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I used to be a rebel against any sort of authority a couple of years ago, but I guess I’ve changed since then. I guess it’s just another form of passivity, nothing more. Or maybe it’s that since I’ve turned … Continue reading

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I watched Krrish [or is it Kriish or Krishsh or Kkrishh?]. And learnt more than I did from Asimov and Douglas Adams. Some samples: The computer is never wrong. In other words, ‘To err is human’. Corollary for a computer … Continue reading

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“Is India a Secular Country?”

Of late, I’ve been hearing just too much about communalism, Hindu-Muslim clashes and all that sort of thing, which brings to my mind an incident from school. It must have been the last day of the second Pre-Board exams in … Continue reading

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A Day Stolen?

         The youthful rays of the sun pass through the square glass paned windows of the mighty room and cast the shadow of the outline on the floor and on the glassware lying on the tables beside them. Keys are … Continue reading

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On Resilience, Me-dia, Temple Controversies, You-th, ‘Being the Change’ and A Brand-New Dawn

Yes, this is another post triggered off by the Mumbai Train Blasts. I wake up to Page 1 stories of Mumbai’s resilience. DH admires the spirit of the never-say-die city and ToI says Bombay has lost its spunk that it … Continue reading

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Wo(e)mens’ Wear

I’m very organized when it comes to dressing. On college days, I wear the clothes from the front of my cupboard. When I have to go out, I rummage in my sister’s cupboard [she’s getting to be as big as … Continue reading

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