Monkey Business

This, I guess, is coming out later than it should have. And most of what I am going to say has already been covered by most people on the middle pages of The New Indian Express.

I fail miserably in trying to understand why we Indians are in denial about our history and heritage. Why most Hindu scriptures are denounced as mere mythology by.. er.. Hindus themselves. But, uh, well, this just goes on to illustrate that Hinduism is one religion not steeped in bigotry; it encourages debate and doesn’t press on anyone to follow rites and rituals by warning of dire consequences if rules are breached. It stands the concept of Organized Religion on its head, and can never, like Wikipedia, work, in theory, but in practice, proves otherwise.

I wonder just WHY the Government is hell-bent on going on with the Sethusamudram Project though it doesn’t necessarily translate into a considerable improvement in shipping.

For starters, the project would benefit only small-sized ships. But the benefits at present are far outweighed by the LTTE threat in the area. True, the project may revive smaller ports in both India and Sri Lanka, but if it ain’t broken, why fix it? And.. these smaller ports on the Lankan side fall largely in Tiger territory casting considerable doubts on their usefulness.

A lot has been said on the role of Ramar Sethu in preventing the most recent tsunami from affecting the West Coast [so much that I think a mere mention here will suffice], and also affecting the ecology of the region.

The Government decided to go along with the destruction of Adam’s Bridge without an investigation into the possible ramifications of the project. Like an article in The New Indian Express said, “SSCP would probably be the only offshore project in the world in which the project planners have committed publicly that they have not considered the high risk factors and yet would go forward with the execution of the project.”

I wonder what vested interests could be behind destruction of one of the oldest man-made structures? What could make Karunanidhi state that all those opposed to this project are anti-national? HOW could people opposed to this be anti-national? There are scholars who study the legend of Atlantis, who believe completely in it, all just going by Plato’s description. Whereas this bridge finds many mentions in ancient Tamil literary works, and there is proof that it was used to travel between India and Lanka as late as the 15th Century, and people still pooh-pooh The Ramayana and all that is related to it as mere legend.

The relatively low level of opposition to this project [imagine the furore if the same was the case with The Sphinx, or China’s Great Wall, or the Wailing Wall] seem to me as a result of systematic brainwashing, modification of history textbooks, Truth By Repeated Assertion [An incident from school comes to mind: there was some story about celebrating Eid and Christmas, and the teacher said, “See, they are so ordered when it comes to worship. Whereas Hindus, there will be a big confusion, one lady’s bag gets snatched, one child gets lost, so much of pushing and shoving and garbage…”] not unlike the Nazi teaching in schools [which included a subject called Racial Science] all of which culminate in applying double standards as far as the terms secularism and tolerance are concerned.

In dismissing religion as mere superstition, when the truth is that people are not aware, and do not bother to become aware of logic behind any rite or ritual.

A recent incident involving a temple and a politician and his infant son has many secularists saying Hinduism needs to adapt to changing times. Whereas the truth is that there is no other way Hinduism has survived for millennia without resorting to conversion by the sword. When that standard is applied to the whole country, wouldn’t it be imperative to implement a Uniform Civil Code?

Plague upon ignorance, upon misinformation and its perpetrators.

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6 Responses to Monkey Business

  1. harish says:

    Excellent article. Every Hindu scripture is dismissed as mythology. Texts like Bhagavad Gita are dismissed with contempt on the basis that it could not have been told on the battlefield.People question entire epics based on one or two sub-stories. ‘How can anyone jump across an ocean. All this is fake’, say the rational liberals while rejecting the whole Ramayana epic as falsehood and a fiction of imagination. And those who dismiss them proudly on public platforms wouldn’t have read a single chapter in those books. Things need to change.

    And the Kerala temple issue is another example of Hindu-bashing. Guruvaayoor is a place of intense faith. What will a non-Hindu do there? It isn’t a tourist spot. Nobody raises these questions.

  2. AnSVad says:

    Well said. Totally agree with you. While it is true that secularism is a very good thing, it shouldn’t be pushed to such an extent so as to have different laws. With regards to Karunanidhi, the less said the better. This is the same guy who had once publicly promised to create a situation where the majority upper castes would clean the toilets of the minorities.
    One more thing that comes to mind is something that my teacher had said in class. This was in class 5. She had quite openly said that the Hindu scriptures are all fiction, something hand-written by people of the past; whereas those of the other religions were the words of god himself. Such a comment at such an impressionable age was sacrilegious.

  3. Sireesha says:

    It’s been quite a long time since i have been following your blogs and now i think its time i leave a comment..

    Firstly,i am a co-NITian (I have just completed my 2nd year in Comp Sci in NITW) and am an admirer of the way you write down your thoughts and the passion you infuse into them(which i guess stems from the passion you seem to hold for the topics that you write about).Kudos to you..

    Now about the above post..i totally agree with you in that we hindus turn a blind eye to many of the sacred rituals in our religion and dont bother to understand the underlying logic before picking up the sword to oppose them..
    Consider the Babri masjid and Ram Janmabhoomi issue.Now that i look back at it,it just looks like it was a clash of egos rather than an issue of whether a temple or a mosque should be built at that didnt really matter to people to ascertain their facts before fighting for the land..(i dont put the entire blame on the people here;they were obviously being egged on by our ‘very secularist’ politicians)..
    Before committing an act like this,i’d rather that these people give a thought to the millions of people watching them and another million getting inspired by them..
    High time we have a Secular government that would keep in mind the interests of people of all religions than just back a ‘minority’ to boost their vote banks..

  4. Hmmmm! Didn’t think that the numbskulls would post (vehemently, if i may add) about Hinduism! 😉 Life, they say, is full of surprises.

    Don’t know much about these Indian Express articles that you talked about but I thought that the Sethu Samudram project was a welcome proposal. I have lived in that area for 4 years and i know that the region needed a makeover pretty badly. u wudn’t believe tht they r still in some stone age.

    so, i wud imagine tht ur definition of ‘considerable’ needs to be elaborated upon. to me, even a minor improvement in their economic status, with a new port, increased revenue and employment opportunities wud be welcome.

    nevertheless, i believe in looking before leaping. and i am disturbed tht govt., u claim, hasn’t done enough prep work.

  5. wanderlust says:

    which area are you talking about? if you mean rameshwaram, i read somewhere that on completion of the project, rameshwaram might get submerged… not too sure of the claim though.

  6. g d roy says:

    Have we done anything yet to stop the dredging?The image of Hinduism is thwarted by the trishul weilding VHP members. But they are closer to ground reality than us armchair Hindus. How many of us have bothered to learn Sanskrit for starters??

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