Making statements

After the previous one about Woodstock that I had to struggle to find words to write, I realized there are a lot of things I feel very deeply about, but don’t have enough to write to make a propah post, or am just not able to completely articulate. There are statements I want to make, but am just not able to get the timing right.

This is essentially the post to end all posts, in a way of speaking, as the erratic server prevents me from posting more frequently. Often, I think thoughts that ‘just have to blogged about’, but it’s always that they come all so suddenly and all at once that by the time I get to writing them all down, they’re stale, passive thoughts not worth talking about.

Okay… now to some samples of passing thoughts I have taken the trouble to take seriously:

Warning: Highly opinionated statements ahead.

  • The Beatles seriously rock. I mean, who else writes world-famous songs just to console their colleague’s son who’s down due to his parents’ divorce? And who else can scribble down stuff they muttered during an LSD trip and make a perfectly great-sounding song? And who else can claim to be more popular than Jesus?

  • Indi-rock needs heck loads of encouragement. And the right exposure. I think I am right in thinking we can never have another Parikrama or another Alms for Shanti or another Indian Ocean. Talking of Parikrama, they might be the greatest Indian rock band, but wish they’d come up with more new stuff. I mean, thirteen years of existence and only five originals, of which only two have had videos. Open Skies was an awesome instrumental, and Rhythm and Blues was one of the greatest collaborations I have listened to… and left me wanting more. I guess one of my top moments was when I got to meet Sonam Sherpa and Chintan Kalra when they played at Inci-05. I don’t think we’ll ever have another Colonial Cousins, either. I’m really waiting for their next offering. It’s the only sort of music my dad and I can listen to at the same time without me saying he shouldn’t be stuck to just one or two channels on Worldspace when there are over 40 to choose from, or he tuning into something else.
  • I sincerely regret not having taken my classical music training seriously seven years back. I also wish I’d had music teachers who were qualified to teach, who gave their students just the joy of music and a bit more, not just taking it as their life’s ambition to produce Vidwat scholars. Most kids aren’t aiming to be one; it’d be really great if they just got the right bit of exposure to Carnatic, one which doesn’t flaunt it as something unbelievably tough, one which can’t be appreciated in idle moments, something that needs to be revered beyond all else.
  • RadioCity 91 FM, Bangalore. It formed the basis of my musical education, and provided the background music to my Boards, JEE and AIEEE prep. What I really don’t get is that how Bolly-crap and remix-ultracrap can be more popular than Floyd and GnR, or Linkin Park, so popular that the pioneer private radio station in India chooses to switch to playing only Hindi music. And why the newer radio stations in Bangalore choose to back this funda too. If you don’t expose people to different types of music, how are they going to know what is good? The main reason for RC’s success was that they presented new types of music people hadn’t really listened to in such a way that they became part of people’s lifestyle. I am not exaggerating when I say that the number of people who listened to international music increased after the advent of RC. I guess the newer radio stations are trying to keep things simple – if people are given only Bolly-crap to listen to, they’ll say it’s good due to the absence of a viable alternative. Yeah, there’s Worldspace, but not everyone craves for variety in music enough to spend Rs. 1400 on a subscription, even when it’s only once a year. People would like to be spoon-fed quality music, and according to me, it is the damn responsibility of the damn media to provide it. No matter what else. You’ve got to create class for the masses. Parting shot on this – we are having a dumbing-down phase on our tastes thanks to consumerism and sensationalism in the media.
  • I don’t at all understand why ISKCON [International Society for Krishna CONsciousness] have to open a branch in a place like Udupi where the main attraction is another Krishna temple. THE Krishna temple. Where people can’t be any more conscious of Krishna than they already are. Where Krishna isn’t just a concept to be emulated, but one which people live.
  • Shashi Tharoor is one amazing writer. Much better than Rushdie. No magic-realism nonsense which doesn’t make any sense even five times after you’ve read it. No inane humor of Upamanyu Chatterjee. Sample this:

An Angrez in colonial India is demonstrating his knowledge of Hindustani:

“There was a cold day”

“There was a banned crow”

“Hard to get which one will get someone to open the door, and which one will get someone to close it.”

For the less receptive of you, they are transliterations of Hindi sentences.

I really don’t understand why his books are not more popular than they are. I guess he’s one of the few writers who’ve kept in mind the sensibilities of the discerning reader, and who understand that writing is just a medium to get ideas across. When he’ll be the UN Secretary-General, am I gonna miss his writing, or am I gonna miss his writing.

  • Gay and happy is an oxymoron, as some people I know informed me. I take this opportunity to educate the more ignorant of those reading this on a few facts. Gay men need not like pink or flowery patterns. Gay men can be macho. You can’t be ‘inspired’ to be gay, as some of my friends feared ‘My Brother Nikhil’ would inspire alternative sexuality in some of us. Gay men are not necessarily perverts. And for heaven’s sake, IT IS NOT A DISEASE! And if you say being gay goes ‘against the laws of nature’, be assured that drinking milk does, too, as do plastics and concrete. And Karan Johar’s sexuality is his business really, and I’d prefer it kept that way. He has enough publicity coming from other angles that something like this needn’t be made an issue to ensure that his flicks sell.

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14 Responses to Making statements

  1. CB says:

    LSD, yeah!

    Which book of Tharoor?

  2. Karthik Ram says:

    Karan Johar is gay???? 😮

  3. wanderlust says:

    no clue. his sexuality is his business. or atleast that’s what he says.

