Paper Puli

Listened to the eponymous song? Do so at , the homepage of TAAQ, the quintessential Bangalore band. Not all that aahsome, but very very Bangalorean. Laid back rebellion sorts. Just like Bangalore Culture, just like Ramesh Ramanathan’s Janaagraha[the peoples’ movement, which seems to have lost steam a couple of years after all that hype by RadioCity and Bangalore Times].
Coming back to Paper Puli [puli=tiger in tamil, malayalam], now That is what I think of Mr. Dharam Singh’s initiative to bring back our ‘culture’.
Less than a year from now, as everyone knows, Bangalore =Bengaluru.
And, according to ToI, that is not the end of it.
Mangalore=Mangalooru, Mysore=Mysooru, Belgaum=Belagaavi, Bijapur=Vijapura, Gulbarga=Kalaburgi…
And that is with the intention of going back to our culture, our roots.
The re-renaming of the first three cities are on the grounds that their current names are relics of the Raj. The next two cities are being re-renamed ‘coz their names are corrupted versions of their original names, corrupted by the Bahmani kings.
Inference: The Bahmani empire was not a part of our ”culture” and their remnants need to be obliterated.
Ditto with the Raj, though they gave us cricket and Macaulay’s education system, which show no signs of going away.
If these culture guys want to really go back to our ”roots”, they’ve got to understand that merely calling our city ”Bengalooru” is nothing new, it is pronounced that way by most of the population. If renaming is supposed to bring about an awareness of our origins, the city, in my opinion, has to be renamed ”Benda Kalooru”; the new name is just a corrupted version of this culturally rich name.
And we shouldn’t stop at this. Chamarajpet? Chickpet? Call ’em Chamarajarapete and Chikkapete. And similarly, rename all areas ending in ‘pet’ to ‘pete’, and ‘nagar’ to ‘nagara’. Let’s have no more of MG Road, or any Road, call it ‘Mahatma Gandhi-ya Raste’ from now on.
It is not a widely known fact that Fraser Town was renamed Pulakeshinagara a couple of years ago.
What about Lavelle Road, Langford Town, Cox Town? And Cubbon Park? I can’t think of suitable alternatives.
All I hope for is that Thermal and a Quarter is not asked to change their name to something more culturally sound.
Coz, their lyrics [for songs titled Paper Puli, Motorbyckle Intermission, Chainese Item, I Live Here] and other Bangalore-band names [heard of this one called DocumentDone? Formed by techies who jammed everytime a document was done.] seem to resonate more of our culture than some obscure KD Raya who, six hundred years ago, built some ruins in an obscure township.

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24 Responses to Paper Puli

  1. NOTY TONY says:

    6 days no comments….well time to put priyas herd mentality theory to the test…
    first of all thermal and a quarter never heard of em…but mallus r generally cool dudes!!!n i fully agree with wat u say goin bak to the culture cannot be achieved by switchin names if anythin it will perhaps make ppl better at tongue twisters(i find it hard to pronounce em)…xcellent satire btw..keep writin!!

  2. karthik says: damn pissed off with this..I mean, what the hell are they trying to achieve by this crazy shit…?

  3. Anonymous says:

    A lot beter than your usual posts.

  4. the Monk says:

    Yeah, I know….horrible, isn’t it? insecure idiots…they should be proud of what B’lore has become…though, now, of course, it is bursting at the seams…

  5. what the heck,we’ve been saying ‘namma bengaluru’ for ages.the nitwits that they are, singhy’s govt can only take our city to the dogs.,we’ve seen most of our ‘heritage monuments’ orphaned by ur lot.look who’s talking of preserving culture…

  6. Priya says:

    hey deepti [i hate callin you xtremely insane], check out thermal and a quarter, their music is good, even better sounding than antaragini [remember RadioCity Live and Mysore se aayi?].
    a happy new year to you and all the best for your exams.

  7. M says:

    Just for the record, Langford Road is now actually Kadidhar Manjappa Street, and Richmond Town is Sir Mirza Ismail Nagar.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t they rename Ahmedabad and aurangabad?
    Theyre all pseudo secular…

    And hope they don’t take your suggestion too seriously, like they took the TOI’s suggestion on mangalooru kalaburgi etc…

    And wasn’t it manmohan singh who said that the raj did us more good than bad?

    The british gave us far better culture than our anestors did anyway…

    BTW…comment o a comment

    mallus r generally cool dudes!!!


  9. Anonymous says:

    Mallus are generally cool dudes?

    YOu must be out of your mind!

  10. Priya says:

    try telling any autorickshaw driver that.

  11. mysore se aayi is super!!
    have u heard jupiter cafe?what do u think??

    and thnx,i’m slogging!

  12. Priya says:

    hey you crazy gal,
    antaragini is no more antaragini, it is now known as ‘raghu dixit project’ after the frontman.
    and guess what, bruce lee mani of
    TAAQ writes a blog too!

    and if this is your idea of slogging, all i can say is ‘GET BACK TO WORK!’

  13. insane says:

    TAAQ is a gem of a band..
    its really stupid this whole name changing business

  14. M says:

    They actually would know what you’re talkin bout if you did tell them those 2.

  15. Priya says:

    mirza ismail nagar, ok..
    but the other one…. i think ‘langford road’ is more culturally significant than mr manjappa, whoever he is.

  16. Shashi Iyer says:

    new posts, please, busy bees

  17. M says:

    Happens to be ex Mayor of Bangalore who used to live on that road. Also a friend’s grandfather. Hence.

  18. well u forgot to mention about Manjurulu …

  19. aarthi says:

    this post, i like.anyway, i think they are conducting this name business for the following reasons:
    a) they [as in, cm and gang] want to leave a mark on bangalore,that is apart from the black ones they’ve already left
    b)mr. cm wants to show people that he is for culture, so that he can get his votes back[which is more likely]

  20. aarthi says:

    but what fasto cm doesn’t understand is that it takes a helluva lot of money to change the name of a city. just imagine. airports,railway stations,maps,government documents etc etc.if dumbhead can just redirect the path of this money, like building good roads[like banerghatta road,or even puttenahalli] ellarge tumba santosha irrate.[i hope that was right!]

  21. They had to announce something really visionary for the 50th rajyothsava.
    Something that’d grab the headlines, get a lot of publicity.
    So instead of some super duper development plan, which deve gowda would vehemently oppose, these guys decided to do the renaming thing…

    This is of course what I personally believe…

  22. hey where are u lady??vanishing act??well do the houdini and materialize,from wherever u are.
    besides,u’ve been tagged.
    visit my blog for more details.

  23. Brilliant piece. Absolutely loved it!

  24. Priya says:

    @ aarthi, finance freak:
    nice to see you guys here.

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