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A booklist.

In one of his columns titled “Growing Up With Books In India”, Shashi Tharoor talks about his voracious reading habits. He mentions that one year he kept a journal of all the books he read [comics didn’t count] to see … Continue reading

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Thiruda, Thiruda!

Vacation time. I was at the railway station, pacing up and down the platform to fight the cold that somehow got to me through the layers of my jacket. I tried sitting on a bench for a bit, but those … Continue reading

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A Vision Of One World

Looking around, we see so much of hatred. So much of doubt. Brother suspects brother of fraternizing with the enemy. The Enemy. Yes, the concept exists. Where Ubuntu exists as just a flavour of Linux. Where you have to shout … Continue reading

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Waiting for Apollo

Hols are here, and sis has exams, so for once, I get the remote all to myself. As is usual, I, as an accomplished zapper, was zapping through channels when I came across HBO showing Troy. It’s pretty surprising that … Continue reading

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Rumours of epidemic proportions

The coast is supposed to be healthy – none of the smoggy air of Bangalore that lines most softie-lungs now. BUT IT ENDS THERE. NITK was recently plagued by a conjuctivitis epidemic. I don’t know how exactly started, but we … Continue reading

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There was a green ball and there were a pair of green eyes… It was one of those serious discussions with my mum on my own shortcomings. She showed me a photo. “Look at those eyes, thats how you should … Continue reading

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