Just what do you do when the only person you genuinely admire doesn’t acknowledge that you exist, and the person you’re just cannot stand leeches on to you like her life depends on it?

Just what is to be done when the source of your inspiration shrivels and dies?

Just what are you supposed to do when you realize that the people you’ve known almost all your life aren’t really the people you would want to know, and if you met them now instead of back then, you wouldn’t spare them a second thought?

What the heck are you to do if the principles you’ve lived by all your life just stop working one day?

What are you supposed to feel when you begin to identify with that chameleon character in that Woody Allen movie who turns into a banker when he’s among bankers, or into a writer when among writers, just because he wants to fit in?

There end the hypothetical situations. Now comes the real thing:

What do you do when you have a really really great, brilliant idea, and you know EXACTLY how to go about doing it, and you KNOW will pay you big bucks to develop it, and you know you CAN make the time to develop it, when you surf the net and find that already has the product which is EXACTLY what you imagined it to be, even the GUI is what you wanted it to be like… are you supposed to pat yourself on the back coz you were thinking amazon-level, or kick yourself coz you presented an original generic product like this one in a contest where everyone was flicking ideas off ACM and IEEE?

PS: This has nothing to do with the rest of the post; just a congratulatory message to a friend who’s one of the five Rhodes Scholars from India this year. Congrats, dear friend, and I’m having you know here that you’ll always be an inspiration, other things notwithstanding.

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14 Responses to Questions

  1. Tuna Fish says:

    Stand and Wait, i suppose…

  2. rand0mwalker says:

    You check the result, feel happy that what you thought is good, raise the bar and you walk on. That’s how you end up being one step ahead of Amazon the next time. All the best. 🙂

    PS: How about trying to fit an FM receiver on a IPOD nano, port Linux on to IPOD nano and write a program to change the radio frequencies. Is that a new idea or is it already happening?? 😕

  3. cb says:

    Literature survey is VERY important! 🙂

  4. theg says:

    adding to rand’s comments (now that is interesting!). you just gotta keep pushing at it till you start beating the standards black and blue :).

  5. wanderlust says:

    that’s only when you’re sure of the opportunities coming your way.
    interesting ideas…
    here’s a couple of links for you…

    yes, i agree. and i also learnt that it’s important to use appropriate keywords while it’s being done on the Net.

    rand? sounds like a russian-american hypocritical scribbler [as opposed to writer], which randomwalker is NOT.

  6. Arun Pillai says:

    >>when you surf the net and find that already has the product which is EXACTLY what you imagined it to be, even the GUI is what you wanted it to be like

    It’s all depends on how u market ur product and that make a difference ….

  7. wanderlust says:

    any ideas on how to market my product much better than how does it?

  8. theG says:

    hmmm.. rand is just short for random! for more, try rand() which generates a psuedorandom number.
    wonder why the writer came into your mind?

  9. Karthik Ram says:

    no matter how much we think we are one of a kind… there r a few thousand jus like us, who think like us (and design GUIs like us).

    maybe u lost out on the amazon thing now… but keep thinking up new ideas and sooner or later u will find something tht ur ‘thought-stealers’ haven’t found yet.

    btw, Rhodes scholar a jerk or what? Or did I read bet’n the lines wrong.

  10. wanderlust says:

    i got that, but there’s more of books on this blog than code, so, well…..
    @karthik ram:
    im not ruing the loss of the idea… i can always improve on it, and come up with something much better. what i lost out on was different, and had absolutely nothing to do with the brilliant idea.
    and, you read between the lines wrong.

  11. Surabhi says:

    awesome da! first half very thought provoking!

  12. Kripal says:

    Thinking along Karthik ram’s lines your begining and ending seem to share a theme. The hypothetical questions are a few that have confronted quite a few of us at some point of time. Most people would prefer to ignore the facts saying that they arent the chameleon, they are just not going to take the hard road coz it isnt worth it. one can give a million such reasons. The point is in being frank and honest to your self.

  13. wanderlust says:

    wow! you commented!
    the hypothetical, yes, HYPOTHETICAL questions were supposed to set the mood for the real one. it wouldn’t really hold anyone’s interest if i just said something sucked, would it?

  14. aarthi says:

    was listening to this son by alanis morisette….”isn’t it ironic”… apt.

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