Finally some ixellent Indian ‘ip ‘op

I’ve been YouTube-ing like crazy over the past couple of weeks. Found some really nice videos. But this one sticks out… people all over the place have been recommending it, and after watching it, [and listening to it], I can see why.

I’m not too much into hip-hop, though at one time I was impressed very much by Marshal Mathers III, and his protege, 50Cent.

I’ve never liked Indian hip-hop outside of Pettai Rap [Rehman’s a genius], MumBhai and maybe a bit of Jay Sean. Now I guess I’ll add these guys [Yogi B and the Natchathiras] to my list.

The video’s completely hip-hop-ish, with oversized clothes, hairstyles, bling, and the locations. The lyrics aren’t completely obscured by the rapping. IMHO, they’ve done justice to the original song by Ilayaraja.

And here’s the video of the original, Madai Thiranthu from Nizhalkal for all you nostalgic ol’ timers, or people who wonder what the original looked like. This is vintage ’80s music video… complete with moustachio’d hero jumping and prancing about.. and this one also has women in yellow sarees with guitars [looks hilarious the first time you come in contact with such stuff].

I also came across this spoof on Omkara by some guys from IITD who call themselves ‘Desires Unlimited’. Good one, IMHO.

What say?

Update: Blog Stats say that a major percentage of people reading this post end up here when they are searching for “Madai Thiranthu Free Download Yogi B Natchathira”. So here’s the song. [right click on the link, save as]. This is by no means original, I recorded it on my laptop as I listened to it on YouTube, saved it as .wav and converted it to .mp3. It stemmed from frust at having to wait an hour to buffer the song everytime I wanted to listen to it.  Happy Listening!

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9 Responses to Finally some ixellent Indian ‘ip ‘op

  1. CB says:

    That remix is just brilliant. Agree that YogiB and Na have done a wonderful job of it. In fact, I’ve listened to it for more than 10 times today. 🙂

    Especially the first guy (Red shirt, thin). He’s just awesome!!
    And SPB has done great too, in the original song.

  2. Dushy says:

    ARR is a genius.
    Pettai rap stands successfully even today .
    I suppose even ‘Suppose’ by SriLekha is another branded one.

  3. wanderlust says:

    it took me around an hour to finally watch the six-minute video thanks to the speed here. and now i can’t hum anything else. makes you feel this is what a remix is all about…. doing justice to the original in your own way.
    havent heard that one. thanks for telling me about it, though. and yup, pettai rap is a cult song in its own right.. waay ahead of its time.

  4. Tuhina says:

    The first one’s awesome!!! Better than “pettai rap”!! Cant make out the transition from English to Tamil …

    THe IITD one is also good!!

  5. Naveen says:

    IITD movie gives an idea about how to get to in to movie making with as small concept as they have choosen

  6. Turbo says:

    Congrats for coming 3rd in the Shaastra SEO Contest!

  7. wanderlust says:

    that’s lockup guna for you. check out some of the lockup videos on youTube.
    thanks, man. and you did pretty well, too. tough luck, though. your strategies were pretty admirable.

  8. joe says:

    can someone send me the url where i can download the song – natchathiras feat..
    my id

  9. Prem Kumar says:

    Wowwwwwwww.. this was really good, yogi do something different and makes the tamil language still alive.

    really a wounderfull job by yogi B group. I pray god that this group shine more than back street boys… they have the potential. But they need to look for some improvement in the song, not all song is good, they need to improve on that.

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