff great comments are made of.
    anyways the doc seemed pretty competent at lip-reading, i wouldnt have DIED! the dispi doesnt store much more than calpol and strepsils, and both are pretty ineffective when it comes to killing.
    so are your comments, unless i get a heart attack or something at how idiotic my comments section can get.

  11. Minor Minor says:

    I think ned was talking about the opportunity to dispose of you first with tetanus and then with the dog bite, neither of which paid off.

  12. Priya says:

    well, what can i say? jai dispensary ki!

  13. Anonymous says:

    One minute you’redissing it, next minute you’re praising it, sheesh! Make up your mind!

  14. Priya says:

    all im saying is that the dispensary could be a lot better, but then, it is the only good[using the word in its most relaxed sense]place for medical attention for twenty kilometres.

  15. i read about some lady who took her kid to the doc for vaccination and ended up being injected with the stuff herself instead,inspite of protesting!!

    and yeah.KMC docs…wow.

  16. Shamant says:

    I dropped in to tell you that i’m still waiting for your response to the reply to the comment to you left on my latest post..

  17. Anonymous says:

    There’re better ways to put it then.

  18. srinath says:

    ah..the NITK dispensary dont we all just love it? youre wat, 2nd year? me there too..3rd..anyway. Nice blog..kudos.:D

  19. Aravind says:

    i’ve learnt one thing for sure after coming here – self medication is better than treatment at insti hospi…
    but, thanks to the new ‘german nurse’, students r frequentin the hospi again!

  20. Priya says:

    lol, german nurse…nice to see you back here, aravind.

  21. navneet says:

    am new here…but have found solace in the fact that i haven’t been the only person blogging to be bitten by a rabid dog and lived to tell it 😀

    seems like yo’ve found something that’ll keep you away from the workshop classes for a few days atleast…get healed soon and do drop by

  22. NedSchneedly says:

    eminem does not make for good comments. priya’s efforts do not even count as an attempt to blog.

    and for those of you who come here and say do drop by, please do yourself a favor and dont ask priya to drop by. for all you know she still has rabies, or atleast i pray that the vaccine did not work.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the advice NedSchneedly..I realised what you say is true about priya…

  24. Priya says:

    i don’t think rabies spreads online. im too nice to bite anyone, anyway.

  25. Priya says:

    what, me being nice, or the means of spread of rabies?

  26. NedSchneedly says:

    rabies doesnt spread online…i am sure of that. or else i would be having tomato juice with vodka right now.

    but about priya being nice…nah…she is just a big bore!!!

  27. NedSchneedly says:

    tuh = tuhina = *expression of disgust*


  28. Priya says:

    lift yer glasses of tomato juice with vodka to nedschneedly who has dedicated his life to misunderstanding us.

  29. Actually maybe you’re wrong. Maybe he understands you. That’s even more scary. For ‘What would a pseud be if he/she stopped being a pseud?’.

  30. Priya says:

    i don’t understand that… what the heck was that supposed to mean?

  31. @Ned – The eternal paradox of the pseud. Remember? 🙂 You understand one, you understand them all.

  32. Priya says:

    what’s so paradoxical about that?

  33. ‘What would a pseud be if he/she stopped being a pseud?’

    I trust you’re familiar with paradoxes. It’s a popular orkut community.

  34. Priya says:

    oh that! i thought you were talkin about understanding pseuds.

  35. M says:

    Come online on yahoo, would you?

  36. Shashi Iyer says:

    did u say alex rocks? have i fallen for the sarcasm or do u really that guy rocks? i think he has BPD. or may be schizophrenia.

  37. NedSchneedly says:

    yeah… i guess. but i would like to believe that i havent understood what priya is trying to say(squeal, rasp,…whatever). it would imply that my understanding and general abilities have gone down to the level of pseuds.

    and don mom ami, you know who the biggest pseud is. and you know how much i hate that MF.–>

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