Incident – 07. It’s gonna happen!

Carrying on from Tuna’s theme, I’ll say I’m sick-to-dying of Orkut. Add to this the fact that my browser crashes each time I open the site, and there you go! I’ve been off Orkut for a few weeks now. But then, I don’t need Orkut to remind me of my friends’ birthdays: I’ve always had a good memory of those. And a few days back, it was my longlost schoolfriend’s – let me call her Squirrel- Squirrel’s birthday. No Orkut meant I had to mail her my wishes. It’s been a long while since our last reunion, almost a year [The Great One, we need to organize another one, da, and this time get a digicam with batteries], and as the mail turned to talk of meeting up, it turned out to be an ad for Incident-07.

Well, yeah, most of my conversations with friends who aren’t at NITK end up that way these days. And why not? Inci-07 promises to be sand, sun, fun and more. And, uh, it’s a chance to show off my college to old pals who do the same when I visit them. Yeah, NITK might not have an aviary like Christ College, no HotelManagementStudent-run cafeteria like Christ, no lake like IITB, no laundromats like JNCASR, but heck, we have our very own beach [one of the only two universities in the world with that distinction], and we’re having the best of beach events this time ’round.

And, [me and Tuna are all-agog for this one, and no, it isn’t a video-conference with JK Rowling], INDIAN OCEAN’S COMING! No, I don’t mean the sea’s going to advance or anything, but the best-ever Indian band will be performing live for our Pro-Nite. Yes, it’s Indian Ocean of Kandisa, Desert Rain and Jhini fame.

Ahh, harks back to the previous editions of Incident. Funnily, I don’t recall much of Inci-05 other than the Parikrama pro-nite. Hmm… me and my crossie teammate made some breakthrough in the daily crossies and quizzes, and Tuna and me tried out all the lit events, watched our friends paperdance, but the pronite was what made the lasting impression. I’d always been crazy about Parikrama, so I was publicising their music in the hostel even before the posters were out. When the concert finally happened, me and everyone weren’t disappointed. Far from it, actually.

The concert was opened by Vinapra, who were, so to speak, okay-sounding, and Yell-O who did just that all night, driving people away from SAC. Roomie ran away coz her eardrums were sensitive, and hadn’t been sufficiently numbed by the music I played in the room. And THEN, Parikrama took stage, and kept us grooving till 2 am. I’d never headbanged for five hours at a stretch, and the following morning was a hazy blur of aching muscles and sore feet. But then, I’d gotten to meet Subir Malik, Nitin Malik of the wowie voice, and Chintan Kalra of the maroon bathrobe fame, and Sonam Sherpa of the wild guitaring and mouth organ, so I guess it was quite worth it. All of it, including listening to GnR’s Sweet Child O’ Mine for the third time in a day, and the eighth time in two days [War of the Bands the previous day, and Sweet Child turned out to be a favorite among the contestants].

And Inci-06.. won’t forget that one in a hurry. It started off tame enough, with daily crossie and the like, but somewhere in India Quiz, my direct junior [a junior who’s in the same branch as you, from the same place as you are – and this guy also happens to be from my school] told me of a longlost ex-classmate of mine [I’ll call him Doc] who I’dn’t met for a couple of years then who’d turned up there. Doc had lost his cellphone, making it quite convenient for me to contact him. After a search of the Main Lobby, I located Doc. The rest of the day went in catching up on ol’ times and strangely, bumping into more acquaintances and common friends. Doc turned out to be a GuitarGod in his college, but wasn’t performing in War of the Bands for some weird reason, which meant front-row headbanging in the contest this year. I would never have gotten to do that otherwise, as there are not many girls in the front row of hardrock/heavymetal performances, and it’s unwise and boring to hang in there without company. I got back that night with my ears ringing, but ah! it was worth it.

