Two Years Up!

So The NITK Numbskulls’ Page has existed for two years as of today. I hate to sound so less pompous about such an occasion – this blog means much more than just 50 MB of free space on the Web to Tuhina and me – but I am at a loss for what to say now.

Maybe that’s because I haven’t really thought of this blog as a blog per se for the past one semester. I haven’t pampered it with attention, I haven’t made any improvements to its look [well, I did try, but the results weren’t what can be termed as “improvements”, hence it was back to default], I haven’t blogsurfed and advertized this page for ages now, and it’s been quite a long while since this page has pulsated with an unprecedented number of visitors, who are here to read the posts, and not coz some search engine led them here.
In the one year between this and this post, a lot has happened, blogwise. For starters, we shifted to WordPress, and got introduced to a blogging world far better than Blogger, or so we feel. The shift had a few snags, though – I put in my nickname as Wanderlust for a lark, and didn’t know how to change it for a week, and after that decided to stick with it, while Tuna Fish was preferred over DunnoAny.

In more ways than one, the shift has heralded a major difference to our blogging. WP means the end of anonymous comments [needn’t be that way, though], hence we don’t get any of those comments which so used to keep the blog alive on Blogger. The crowd reading us has also undergone changes, with many new additions on the blogroll and elsewhere, and some regulars going silent.

Our traffic is less word-of-mouth now; our showing up on search results also gets us traffic. True, that might have existed when we were on Blogger, but only now, with Blog Stats, we know that, and optimize on it.

Whether it is the ambience of WP, or Net in the rooms, I don’t know, but the frequency of our posts has definitely gone up – This is our 76th post. So has the number of people who we know are syndicating our feeds, thanks to WP now getting its Feed Stats from Google Reader also.

As for our writing… I really don’t know what to say here. It’s mainly been shooting in the dark, more about ourselves and about NITK, and less about “Pop Culture, Herd Mentality, and beyond…” as we had originally promised. Yeah, we’ve written about movies, music, books and the big events of NITK, but I’ve noticed that I’ve written things that are a lot more personal [as in not very far from things that I feel very strongly about] than what I’d written in the first year of blogging. Another thing I’ve noticed is that when you have a lot to cram into a blog post, you don’t quite care about the way it’s written as much as writing it all down. Sometimes when you have hardly anything to write about, hard-hitting expressions flit across your mind, and you end up coming up with something all about nothing at all. Then there are times, exam times mostly, when you’ve resolved to stay stuck to your books and something wonderful you want to blog about comes to mind. You try to squash down that voice in your head, but it persists, distracting you from what you want to do. If that is not enough, you have five or six more ideas of that sort coming to mind, and you are at a loss for what to write on. After that much-awaited exam has passed, when you sit down to write, you find that your words and sentences don’t have the same spunk they did in your head…. they are not even the same ones as in your head. And all that enthusiasm for this idea of yours has died and there it lies, limp and lifeless on the WYSIWYG editor.

We’ve also come across some really great blogs, that make for awesome reading, are very inspiring, posts that you bookmark and read again, and again… stuff that you think of long after you’ve read them, things that really ring true to you, posts that you identify with completely….

There have also been quite a good number of posts I’ve found which echo exactly what’s going on in my mind, which have, so to speak, stolen the words from my mind, so much that I give up the post I’ve been wanting to write on the same topic.

And there’ve also been times at the other end of the spectrum, where we’ve come across badly-written, ill-managed blogs, blogs that depress you beyond reason, boring, hackneyed blogs that somehow seem to attract lot of traffic… but those, we keep away from…. they are not quite worth bothering with.

Our high points this year were when we hit 10K views, when we hit 98 views in one day, when – wait for it…. wa-a-it for it – I wrote the Inci Pro-Nite post about Indian Ocean and The Raghu Dixit Project, and – this is it – the bassist of Raghu Dixit left a comment.

There’ve been pet posts that have never got written due to a combination of reasons – one about Communism, mainly inspired by Kamal Haasan’s Anbe Sivam and Rajeev Srinivasan’s anti-Communism tirades. I hope to write that one some day. And one about The Beatles, and what they mean to us – we’ve been Beatlemaniac for a year and a half now, but we just can’t seem to hit the right words that haven’t been said about 45,231 times already. And there’s one I’ve always wanted to come out with – a chronicle of some of the seemingly-wacky B-Plans me and a few others have come up with over the three years we’ve been at NITK, but which we are too lazy to implement.

