Arachnomania, Ailurophobia

Wrote this when I was miserably bored studying Principles of Data Communication… The title has little to do with the rest of the post; Arachnomania isn’t a theme, and ailurophobia doesnt figure until the very end.
Time: 1:45 am
Was listening to: Some arbit hard rock.
Roommate was faast asleep; she’s one of those who don’t need to be dog-tired to go into a state of alpha sleep. Which is a positively great thing as far as I am concerned, she isn’t disturbed by any amount of music I play however late in the night.
That day, I wasn’t particularly taking pains to keep the volume low; it was quite close to the beginning of the semester.
I was shocked out of my wits by a sudden /*you’d better watch your step now ho-neay, gonna fall on your faayce*/ creeping on my shoulder. Oh, dang, the window was open, there’s no telling what it could be…
Oh, thank god, it was only next-door neighbor, here to tell me to keep the sound on low /*catch yerself all ye need now/ state of graayce*/or I could borrow her headphones.
“It’s the goddamn beginning of the semester!” I wanted to yell. /*I need the money, need to hear you cry/ oh, just look at that, how I need to fly*/ But all I did was sullenly put mine on and apologize.

Well then, there’s no ‘mute’ button on me! /*sssomebody ssstop mee*/
Sound echoes all the way through a corridor, /*Heyy…ja ja jaaay-dead*/ and there were people lining up outside my door to tell me to stop, and one of them, /*you gotcho mamma’s style, but you’re yes-ta-day’s chaiile to-o-o meee*/ to get my attention, kicked the half-shut door open, /*my, my, baay-beh bluuuu*/ so that it slammed the wall and rocked me out of my reverie. /*Yeah you’re so jaaay-ded*/ Yeah right, like that helped. It didn’t even wake my roommate!
In the end, I was forced to restrict myself to a low hum. /*Bay-beh I’m afraid o’you*/ Well, those gals had louder music systems and made me aware that they knew I didn’t like Avril Lavigne and Britney playing during exams.
I contented myself watching a spider weave its web on my open window. Would that be good enough to keep the mosquitoes out? /*Ah need a saaign/ just let me know you’re heer, mah tv set just keeps it all from bein’ clear*/ How effortlessly it wove its way across the bars, made perfect geometric patterns… and how well-matched it looked there, with its black-and-white patterns on that web glistening in the tube light… /*Ah need to know when things r gonna look up*/
I couldn’t handle that perfection; I just snapped one thread, with the tip of my pencil. /*There is no safe place, no safe place to put my he-ead*/ I knew the spider would eat its web up now, almost like saying “Look, if you want to ruin, let me do it, I can do it neater than you.”
No trace of the web in just seconds. I looked around for the spider. It must be gathering its wits now; they never give up or something like that, right?
Oh no! It wasn’t on the window! Hope it’s not on my table…
I stood up for a better look.
My feet touched something soft. No, I don’t possess anything even remotely of that texture…
Ick! It was a tiny kitten. Or rather, THE tiny kitten that has been tormenting my life since day 1 of this semester. [Aside: some kind souls decided that kitty needed some care, and so gave it a bath, and hung it out to dry. Kitty was alive after that ordeal…. Nine lives, seriously!]. The dames with the better music systems obviously knew no manners, and had left the door open.

This kitten has a mind like a blank page: she doesn’t know fear. She’ll walk in anywhere, go to anyone. Take a big cat and say “shoo”, it’ll KNOW it isn’t wanted, and it’ll walk away. Not this one. She’d just gaze back at you; give you that beseeching look, the resilience strong on her face. After her Bath, she sheds a lot, which is a good enough reason to not like having her around in your room, especially if you are a candidate for hay fever.
She scratches too, if you don’t know how to hold her.
So I ran for the resident felixpert, who got kitty out of my room in a trice. And in good time too, she was trying to climb into my bucket of (un) washing.
It was a cold night, which explains why kitty wanted to get to someplace warm.
As I tucked myself in, the hay fever set in.
One sneeze, then another, then another… and another from the other side of the room! /*There is no safe place, no safe place to put my he-ead*/

/*And I’m… callin all you angels*/

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just your average books-and-music person who wants to change the world.
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15 Responses to Arachnomania, Ailurophobia

  1. aJ says:

    Though I do not support you disturbing other’s, especially at 1 am in the morning, you should not let them force you to listen to *shuddder* britner spears either, exams or not 😉
    That is just sadism and torture

    And I really liked the style of writing of this post, with the lyrics interspersed with the actual content.

  2. Hey… I hate it when people around play loud music esp when you are trying to sleep! Priya…I didn’t ecpect this from you. At least you play god music, My roomie olays Himmesh Reshamia!

  3. Priya says:

    whassa matter with your keyboard?
    thanks, man.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The way u write is awesome…
    but u look disturbed because of NITK….

  5. Anonymous says:

    The way u write is kewl…
    but u look disturbed with college..
    wats the NITK sucks..
    I heard its a beautiful college with beach and all….and also heaven for students as everything is available there 🙂

  6. NOTY TONY says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  7. NOTY TONY says:

    thts dumb…if u think the heading isnt wat the rest is abt y put it ther???bcoz ppl wil look up dictionaries???sheeeeeeeeesh!!

  8. Priya says:

    er.. i couldnt think of anything else… and no, i dont really intend ppl to go running to the dictionary… sheesh, that’s the mark of a bad writer.
    what gives yu the impression im disturbed?

  9. Anonymous says:

    So how much do you pay all these people to comment nice stuff on your blog? two bucks or a lime juice?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Damn those nice comments i put up have been deleted. looks like they arent worth two bucks…

  11. Anonymous says:

    anon dahlings, you’ve heard of the word deprived, right? that’s just what you are. suck. suck blood till it comes.

  12. the Monk says:

    t’made for fun reading…

  13. Priya says:

    i think it should be ‘depraved

  14. Haas says:

    Hey Hi nice blog…

    This is Chandrahasa we met in the reunion…

    PS: Happy Holi

  15. lonewolf says:

    too long a blog, but the spider part made me remember this

    where is it at?

    the silver thread of the spider’s web
    across the window lattice
    the golden stream of the sunstrewn beam
    that is where it’s at is.

    and then the kitty surviving the bath made me think of a couple of stories about well-meaning folks who tried to tend animals but both died – or rather – were killed , unintentionally of course. one was about a parrot and the other about a cat. i am tired else why?

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