There was a green ball and there were a pair of green eyes…

It was one of those serious discussions with my mum
on my own shortcomings. She showed me a photo.
“Look at those eyes, thats how you should be…”

Early morning. The Hindu, Sports section. Results of
some tennis match.

There was a green ball. And a pair of green eyes fixed
on it. A raquet poised to strike.

The audience was blurred. The ground was blurred.
Her chic clothes were blurred.

Sharapova’s eyes, I’ll never forget them…

About Tuna Fish

Not one more of these again!!!
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10 Responses to

  1. randomwalker says:

    Signifies focus, concentration, apt attention, single minded dedication etc, etc eh?

  2. Tuhina says:


  3. theg says:

    echoes randomwalker.

  4. theg says:

    same time eh!

  5. Jayanth says:

    Eyes ok. The grunt NO!

  6. Tuhina says:

    echoes reply to random walker, and yah same time!!!
    But still you wont forget it [/)]

  7. wanderlust says:

    I prefer alert black eyes that keep track of everything that goes on around them and beyond.
    after this tragedy called endsems, I feel anything’s better than tired sagging eyes with dark circles around them.

  8. Tuhina says:

    Not the red eyes though 😉

  9. Tony says:

    sigh! how times have changed… the last time i heard of green eyes was “jealousy is a green eyed monster” !! now they are in fashion… hmmmmm

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