We’re Alive

It’s been long, almost a month since I last posted here [No, SEO doesn’t count as a post]. And it’s been months together since Tuhina even gave a hint of posting here.
Well, a lot has happened since then. For starters… Talking of starters, the NITK GB mess got messier. First, the seniors wanted a change in the menu [we all did, to be frank], so they came up with really innovative ideas which tasted and looked -for want of a better word- horrible when the mess people prepared it. Next we thrashed our year-reps, which did a bit of good, the food did get better. But not for long! Apparently, there is a shortage of LPG, so we don’t get rotis. The food gets suckier day by day… I think NITK Messes Inc. can give stiff competition to VLCC.

Then, we had a season of Branch Freshers, and in true IT spirit we IT-ians [aka Diplomats, IT@NITK is largely seen as a ‘Diploma’ branch] gave an absolutely rocking one. I guess everyone agrees on that [Other than, of course, my revered un-diplomatic senior TheG], including us third-years, the freshies, the ALs who we were forced to invite coz we had to get the classes and tests they were conducting for us rescheduled [though they were pretty embarassed at the paper dance and left immediately after]…. we’re told it was the best freshers given this year. All I have to say is “IT Rocks!” and “Proud to be Diplomats, yeah!”.

I’m surprised I haven’t posted here more often over the past two weeks, inspite of having net in the rooms.

NO, I’m not kidding, nor am I so overwhelmed by the midsems that I have started hallucinating. NITK has FINALLY decided to grace us with LAN and Internet. The speed is too slow for comfort some of the times, but then, something is better than nothing, and it isn’t worse than the GB Net Centre.

Ahh, now I can breathe a sigh of relief for my SEO strategies… Shaastra Invernesshire Thamesportal Autophytes Zalecenia ahoy!

I guess we guys can start podcasting our own ‘radio station’ now.

Access to more music. More files. More softwares. More viruses too, so I guess we’ll have to convert atleast the entire wing of the hostel, if not the entire block to Linux. TheG, what say?

Me and my crazy neighbor wrote a paper for IgNobel at Shaastra, which got selected for the finals. Pitifully, we couldn’t go thanks to our inflexible mid-sem schedule. Thanks to my school’s extensive worldwide network, I was able to find a junior at IITM who was willing to present it for us. We didn’t win, but ah, it was better than nothing. And… Ujwal, thanks a ton, dude, though we’ll never be able to thank you enough for agreeing, and that at such short notice.

Midsems are on, which means arbit long soul-searing conversations at arbit time after midnight. Topics range from relevance of exams, to rants against the system, why the heck did we choose to take engineering when we’d’ve rather been elsewhere… So, these are some places where I’d like to be, though I’m not sure I’d fit the bill:

  • I want to be making movies… not serious ones or ones with loads of masala elements thrown in. Just stuff that touches your from within, that people connect to, like Yellow Submarine.
  • I would really love to design advertizing campaigns.
  • One day, I’d like to own a radio station. Er… make that a media-house, with a finger in every pie, right from kids’ magazines, to TV channels.
  • And, maybe, rule the world.

But.. but… I guess I’ll have to be content with dreaming about writing my own operating system, maybe working for a top-notch software co. or two, writing software that’s gonna be used by pretty much everyone who’ll own a computer, meeting Paul McCartney, writing a novel/non-fiction that’ll be a legend for the next two hundred years…Coming to what’s on now, I was supposed to have been writing a Theory of Computation exam forty-five minutes ago, which didn’t finally happen, thanks to communal riots in Suratkal [yeah ha ha ha]. Thank God for Assistant Lecturers from Mangalore and Suratkal. Er… actually, it doesn’t make a difference to me.

Now that’s a weekend gone, as I have exams all of next week. *Sigh*.

Addendum: Tuhina’s alive and kicking. Here’s hoping something happens that moves her enough to blog about it.

Addendum2: My Amaz(on)ing aunt Uma suggested that I put up my IgNobel entry for the world to read. So here it is:

The Ad-Libber-Tea-M’s entry for IgNobel@Shaastra

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just your average books-and-music person who wants to change the world.
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14 Responses to We’re Alive

  1. Dushy says:

    Why diploma?
    Net is quite commendable here except for Orkut and Blogs are ban:( ned

  2. randomwalker says:

    Convert the whole wing to linux. You’ll get all the support you need. Linux supports skype, limewire, gtalk and every other net-tool you need, and guess what? It’s faster, more flexible and no viruses.

    I need a linux evangalist. You can be one!

  3. wanderlust says:

    diploma because we hardly have class [not this sem for me, though], and hardly have permanent teachers.
    my pleasure. when and how do i start?

  4. Tony says:

    nice to see ya blog after a long time…so wens Polaris coming out?? or is it Pinux?? 😀

  5. Mal says:

    Linux and pod casting?

    I feel like cave woman, still carving on the walls…

  6. wanderlust says:

    guess i’ll start small with punix :D. and maybe i’ll make one for you called loonix. and maybe one called Doors [after the band and the movie] – it won’t crash, it’ll slam. what say?
    trust me, they’re both for human beings, and not as bad as they sound. anyways, i guess you’d be god at this if you too were stuck in a nowhere place with a laptop and Internet. and cmon, lawyers arent cave women, you least of all!

  7. uma says:

    Hey P,

    U should post your IgNobel article for the world to read…


  8. wanderlust says:

    comin’ right up..

  9. lalbadshah says:

    Nice to see a blog with our college name and numbskulls on it. 🙂
    Pretty good posts u ppl have here.
    -an old old nitkian.

  10. Jayanth says:

    I want to be making movies… ….And, maybe, rule the world.


    Quite the same here….

    And thanks to the floods, NitS doesnt have midsems 🙂

  11. wanderlust says:

    wow! thanks!!
    damn ACE and Dr. Sridhar for distorting the focus in our lives, huh? anyways, i guess you’re pretty serious about that sort of stuff… 10+3i and all. as for me, IT’s it.
    lucky you and ck, not having midsems.
    but ha ha ha, that’ll mean more weightage for your endsems.

  12. Kripal says:

    “I think NITK Messes Inc. can give stiff competition to VLCC” no prizes for guessing the winner.

    “we’re told it was the best freshers given this year” cant believe you actually fell for that. all juniors tell their seniors that. 😉

    “so I guess we’ll have to convert atleast the entire wing of the hostel, if not the entire block to Linux.” Goutham shenoy would suppost u whole heartedly. 🙂

    “inflexible mid-sem schedule” i have my own negatives on the coll system. makes maggu’s of students instead of developing personalities. no all round development leads to unemployable engineers passing out

    Anyway, let us know the results of te SEO

  13. theG says:

    how come i did not comment here?

  14. wanderlust says:

    midsems… ah, it cant get any worse than being taught by ALs who have lesser knowledge of the subject than your classmates… _that’s_ why it goes muggu.. they know not a word outside the textbook, so they expect their students to know the textbook(s) back to front. it’s all excellent motives gone wrong.
    as for SEO, im getting thulped big time, losers are stealing my posts, keyword stuffing, misusing iitm website to boost their rankings with alt tags, and the midsems prevented me from handling the situation better.
    you said you were busy or something.

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