How Priya Venkateshan Got WordPressed, Got Depressed and Got her blog back

Priya Venkateshan made her way to the GB Net centre after one hour of gruelling Su-Doku aka Operating Systems class. It being a Friday afti when most people are busy with their washing or with classes, the net centre was free for once. As she tried to check her mail, it dawned on her why the damn place was deserted – Trip-C personnel had gotten tipsy and blocked every possible site [including Google]. After fifteen minutes of her and her friend at the next comp cursing, the sites started to open. She made her way to the WordPress site to check on her progress in the Google Event at Shaastra. For the uninitiated, this event involves making a website/blog that tops google search for a set of search strings. She was hoping to have made considerable progress today as she had used The NITK Numbskulls Page to link up to her entry for the event [Also on WordPress] using every possible combination of the keywords to be used.

On clicking the “Write Post” tab, the browser returned nothing but a message saying

This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.

Okay, the David Copperfield and Alex-inspired third-person narrative doesn’t sound good anymore, so back to first person.

I was shocked, shaken, flummoxed, and a series of other things I was too overwhelmed to put in words. At first, I thought it was a TripC error, but Vinay told me the same thing.

Then I figured it might be a problem with WP, and so I tried opening The NITK Numbskulls Page, with the same result. To double check, I opened some other SEO [Search Engine Optimization] entries, which opened without a glitch. That did it. My face contorted with agony, shock, trauma and well, words failed me.

I tried the WordPress Help tab, but TripC was acting up again. “It CAN’T be!!”, I yelled. “But it ees! Accept it, wumman!” was all the f(r)iend next to me said, doing nothing more than rubbing salt on my wounds.

Fifteen minutes later, after a refreshing gossip session with Ms. SK, I was back in the net centre and so was the server. I mailed WordPress Support about my SEO blog, and this is what they said:


Blogs created for SEO are removed.
The tags needed for that contest are being actively searched for several
times a day and every blog with them is deleted immediately. is for bloggers, not contests.

That gave me some solace. It was not an isolated event, hopefully. But Numbskulls seemed gone forever! One year of scribbles and all GONE! No Way, I told myself. And what the heck would I tell Tuhina?

So I mailed WP again saying:


> my blog was not meant for SEO from Shaastra. it existed long before
> that, since June 2006.
> i did use those keywords, but it wasnt an entry for the contest.
> I would please like to have my blog back, as it was a group blog and a lot more for us.

> please do the needful
> thanks

Ten anxious minutes later, I got a reply saying:

I see you are right and I have reactivated the blog.
But you must remove ALL information about that contest. 

I replied saying:

i will. 

And I did.

Phew! Close Shave!

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15 Responses to How Priya Venkateshan Got WordPressed, Got Depressed and Got her blog back

  1. vinay says:

    Well, like i said, a little thinking huh. Guest i should cite the “one ring to rule them all….” here?

  2. vinay says:

    lol. thats Guess i shouldnt cite “one ring to rule them all…” i hate typos.

  3. aJ says:

    You are lucky. I was initially surprised when you created the other blog on WP and they allowed it to exist, but I thought that maybe they have changed their policies. When I saw your post in the RSS feed, I was shocked. Came online on IM to warn you but you weren’t there at the time..

    Good thing you got this blog back atleast

  4. priya says:

    you could have _mailed_ me? 😉
    and it was quite a relief when i got this one back.

  5. the Monk says:

    You really need to stop using “for the uninitiated”. 😉

  6. vinay87 says:

    hehe, I guess thats a bit overused. Anyway I am once again thankful that this entire scene is over. Guess I can hibernate now.

  7. Karthik Ram says:

    I don’t see why WordPress had to remove all the contest blogs. You are not disrupting other users, are you?
    Okie! I do accept, WP is for bloggers. And not for contests.
    Still… it is not like you put up porn (which btw i am told is rampant).

  8. Mal says:

    First, love the Title.

    Very clever.

    2nd, I’m glad it’s back. It’s such a pain( i mean gut-wrencher) when something beloved is blocked. E.g the loo when you have The Martinet’s class in less than 45 seconds. Not exactly like in your case but whatever.

    The freedom of speech doesn’t really exist does it? First the ban, now this. But at least the responed to ya and you know how to go abt the whole thing. Which is very impressive!

    As for the uninitiated part, I have no clue in the depths of receding heavens what SEO is. So pls continuez.

    And yay!

    You’re Back.

  9. wanderlust says:

    SEO, if done properly, is ok. but most users started splogs [spam+blogs], and created pages that linked to each other, messed up the pagerank of the sites, basically just wasted space and messed up the search engines.
    @the monk:
    yeah, looking for viable alternatives.
    thnx for the compliment… and you have no idea of the sort of tension i was in. but of course, it wasnt as soul-searing as a blocked loo.
    it isnt about freedom of speech. wordpress gives you wowie features, like blog stats, feed stats, search strings that lead to your blog, and power to give a high rating to a link on your blogroll. you can also block unwanted comments and unwanted people commenting….. it’s absolutely right on their part to be deleting blogs, coz people shouldnt be allowed to misuse such good features.

  10. CB says:

    Hooo! Close shave really!!

  11. CB says:


    > my blog was not meant for SEO from Shaastra. it existed long before
    > that, since June 2006.
    > i did use those keywords, but it wasnt an entry for the contest.
    > I would please like to have my blog back, as it was a group blog and a lot more for us.

    > please do the needful
    > thanks

    JUNE 2006?! Now, thats REALLY a close shave! You should break 10 coconuts for getting your blog back 😛

  12. Kripal says:

    “How Priya Venkateshan Got WordPressed, Got Depressed and Got her blog back”
    awesome title.

    “Alex-inspired third-person ” – really cracked me up.btw how is he doing?

    you really have a way with words. awesome. all the best for the competition. i checked out your blog sometime back and i got the same error.

    Anyway. Being “uninitated” to the world of CS and IT. Sounds a lot like reverse engineering to me. finding out how the algorithom works so that u can always be on the top. Great idea, considering that all of us have reverse engineered in our engineering.

  13. wanderlust says:

    wow, thanks!
    alex… no clue… apparently he’s taken to talking more and more. he was last seen near the civil dept belting out fundae to [i think] unsuspecting firstyear lads.
    and the contest has been scrapped for the time being.

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