Just when…

Just when you were feeling life couldn’t get any worse…

Just when mess food couldn’t get any suckier…

Just when you began to think people aren’t meant to be trusted…

Just when you got sick of shouting at the freshies for blatantly misusing and abusing the washrooms…

Just when you thought you CAN’T take another midsem, easy or otherwise…

Just when you really felt you SUFFERED from lack of sleep, and that another nightout would be only to save your life…

Just when you got irritated with the patterns and posters on your hostel room walls…

Just when you were sick of the same ol’ faces asking you ‘Hi, how ya doin?’ and not expecting anything other than ‘Fine, dude!’…

Just when you thought you’ve forgotten what it is to have fun…

Just when the humidity couldn’t get any worse…

Just when even the sight of unceasing waves didn’t calm you…

Just when you couldn’t feel any more wretched…

Just when you needed a break….

You book your tickets home; you’ve got six whole days off [ok, two of them self-declared], and you go home to good food, family, celebrations, sweets, unbroken sleep, pleasant surprises [Bangalore has finally got an international music station, Radio Indigo on FM 91.9. Yeah, the RJs sound rehearsed, but the music is JUST what the doctor ordered], and peace.

Here’s wishing a very happy and prosperous Deepavali to everyone!!!

About wanderlust

just your average books-and-music person who wants to change the world.
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5 Responses to Providence

  1. theG says:

    happy diwali to you as well.. all bad things are followed by good things! and radio indigo, i heard randomwalker going on about that as well!

  2. aarthi says:

    yeah!!!!!!!!!! why didn’t u calll???? yup, and i just can’t get enough of radio indigo as well!!!!!!!!

  3. CB says:

    Happy diwali!
    Hmm.. 91.9.. Strange number.

  4. wanderlust says:

    you were in bangalore, and didnt listen to indigo once?
    i have.
    actually, that number’s pretty good; i stumbled on it when i was switching to radiocity [91 fm] from mirchi [98.3 fm].

  5. theG says:

    i think i heard it in landmark. but was too interested in books and you know what in forum to listen to it closely..

    besides my cellphone has no radio. just an mp3 player.

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