Point-And-Shoot 101 – Bangalore In Bloom and a pinch of Irony

Well, from the frequency of my blogging in the past couple of months can be derived the level of my keeping busy.

And I discovered that calling Bangalore a Garden City isn’t quite a misnomer. Here’s proof which I collected from my many jaunts across town.

Sunlight Streaming InGulmohur2Tiny Pink FlowersBlue FlowersBalsam flowers Gulmohur1HibiscusWhite Flowers Pink FlowersSolitary Yellow Rose

That apart, I see this bit of incongruity every day on my walk, and today I snapped it.

Here goes:

This is what it looks like just inside the gate of IIMB:

an avenue at IIMB

And right on the other side of the wall, you see – no – smell this:

Outside IIMB

I wonder how come no one’s raised a stink about that yet!
Or maybe everyone’s just down with a cold just like me.

PS: Click on the images to enlarge.

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11 Responses to Point-And-Shoot 101 – Bangalore In Bloom and a pinch of Irony

  1. Tuna Fish says:

    Hmmm Bangalore is proving itself to be Indian… A paradox…

  2. wanderlust says:

    I don’t quite get the paradox bit… is India trying to prove itself bangalorean? but i’d like to add to whatever you said, Bangalore will be Indian no matter how many call-center accented dud(e)s live in it.

  3. Tuna Fish says:

    I’m talking about the garden city existing amidst the dirt filled city, the wannabe-American accent existing amidst chaste Kannada , I’m talking about the seemingly contrasting worlds existing in a seemingly peaceful atmosphere.

  4. theG says:

    where is this piece of paradise? i just see buildings and buildings and buildings and … (you get the picture) where i am

  5. wanderlust says:

    piece of paradise.. seek and ye shalt find.. on the bylanes of BTM Layout, Koramangala, jayanagar.
    and the second-last pic is in IIMB, and the last one just outside. IIM’s got awesome plants and trees. all picture-perfect material.

  6. rand0mwalker says:

    Well, you should visit the IISc campus. I was floored to see the greenery around.

  7. wanderlust says:

    actually, I have.. IISc is more of an urbanized greenery. It _feels_ like human hands have done the planting, though that doesn’t affect the beauty and your enjoying it in any way. On the other hand, IIMB is mostly wild evergreens or well-kept gardens in the professors’ quarters.

  8. Jayanth says:

    You know what! I went over to Delhi caouple of days back. South Delhi is cleaner and greener than anything in Bangalore. Bangalore definitely is not the garden city. Isnt it such an irony that the day you posted this, all the trees on race course road were chopped off?

    Anyway, Jayanagar 1st block and seventh block are wonderful. I like kumara park as well. Around the golf course…Jayamahal is also an awesome place to look for beeyootiful trees.

    BTW, priya, how come nanda theater road does not feature here?

  9. wanderlust says:

    well, i dont know…. i feel mindless planting of arbit trees on roadsides is a sure-fire recipe for disaster as seen when the rains hit the city. you’ve got to plant evergreens which can stand the windspeeds. and im not so much against things done for Metro now, coz i know how hard it is to go from one end of the city to another without [and sometimes even with] private transport.
    As for garden city…. i’ve come across a large number of incredibly well-kept private gardens wherever I’ve gone. And I’m hopeful that once the infrastructure is reasonably well in place, the greenery will come back.
    Nanda Theater…. whoops! haven’t found much excuse to go ’round there lately *sheepish grin*

  10. Anjaan says:

    NIce photos!

    Picked up a Canon 400D , 10.1 Megapixel SLR myself! Making money outta shoooting people, food and VM!

    Lol. its fun yeah!!

    And thanx for Dropping by!

  11. Kripal says:

    @ random walker:

    I agree with you on the IISc front. When i went there it reminded me of KREC in the bygone days.

    @ wanderlust:

    I came across the same scene when i went to IIM – B last time. Guess they just dont clean up after them. Maybe these snaps might shame them into doing something? Or is that hoping for too much?

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