  4. wanderlust says:

    The Great Indian Novel. it truly rocks, right from the theme, the treatment to his awesome command over the language, his puns and style……. a must read, i’d say.

  5. Ms. M says:

    “Much better than Rushdie. No magic-realism nonsense which doesn’t make any sense even five times after you’ve read it.”



    Rushdie is SO full of himself. Ever read the ground beneath her feet?

    Pedantic crap that bordered on worship of a (forgive me) aBIMBO!

    And the Beatles!

    Love the hair! He he!

    But I serously liked this post.

    Very rousing. In a rather pleasant way.

  6. wanderlust says:

    @ms m:
    once when george harrison was asked what the group called their hairstyle, he replied “arthur”.

    but you’ve got to hand it to rushdie for satanic verses and the moor’s last sigh. they are two of the best novels i’ve read. midnight’s children was a freakin overdose of magic realism, and it still hasnt made much of sense to me, though the two other novels i mentioned do make sense after you’ve read them a couple of times. they arent all that exaggerated [as midnight’s children] and Satanic verses actually made fun reading, though you need to understand that **spoiler***** he’s a schizophrenic if you want to appreciate it fully.

  7. AjAxed says:

    FM radio in Bangalore of late is so crap. Anchoring in hindi for english and hindi music programs.. And the songs played are sooo boring..

    Wanderlust is who of the two authors? :-/
    An about page/desc of the author’s chosen nicks would be nice..

  8. wanderlust says:

    wanderlust=!(tuhina) [coz tuhina uses her own name to post] = priya venkateshan.

  9. dushy says:

    Beatles .Ya seriously rock 🙂
    Is that one on Gay ,a part of ur opinionated statements?

  10. wanderlust says:

    what else can it be?

  11. Kripal says:

    beatles : i totally agree.

    indi rock: dont really follow, but had an awesome time with the parikrama members backstage and after inci 05

    carnatic music: well, unless they are geniuses, they will continur to parrot what their teachers taught them.

    RC: reminded me of royal challenge, then figured it was radio city. maybe u could write in or call them up and give your suggestions. coz i doubt they are going to read it out of here.

    ISKCON: It was but fate for it to go along the path of all other practices to forget what they initially started out as, when money keeps pouring in.

    ST: not read Rushdie yet. so no comment

  12. wanderlust says:

    i actually did mail radiocity about it, but no use.
    and what pisses me off the most about iskcon is the number of idiots at nitk who are influenced by that iit-kgp loser.

  13. randomwalker says:

    how many nitkians are influenced by the iit-kgp fella??!! I am eager to know.

    If it is all that easy to brainwash the *future* of our country, I want to be a politician!

  14. C Sivakumar says:

    ISKCON Opening a Krishna Temple in Udupi:
    IT is to compliment the original temple and also to further cater to the so called English speaking crowd. You certainly are correct when you say that Krishna is a way of life in a very holy place like Udupi! But MANY may not really understand why it is a way of life for them!! How are these (atleast a very small percentage of them) to be educated? An ISKCON center can certainly do it because they are not into very big deity worship but more into discussions and lectures. Also they take these lectures directly into the ‘homes’ of many. Take for example the Manipal Institutes. It is a mini india. The bulk of them are very intelligent boys and girls. But they may have absolutely no knowledge of what is our culture, who is Krishna etc., They are having a good amount of time to spare – if there are intelligent people who can talk to them in a language, style and idiom they understand. So who will talk to them? The Udupi swamis? First of all there are so many rules and regulations that they have to strictly adhere to that they may not have the time (or sometimes inclination) to actually go to the campus and speak to these boys and girls. Even if they do, they can only speak either in Sanskrit, Kannada or Tulu? How will this MINI INDIA of MAHE understand it?

    Please understand that except Pejawar Swami no body else speaks to the general mass of people. And even he does not lecutre in English. Generally all other swamis (and scholars) cater to a very narrow ‘community’ people.

    So it is here that the ISKCON devotees (whose main service is preaching) will actually complement the great Madhva Sampradaya and its headquarters Sri Krishna temple.

    I humbly beg you all to understand that I am not casting any aspersions on the Swamis of Udupi. I respect them, I always yearn to hear from them and take the first available opportunity to visit the Sri Krishna Temple at Udupi. I relish their very sattvik prasadam and get recharged by the very ambience and atmosphere of Sri Krishna Temple. The swamis are doing a wonderful job but its simply that they cant cater to some audiences (due to various limitations) which leaves scope for ISKCON devotees or anybody else like them. That is all.

    Also there is another way to understand why ISKCON can and should open their centre at a place like UDUPI. It is this: ISKCON devotees hold Udupi in great reverence and from all over the world devotees do come there mainly to worship Sri Krisha at the world famous Sri Krishna Temple (established by Sripada Madhvacharya. So they will certainly want to live here for sometime. Living in rented accomodations and hotels may not be possible for everyone. Neither will devotees prefer it as compared to staying in their ‘own place’. Also these visiting devotees can take the opportunity to preach to the MINI INDIA too! And the MINI INDIA gets to meet first hand the various ‘international devotees’ of Lord Krishna and get inspired by them.

    If these few reasons can make you revise your opinion, then I shall consider my job done well. Even if it is not sufficient reason then I shall consider it an endeavour to that end.

    With warm regards,
    C Sivakumar.

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