SEO done!

Shaastra’s SEO contest is finally done, after all the drama et al. The final results:

<from the website>



The Google SEO contest has ended! Final positions:

  1. Atrieecs
  2. Saarang
  3. Priva Venkateshan

</from the website>

That’s my name there at number 3 alright, misspelling notwithstanding. Can’t stop grinning.

It’s not just the win. It’s the realization that there’s some sense left in the world. Participating in this contest had me know that you can’t hoodwink GoogleBot in the long run. Yeah, splogging techniques to get your site on top of search results might work for a couple of weeks, but that’s all it takes for the Bot to get wise to your tactics. Any small indication that your site is not for people and is for search engines, and your tactics start working against you. Content and quality are king on GoogleSearch. And that’s why it’s a hit.

Now for the credits… To all the people who gave me pointers on this and linked me up, gave me traffic, more notable of who would be Dad, without whose inputs I would’ve lost enthu,  TheG [and what a post that was!], CB, Gautham [was that a nice ad or was that a nice ad], my aunt Uma, Karthik Ram, Tony, Cindy, AJ, Tuhina and my wing-mates Malvika, Shilpi and Pubali.

Thanks a ton, guys!

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7 Responses to SEO done!

  1. aJ says:

    Congrats once more!
    Well done 🙂

  2. uma says:


    Congratulations !! That was awesome !!

    As a proud aunt(yeow…I feel old!) I did a shameless plug about it on my blog:!EAB52481011D0A91!607.entry


  3. randomwalker says:

    Congrats and Congrats!

    For managing to fool the google crawler and for winning the contest.

    [Though for some time, thanks to all those splogging complaints,
    I thought it was a “con” test ;)]

  4. wanderlust says:

    thanks, dude
    after reading the post, i feel so proud of myself! and you’re not old, merely well-experienced.
    no, i didnt FOOL the googlecrawler. i got thulped when i tried that.

  5. Kripal says:

    congrats. interesting that they could “thulp” (or thump? )you when u tried to con them. shows that the smart ones win. u outsmarted google. awesome

  6. Jayanth says:

    Congrats! Great work!

  7. theG says:

    congrats! we want party!

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