A Day Stolen?

         The youthful rays of the sun pass through the square glass paned windows of the mighty room and cast the shadow of the outline on the floor and on the glassware lying on the tables beside them. Keys are inserted into the locks and they click open. Hinges creak as the wooden panels attached to them are pushed. You can hear feet clatter and occasional exchanges of his and hellos. Chairs are pulled as neatly washed, starched and ironed lab coats sit down. Heads are bent down and all eyes are on crystal clear water and other multicolored liquids. There is an occasional sound of the centrifuge spinning at dizzying speeds or someone opening the oven. You can hear the drip-drop of extra pure water from the double distillation unit. Few people rush in and out of the room and mutter instructions to arbit lab coats. At times you can even smell the mixed smell of spirulina blue-green algae and freshly cut pineapples.

          Suddenly there arrives a little girl dressed in her school uniform with a brightly colored sweater on. Pappa asks his students to take care of her for a few hours. All eyes get distracted. They start noticing her pigtails. Someone tries to fill her empty water bottle with distilled water as she sings “twinkle twinkle”. They all start thinking beyond test-tubes and water-baths and Bunsen-burners. They teach her how when socks rolled down look like blue colored vada. Some even recollect the art of using colored pencils and caricature each other with markers. Another pushes aside his work aside and brings a few chocolates from somewhere. But the little moppet refuses it to reserve her tummy for pappa’s chocolates.

           Someone realizes its time for her to go. They all play “ Is that pappa’s car going over there?” Finally the little kid leaves but they still think of her.

           Guess it’ll take some more spirulina and a good night’s sleep for the lab coats to get over the girl’s charms.

About Tuna Fish

Not one more of these again!!!
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9 Responses to A Day Stolen?

  1. Biographical, by any chance ?

  2. dunnoany says:

    oopsie … i was the passive observer of the incident…

  3. wanderlust says:

    how does spirulina help?
    And i wish i was a prof, too.
    btw, which is this place where people take enough care to wash, starch and iron their lab coats???

  4. jetru says:

    Oh gosh! Bloggers in NITK. I must meet you ppl! w00t! Joining NITK IT Batch 2006! See you there!

  5. dunnoany says:

    spirulina’s stench can distract anyone…
    abt lab coats… there are exaggerations everywhere…

  6. the Monk says:

    Good one, ya…language jars a little on occasion (my unrestrainedly presumptuous attempt at a little criticism), but very good otherwise, ya…

  7. deepti says:

    blue vadas….mmmmm,blogger,ur imagination…hats off!! neat.

  8. randomwalker says:

    >The youthful rays of the sun pass through the square glass paned windows of the mighty room >and cast the shadow of the outline on the floor and on the glassware lying on the tables >beside them

    Lovely Sentence…

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