As for what we plan further for this place – I’ve been wanting to come up with my own WP theme, coz there are very few which give the page the feel I want it to give, but have never been able to hit the right combination of color and images. Then… I’ve been threatening [myself] to take a Sabbath away from blogging, but it somehow never materializes. Which I’m thankful for – Blogging has opened up a brand new world for the two of us, one which has given us new insights on writing, people, books, music and everything else that comes with and without it. Like we’ve said before, we are not those GRE or CAT bloggers. We blog mainly coz we love to, and also coz we like all that that comes with blogging – the feeling of getting heard by more number of people than those who would have had the patience to listen to us rant on and pun about virtually nothing at all, the feeling of comradeship when you read someone echoing your thoughts, when someone rephrases what you said in a more appropriate form, the feeling that you’re not alone when someone you don’t know [or better still, someone you know, or thought you knew] shows an interest in something you wrote about, which you hitherto thought was something no one ever bothered about other than your jobless self.

And now to thank all those who make our time here feel worthwhile – soon-to-be-alumnus-of-NITK TheG aka Dhaval Giani, alumnus-of-NITK rand0mwalker [Markov?] better known as Gautam Shenoy, Picklemaniac Sudarshna [This girl started a blog in memory of her fungus-ruined pickle] soon-to-be-CAT-Don Nitin, Malaveeka – her word is the Law, I guess, the NITWit Tony Sebastian, ze foodie from SVNIT – Jayanth, my aunt Uma [Frankly, chiththi, I had no idea my aunts and uncles listened to psychedelia, and that you were a Doors fan too, just like me πŸ˜€ ], ze hero from my school AJ [now I guess my goat is as good as got], Karthik aka CB, Karthik Ram aka Speech Is Golden [can’t agree more with you there], Dushyanth the BITSian with a penchant for Carnatic classical and K-(-and-other-alphabets)-Soaps [now that’s my goat got twice], deep insightful pal of mine who’s stood me through thick and thin, who’s endured my endless tirades for quite a while now,soon-to-be-Infoscion Deepti, and Anjaan, who I’ve been a fan of since I started cramming late at night in class XI, whose tunes and voice kept me company through long hours of JEE prep.
I raise a toast, to more posts, to better posts, to more numbskullery.
Thank you for reading.

PS: If you read this, do leave a comment. We’d really like to know how many read this post, how many come back to it, and who reads the post, and how they got here. Blog stats tell a lot, but only so much.

About wanderlust

just your average books-and-music person who wants to change the world.
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21 Responses to Two Years Up!

  1. Tony says:

    well guess what i rem ur bday before u did urself πŸ˜€ so this is the comment i posted on another post( dint know how else to get it across)

    “happy blog bday! here’s some advice.. you’re two years old now, please act ur age:P ”

    n hey my tongues a little less green now πŸ˜€

  2. Tony says:

    n hey don i get a link with my name 😦

  3. wanderlust says:

    actually, i’d written this post a while ago, scheduled the post for this evening, coz i knew i’ll be too zonked to log on after a hellish trip home.
    and… i thought you’d stopped blogging, but it will be attended to.

  4. theG says:


    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear blog, happy birthday to you!

    Now since the blog cannot treat, I expect wanderlust/tunafish to give two huge treats!

    Great Job guys! 2 yrs required a lot of enthu.

  5. rand0mwalker says:

    Congrats!! I must admit here, you are like my mentor for blogging [:)]

    alumnus-of-NITK rand0mwalker [Markov?] better known as Gautam Shenoy
    Yes, the name randomwalker comes from markov chains. I was working on stochastic processes when I created the blog!

  6. Malaveeka says:

    I made it to the list!


    but before that..


    Here’s to another year of learining about blogfeeds, big budget fests and sensible TV viewing!

    Cheers mate!

  7. bachodi says:

    Congrats for second anniversary. I remember you started blogging for a SEO competition, right?
    I dropped here some months back, through a keyword β€œNITK”. I am subscribing you guys ever since. Keep blogging.

    About raghu dixit topic, I have a very similar experience. When Parikrama came to our college (do you recall?) I wrote a post about them. Nataraj of parikrama came to my blog and left a comment. Felt great.

  8. Gaurav says:

    Congratulations! and don’t stop blogging πŸ™‚ I feel honoured to be associated with one of the blog’s high points!

