Colours of life

Odd day of the week. Only reason why you wake up is your stomach. The clock is near the right angle. I drag myself out of the bed. I grab a rubbery sort of thing and butter all my fingers. I crawl the long way back to my room and push myself under the bedsheet. There is a pillar in the middle. I stare into it. There is a breeze and the top pages of the pillar flutter. A finger comes brandishing with the wind. The binary numbers are dancing around it. The fingers, the numbers and the pillar are surrounded by a ring. The ring is made up of the letters ‘e’,’n’,’g’,’i’,’n’,’e’,’e’,’r’. There is a huge glass beaker filled with crabs. One is trying with all its might to climb out. Another is pulling it down. There is fox in the well. A goat jumps in. The fox climbs on it and gets out. A snake slithers from behind and strikes with a vicious hiss. There is pyramid. I’m standing somewhere midway. The people at the top look below and laugh their heads off. There is a great thunder in the background. I push myself out of the cosyness and pull the latch. There is a downpour on me. Someone’s thrusting coloured powder into my hand. I’m startled and I throw it around. Everyone scream with joy and cry ‘Happy holi’.

About Tuna Fish

Not one more of these again!!!
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24 Responses to Colours of life

  1. NOTY TONY says:

    i don think this post is commentable
    but its certainly commendable!!

  2. beautiful. very orginal. the imagery, especially was great. kudos! i only hope u post more often 🙂

  3. CB says:

    Long long time..and a good good post.:D

  4. Tuhina says:

    hey yah all people, dunno what to say… so i say thanks for reading…

  5. long time no read…this time,what a read. hehe 🙂

  6. srav says:

    lol.. nice post.. working too hard eh nowadays eh.. ENGINEER.. good good.. atleast someone is doin the slogging for the rest of us!

  7. Anonymous says:

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  8. Anonymous says:

    i likes your bogs very much. my room-mate does not play himesh reshamya songs. he is a cow, you know. are you in IT? “gali gali mein shor hain, IT waley chor hain”

  9. Anonymous says:

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  10. Tuhina says:

    thanks for the trivia and im not in IT

  11. Aravind says:

    Why am I out of the pack?

  12. Tuhina says:

    probably because you are a class apart?

  13. lonewolf says:

    hey, i meant to post a comment on priya’s latest entry, but i read yours instead. do you do a lot of hardcore drugs because it’s my experience that people who constantly talk about animals and aliens have played around with some serious stuff

  14. Anonymous says:

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Priya says:

    that’s just her evil twin.

  16. Sudarshan says:

    Haha..great post:-) I guess you’re referring to Engineer ’06 at your college..good to know you folks are from NITK..I was there for Incident ’06..Good blog you’ve got here..keep up the good work:-)

  17. Tuhina says:

    no i dont
    get your eyes checked
    thanks for reading

  18. Anonymous says:

    Everyone scream’s’ with joy, you mean. 🙂 Good post.

  19. I escaped holi…written about it in my blog…


    great post….loved reading it.

  20. the Monk says:

    yeah, good post…we had a crazy time of it here too…

  21. Anonymous says:

    tuhina who stand on toilet high on pot!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Nice post. Any day better than Priya’s. Congratulations.–>

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