Once ’round the sun

A year, now. A YEAR! It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since we came out with our test post. Forty posts up, this is the forty-first [roughly a post every nine days]. Are we proud, or are we proud.
It was a boring Sunday evening near the fag end of our second semester when Tu and me were reading The Hindu’s supplement, which had an article on blogging. Just like that [like most other decisions I make], we decided to start scribbling online.
And here we are, with The NITK Numbskulls Page [couldn’t think of a more open-ended title] still scribbling away, never having stopped to think.
We aren’t doing anything new, or path breaking, or epoch-making. We don’t write ‘coz it is going to help us down the line in CAT or GRE. We don’t blog ‘coz it’s cool to do so, or ‘coz everyone else is doing it. We don’t write here just ‘coz we want to know what the world thinks of us. No, this blog isn’t a stairway to anything else; it exists just for our love of writing.
Now comes the big question asked on birthdays… have we improved, generally? I should think not, as far as I am concerned, for reasons elaborated in my previous post. But then, putting thoughts into writing has generally helped: I am more confident of being able to write, and think better of my thoughts now. I also objectively analyze others’ writing better now, and don’t just take them at face value anymore.
Otherwise… well, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that verbosity while just getting your ideas across isn’t necessarily bad, but verbosity that obscures what you’re trying to say, is. Broadly, I can say that it all depends on what you want the effect of your writing to be.
And I’ve also discovered that the best writing comes from deep within, and comes only when you are actually strongly feeling what you’re writing. Maybe that is coz it adds believability and hence, life to your words.
I haven’t made any rules for myself as yet [should I have?], but write guided by what I would like to read.
I don’t yet know about good and bad writing, other than that while reading good writing, you’re able to feel what the writer feels, or wants you to feel, whereas with bad writing, you get thoroughly irritated with everything about it and you actually pay less attention to what the writer is trying to say than to how he’s saying it.
And there’ve been some posts which never came off, stuff which I tried to write, unsuccessfully: There was one on Woodstock, and whether we could have another edition in this age of rampant consumerism, which I tried thrice to finish, but it always ended up as another version of the Woodstock entry in Wiki.
Then there was one about how Rang De Basanti was such a farce, and how Ayutha Ezhuthu deserves to be the one hogging all the plaudits, and be telecast on August 15.
Of all of those which I have published, my favourite has been this one. It wasn’t much-read, being written in the initial days of the blog.
As much as we’ve enjoyed writing here, we’ve also enjoyed reading other blogs and hopefully others have enjoyed reading this page. Thanks to our blogger brothers and sisters who read us and care to leave a comment… that’d be a whole bunch of people:
Starting with our batch mates Deepika and Nitin [or Speed and Finance Freak], dear friend Deepti Bhat who’s clear thoughts are a dee-light to read [don’t believe her when she calls herself Xtremely Insane], Anant Jain, who is among the first to read my posts [he’s got RSS feeds, ;-)], venerable seniors Dhaval Giani and Gautham Shenoy, fellow NIT-ians Shashi, Jayanth, Tony, The Monk, and Karthik aka CB, Aravind and Abhilash, as also Karthik Ramakrishnan.
And how could I forget Mr./Ms. Anonymous? Of the twelve months we’ve been blogging, this person’s been reading us for eight [assuming, of course, that (s)he’s been the only anonymous person who’s stubbornly refused to use an alias]. We wonder who you are that you’re jobless enough to be trashing us for so long.
And, finally, to the guy who inspired me to start blogging- longtime friend and fellow Beatle-maniac Nakul Krishna, who’s Twelve-Bar Original was such a delight to read…Nakul, I thank you for having taught me new things, and new ways of thinking, and above all, being there as a constant source of inspiration, and a lasting influence in my life.

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just your average books-and-music person who wants to change the world.
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18 Responses to Once ’round the sun

  1. NOTY TONY says:

    Hey good job for a year..41 posts is tremendous…although i doubt ur html skills( ur favourite entry link took me to http://www.microsoft.com 😉 ) ur writin skills are definitely admirable keep up the gud work…good luck n happy bday!

  2. Looking forward to a lot more from you guys.

    Rock on!

  3. Good one,
    41 posts awesome yaar!
    blog regularly 4 engg jobless ppl like me 🙂

  4. btw
    ~i hve written a blog on MS
    ~nakul blogs huh.plz tell me the address!

  5. Priya says:

    nakul stopped blogging before i started. he took the blog off. tremendous blog it was, though.
    check your browser.. the link’s fine.

  6. the Monk says:

    What the hell, blogging is cool… 😉
    seriously, though, good work…and that poem was great…I mean, it rhymed!!!

  7. CB says:

    Hey priya.
    Congrats on competing a year! I like the numbskulls page a lot, writing with the inner feeling as you mention. Keep blogging. All d best. 😀

  8. BTW, about that poem! I always thought life was unfair to
    1. gay men
    2. guys from open categories…

    Hmmm…makes me change my mind about one!

  9. randomwalker says:

    Happy “paper” Anniversary…It has been a joyous ride so far..

    It started off with “paper puli” [ I had finished that album(TAAQ) just before reading the post] for me, with google showing up ur blog as one of the results for TAAQ!

    Hope to find more interesting stuff.. All the best!

  10. Anonymous says:

    not bad after all!

  11. Hey!

    Congrats on completing year 1. may there be more years of good writing.

    Read your ‘Best’ post and have to say it was your best in terms of ‘feeling for it’, which rightly your anniversary post points is necessary for credibility and in terms of content. But then so are all questions that don’t have easy solutions.

    methinks, that post is representative of who ‘the numbskulls’ are.

  12. aJ says:

    Congrats on completing your first year. It’s great that you are still continuing strong 🙂

    All your posts are quite deep and always come back to the mind for second thought and deeper insights!

    Keep up the great stuff for many more years 🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    there have been lots of us. i know for a fact. havent been reading for eight months. thankfully lesser.

    it isnt jobless. it is timepass.

  14. aarthi says:

    41 posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!well, life gets better after 40… i hope thats true in your blog’s case!but i don’t see hopw this can get any better… is it possible????and the poem was great!!! hope we have a lot of “kappa ” sessions for the rest of our life[with other topics to discuss, of course]

  15. Priya says:

    yeah, and hope we dont get thrown out too much…. i still remember planet m after aieee and college darshan, [with monica, shachi, reddy, nutty, etc] and coffee day when we were waiting for nakul…. that was wacky!

  16. aarthi says:

    STOP announcing that online, girl!!!!!

  17. azeera says:

    hey congrats on touchin a year .. me just started bloggin and wondering if this will go on … nice blog .. simple lucid straight frm the heart style of writing

  18. s says:

    🙂 congratulations.

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