Stress Buster

Ok, right now, im preparing an intial report for my B-Tech Project.

As i struggle to write, write in a manner that my team mates approve, the crisp “report kind of writing”, im thinking about a sentence my teacher told me in middle school.

You see, im not the kind who scores marks in tests even when i know the subject as well as the rest. The reason: My writing.

“Its the way you write, I can’t understand. I feel you don’t know what you are writing .” I try convincing her, all that I “dont know” are implied in the sentence. But she can’t read minds. Sigh!!!

Time and again people have told me to improve my writing, but all in vain.

Hmmm, I see more corrections coming through gtalk from my team mate. Its time for a little less conversation and a little more action.

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Not one more of these again!!!
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15 Responses to Stress Buster

  1. theG says:

    Welcome to the club!

  2. wanderlust says:

    what exactly qualifies as “crisp writing”? provide us with example of “crisp writing in project reports” and “tuhina’s writing in project reports” and compare and contrast the two so that the rest of us can learn.

  3. Tuna Fish says:

    @ wanderlust
    if i knew what it was like, i would have written like that na?

  4. wanderlust says:

    er… so you’re aspiring for an ideal whose form and identity none know of, but of whose existence all are convinced? one which is defined as what it is not, and not what it is?

  5. rand0mwalker says:

    From my limited techxperience I’ve learnt that documentation is as important as development. It not only helps someone else understand your work, but also gives you a better picture of what you have done and how can you improve upon it.

    How I wish I hadn’t cultivated the “Why bother explaining the idiots who anyway won’t understand” Howard Roarkish attitude. Sigh 😦

  6. harish says:

    Writing project reports and later office stuff at work is really a painful task.

  7. AJ says:

    I can so identify with you (if you do mean handwriting)
    I have a lousy writing. Atleast used to until I started writing slowly to make it more legible 😉

    But that only helps so far as my sentence construction makes sense which sometimes it does not to even me 😦

  8. Tuhina says:

    @ wanderlust
    I’m aspiring for this thing that some people know and i don’t know, without losing what I already have…

    @ Rand0mwalker
    Yeah, I know that its important… Guess I need to do the job with more patience…

    @ Harish
    I agree.

    @ AJ
    My lousy handwriting is another issue altogether, The same teacher tried to make me improve it for around five years. Thanks to her, I can write neatly in 10 mins and lose track of what i’m writing, what i can write horribly in 10 secs and understand… I’m lost there…

  9. Jayanth says:

    LOL! Helps having northie teachers who write worse than you….!
    Feels so good to be the one eyed king in the land of the blind 😀

  10. Tuhina says:

    hmmm, *broods*

  11. UnknownX says:

    Hell, that is the only thing here that gets you the grade you need to pass. They never ever really bother if you have said what you have done, as long as you have said what you might possibly do in an as fancy and sophisticated manner you can.

  12. Tuna Fish says:

    @ UnknownX
    * Wicked Allknowing Helpless Grin *

  13. vishesh says:

    if dats so, then you will be one of those first’s who will be benefitting from the digitizing of world….for now your writing will not prohibit your teacher from understanding your scribblings…:)
    well written..
    will be hooked up to this blog…

  14. wanderlust says:

    She didn’t mean her handwriting. she meant the style of her writing.
    I’ll be there, be doing that a semester from now. and hope my luck is better.

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