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Point-And-Shoot 101 – Bangalore In Bloom and a pinch of Irony

Well, from the frequency of my blogging in the past couple of months can be derived the level of my keeping busy. And I discovered that calling Bangalore a Garden City isn’t quite a misnomer. Here’s proof which I collected … Continue reading

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Attack of the Mole People

Once upon a time, I used to live in a suburban area. Not anymore. Since the IT boom hit the city, my area has transformed from a sleepy outpost known only to farmers and lions, tigers, wolves and elephants [it’s … Continue reading

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The Motormouth Diaries aka A Rush Of Blood To The Stomach

“Heyy, Snarky, some new hairstyle or what? No? Your hair’s always this tousled when someone rudely wakes you from your mid-evening nap by breaking down your door? Ah, I see. Why am I here? C’mon, I’m not one of those … Continue reading

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Monkey Business

This, I guess, is coming out later than it should have. And most of what I am going to say has already been covered by most people on the middle pages of The New Indian Express. I fail miserably in … Continue reading

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