I watched Krrish [or is it Kriish or Krishsh or Kkrishh?]. And learnt more than I did from Asimov and Douglas Adams. Some samples:

  1. The computer is never wrong. In other words, ‘To err is human’. Corollary for a computer that predicts the future is: Never ever think you have the power to change your future.
  2. A leading software company need not stick to software. Like in this flick, they want to ‘design a computer that predicts the future’. Guess they were so keyed on efficiency that they decide to build everything starting from the microprocessors. And I guess that was absolutely necessary: even in this high efficiency mode, the system occupies a whole ballroom – the walls of the room are made of microprocessors and circuits that are amazingly easy to wreck. I suppose it’d take a lot more effort to rip apart a laptop compared to the futurepredictor- it looks like UNIVAC and ENIAC met The Matrix.
  3. The villain [Naseeruddin Shah] wouldn’t have been the villain if he had followed his childhood dream of being a newscaster [he keeps having these flashes where he gives us regular updates about his plans in the form of news broadcasts]. He articulates better than Rajdeep Sardesai on one of his better days, and doesn’t get all worked up even when he’s talking about himself.
  4. When a man runs faster than a horse, he ages ten years by the time he reaches home, and his hair attains the texture and cut of the horse’s mane.
  5. You can keep your anonymity by going off to a remote place which has one telephone.
  6. Ex-Miss Worlds’ who suppose the population of India stands at 2 billion, and that Mother Teresa lived for years after her death can’t pout for nuts.
  7. People in Singapore are very work-oriented: they don’t disrupt their ordered traffic even if everyone’s favorite superhero is running berserk jumping on cars and off buildings.
  8. Archna Puran Singh can carry off non-speaking roles [like the one in Jhankaar Beats] with better elan than her role in this film as a pseudo-accented media head.
  9. When Indians go abroad, they speak in Hindi, even to Chinks.
  10. A desi rehash of Super-Spider-Tarzan-SoftwareEngineerMan is all it takes to inspire tweens to take up infotech as a career option. I’m not kidding. Half the little boys in the theatre were thinking of how to ‘make a computer’ that predicts the future, one that can see the past, one that makes time travel possible, one that does their homework, one that runs the country, and other things like that. Aww, wish Bill Gates or Stallman or Linus Torvalds was more popular that they’d think of writing software that can run on any system.

PS: watched Superman yesterday. The only excited person in the cinema hall was a highly neurotic kid next to me who kept bursting into giggles whenever Lex Luthor’s bald head came into view.

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18 Responses to Souperman

  1. To think I almost downloaded 1.2 Gb of Superman.
    And Kkrish…. what can I say but “WTF”.

  2. Haas says:

    You actually went to Krrish hoping to get some sense of logic from it!!!
    Krrish and most of Bollywood is what I call “leave your brain @ home type cinema”

  3. Dhaval Giani says:

    ok, what were you doing at Krrish???

  4. jetru says:

    Ah, yes. I should watch it as a laughter challenge of something.

  5. wanderlust says:

    good thing you didnt download the whole thing… it’s 1.2 GB???? not worth the time, trust me.
    yeah, i agree. so are some of the new hollywood flicks…. the lakehouse, and superman.
    making lewd comments in the back row, much to the ire of the huuuge family sitting in the row front of me.

  6. Srav says:

    Wat eh madam… u are a tough critic… maybe u shud read the zahir of wat paulo colho has to say abt critics.. [:)]

  7. Nice post .. wonder why you went to the movie without reading the reviews first ?

  8. there is nothing super baoput superman without Reeves. Period.

  9. CB says:

    Haa, had a nice experience I suppose!
    Krrish and Superman! 🙂

  10. wanderlust says:

    lookin forward to borrowing the book from you. or mail me the ebook if you have it.
    @prophet of doom:
    most reviews gave it three stars. and there’s not much choice when you decide on the spur of the moment to watch a movie, specially not on a weekend when everyone and his brother have finished their engineering exams.
    i agree.
    im still a kid as far as movies are concerned.

  11. Aravind says:

    Don’t tell me you didn’t expect this after Koi Mil Gaya!
    It’s for kids, and I would be impressed had I been fifteen years younger!

  12. Karthik Ram says:

    Well! I did watch a few minutes of Krrish at a friend’s place. Let me add some “OMG! WTF is this!!!!???” to your list

    1. The future predicting computer says ‘Welcome to the future”
    2. Even if you rebuild the entire computer from scratch, you still can’t change the password (or heartbeat and retina scan)
    3. Singapore doesn’t have a fire department and if they do, they are never on time when there is a major fire accident.

    and all this from 5-10 mins of the movie…Eeks! I think they should keep a paper bag near the seat (or give one with the DVD) for people to puke in.

  13. Karthik Ram says:

    p.s. watched Pirates of the Carribean (Dead man’s chest) and felt equally sick. Like Rachel says in Friends… “I feel violated”

  14. harsha says:

    god is google. came across you guys while searching for something totally different. you guys brought back some good memories of KREC. yes I am that old now. proud to say i witnessed internet introduced to the campus at lightning speed of 1byte/sec. remember taking turns with five other people for a whole night monitoring the download of the Kenneth Starr report (clinton-lewinsky scandal) and walking in to CCC just to hear the watchman ask in his unique darth vaderesque voice ..’ID unta swaami’. is that dude still there??

  15. wanderlust says:

    i did expect it to be illogical and senti… but the tech gaffes were too amusing.
    @karthik ram:
    oh, i was planning on dead man’s chest next.
    there are too many ccc guards who do that now. and for some reason, security’s been tightened, and they actually look into your ID, match the pic there with your face before they let you in.
    and guess what, we’re getting net in the rooms. touchwood.

  16. quetzalcoatl says:

    superb yaar….
    thnx alot 4 the review..
    i’ll never watch it…

  17. randomwalker says:

    I watched Krrish with my nephew.. I enjoyed it to the core.
    That brat had recently been to singapore, and he guided me through the Singapore darshan while watching Krrish!!

    Didn’t go with much expectations, so came back satisfied 🙂

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