  9. AJ says:

    Congratulations πŸ™‚
    And hero? :-/ Where’d that come from?

    You in Bangalore? We should meet up sometime…

    Oh and I’ve always wanted to ask but never got around (or maybe I did ask but I forget)
    Origin of your nick “wanderlust”
    (Pls tell me the song by Megadeth πŸ˜‰ )

  10. wanderlust says:

    and yeah, stochastic processes are vairy interesting.
    thanks πŸ˜€
    NO!!!!!!! we started blogging for kicks. the SEO contest was muuuch later, more than a year-and-a-half after we started, and i just used my blog to garner hits to my SEO site.
    our pleasure. and no, we don’t plan to stop blogging for a long while.
    >> And hero? :-/ Where’d that come from?
    i think i’ve more than elucidated on that before?

    as for wanderlust: well, you got me started on WP with a WP invite… and back then, i wasn’t quite planning to shift from blogger. so i thought i’d start another blog on all the places i wanted to see, and call it wanderlust. i forgot about that after i’d made that ID. but then WP didn’t.. coz they have a one-WP ID-per-email-ID thing, and so my nick was wanderlust and not the other alternative i provided. first i was too held up with other things to change it, and then i realized it was quite ok.

  11. AJ says:

    Oh.. You were referring to that! Sigh that is something I wonder why it happened.. Rather unfortunate..

    It’s a nice nick.. And you should listen to the song.. It’s damn nice.. Now I feel like listening to it.. πŸ˜€

  12. Been a while since I caught up on some blogposts here.
    It’s always great to read your blog – refreshing, I must say.
    As usual, keep shining on!

  13. congrats! tht is 2 awesome years of blogging.

    And may there be 2 hundred more.

  14. wanderlust says:

    Thanks a ton, folks! we couldn’t have kept it going without you all. keep visiting. and commenting.

  15. Happy B’day to the Numb skulls….
    2 years… alive n kickin…
    Great Job. Your blog is kinda the voice of NITK now, in the blogging world….
    well, as that dumb movie ‘spidey-man’ says,
    ‘ With great power, comes great responsibility ‘….

    Maybe some day… Google will rank you above for “nitk”..
    Here’s wishing you luck..

    Cheerio !!!

  16. Tuna Fish says:

    @ Abhishek
    hey thanks for the wishes…
    You seem to have gotten the reason why this blog exists wrongly…
    It was an article in the magazine section of hindu that started off this blog. Both of us thought that we had a lot of opinions on various things. I especially felt that i needed a vent to get it out. So, a blog was perfect. It allows you to write whatever you want without anyone interfering your thoughts. Anyone can access it. The biggest asset is that of the instantaneous comments that you can get from readers which you dont get in the newspaper. Oh no, we dint start it for popularity. It was just an idea that clicked. And about the title of the blog, It was the name that we adopted at some quiz in 1st year. And we stick to it, coz it’s open-ended like we said on last year’s anniversary post, no other reason. and, back then, we didn’t know how google worked, nor did we know about the importance of showing up on search results. it was only recently that we got to know our google search rating after someone pointed it out. And Priya only optimized her SEO blog, not this one. I hate to sound curt here, but our aim is not to top google but it is to write and write well.
    And about the great power you are talking about here. I think everyone is free to have an opinion on things.
    And it is just that what we write here is ours. We don’t compell others to accept it. We actually encourage
    others to state theirs or even better dicuss it here.

  17. harish says:

    Belated Happy Birthday!

  18. fayez mustafa says:

    i like being the silent spectator… but because you asked so nicely and (more importantly,) since i’m jobless, here we go:

    i’m in civil.. just got into second yr…. i accidently googled myself to your page sometime at the beginning of last year (you kno that phase when you’ve just joined and feel pretty smug and wanna kno everythin bout the place)…..

    i’ve been a fan ever since..

    (priya might remember bumping into me one night near the main building during inci… i was on a cycle and she was taking snaps with a friend..(i think i scared you.. sorry bout that))

    anyways… i check for new posts when i can and have been impressed (and occassionally disgusted) by the stuff you guys write…

    except for the odd post here and there i’ve enjoyed most of the stuff you put up here… keep up the good work.. and here’s wishin you guys many more years of numbskullery.. πŸ™‚

  19. shekar says:

    who is this karthik
    is he/
    elecrtical fellow

  20. shekar som says:

    happy birthday

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