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Changing Profiles

Just another class… Whistling, SMSing, Playing ringtones, CHIT chatting, Singing, and every other possible thing was going on. It was a math class. The teacher went on scribbling on the board as her blood boiled. She tried shushing, but it … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Guru

I kept my word and watched the top-rated much-hyped path-breaking epoch-making [don’t I just LOVE using those cliches] well-shot Maniflick second day third show. I came back with mixed feelings, but somehow I don’t feel like writing a scathing mocking … Continue reading

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Nonsense, and other kinds of verse

A few months back, I was looking for a poem by Ogden Nash, which I’d come across in class 6. It wasn’t on any Ogden Nash site [it wasn’t originally by him, or something like that, I later gathered], and … Continue reading

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In one of those space-filler articles in India Today, I once read this whole list of things titled “You know you’re South Indian when…”. I don’t remember most of them, but one of them certainly was “You think Vande Mataram … Continue reading

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Just what do you do when the only person you genuinely admire doesn’t acknowledge that you exist, and the person you’re just cannot stand leeches on to you like her life depends on it? Just what is to be done … Continue reading

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