Then I watched Doc win JAM, helped him out with Mock Press [he was Tom Cruise], and took a trip back to schooldays when Doc and DirectJunior were pitted against each other in the Debate… and then was the Euphoria concert, which meant another headbanging session in the frontrow, or so I thought. Nope, Euphoria isn’t your college band type; they’re more for your younger cousin who’s just starting on Backstreet Boys and is elated that Indians play [what he thinks is] rock. They are a hit coz everyone knows their songs, and everyone knows Polly Sen the Rocktor, and Nicky the guitarist is cute. It’s surprising that everything right from Bryan Adams to Shaan can sound the same, but that’s how it is when Euphoria’s performing.

We were in the front row as usual, but were politely applauding instead of headbanging. And as the concert progressed, more and more couples came up to the front row, and slowdanced and all that. And there were also kids who don’t know the r,o,c,k of rock, and assumed Euphoria were the Gods of Rock or something, and kept jumping around the front row. They were six feet tall, and sweaty and hyperactive, certainly not convenient for tiny me who was getting asphyxiated, couldn’t look at the stage, couldn’t look elsewhere [the slowdancers, remember], and Doc and I walked off, took a walk around the campus, and funnily saw more couples than the ones that were slowdancing, but that’s another story.

Well, the last day of Inci-06 got cancelled as one of us left forever, and there’ve been mixed opinions on that one, but what says it all was the admiration NITK was shown by the other colleges on standing together and cancelling the last day.

Which brings us to Inci-07. I, for one, hope to enjoy this to the max, throwing aside all worries of the midsems a week after, and of the three miniprojects we’re to complete this semester.

That won’t be hard, with my current favorite Indian band performing live, [no, I’m not one of those who recently converted to Indian Ocean, I’ve been humming their tunes for close to two years now], and Bangalore’s top band, The Galeej Gurus [they won RadioCity Live, I heard] opening the semi-pro nite. And there are umpteen beach events, the QuizFest seems alluring. Best of all, it’ll be right after GATE, a much-needed break for those of us taking that exam, even if it’s just for kicks.

See ya there!

* fade to Torrent/Desert Rain playing in the background *

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12 Responses to Incident – 07. It’s gonna happen!

  1. Dushy says:

    What is the Other univ near a Beach?
    If at all u dont know,BITS-Goa also has one.
    Indian Ocean! Whoa!Great!!

  2. wanderlust says:

    oh, yeah, forgot all about BITS Goa. The other one is supposed to be UC, SantaBarbara. But tell me [im asking for info], is the beach part of the campus [as in private, controlled by the college management] at bits goa?
    so.. coming?

  3. theG says:

    that’s news to me. BITS goa is on a hill (by goan standards 🙂 ), no where near a beach. (I think I would know as I stay some 4 kms from there).

    Best of luck for GATE!

  4. Dushy says:

    Hey,I am in Pilani.
    As far as my ears could reach ,I heard Bits -Goa had one.And my friends claim that to be so near that I thought the campus would be somewhere on the shore.
    Anyways,A 4-km person would always know (Much)^n times better .So here,I submit [:D]

  5. theG says:

    compare that to NITK, and BITS goa centre is miles and miles away from the beach :). We are a 2 min walk to the water. They are at least 5 kms away.

  6. aniruddh says:

    hii there..
    lovely read must say..
    for starters am the secy of the fest thats being talked about and heres extending a warm welcome to one and all…
    come over to the place guys.. and ull love every bit of it….
    have fun

  7. wanderlust says:

    so at goa, you stay 1 km from the sea? or is it 9 km?
    wow, thanks. and i hope this year’s a resounding success. all signs point to it will.

  8. Rajesh says:

    U have got great Blog…..

  9. rand0mwalker says:

    As an alumni who’s unable to make it to the awesome fest, I can only mumble – “Have a blast!” 🙂

  10. sindhu says:

    hey! uhm not sure if this is the rite place is say this but 🙂 i’d been to NITK jus yesterday love it there 😀

    how i wish i was in one of these elite colleges ;/

  11. Malaveeka says:

    you have a beach?

    What are you guys,blessed?

  12. wanderlust says:

    We did!
    glad you enjoyed our fest. be sure to come next year, too.. it’ll be bigger and better, i suppose..
    * gloats *
    but to make you feel better, im having you know that we have very few places close by where we get good food at non-exorbidant prices.

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