School Of Terrorism

Yesterday’s Times Of India’s front page had everyone at home shocked. I wouldn’t say it was totally because a suspected terrorist was found to be a Bangalorean [and a qualified doctor at that]. ToI does very thorough yellow journalism, and dug into this guy’s past [possibly to uncover some minor incident that might have made him lose faith in democracy, and make it a big feature with reader-inputs on how others have also felt the same, and with some celebrity soundbytes from Rubi Chakravarthy, Chippy Gangjee, Prasad, Judith, Adam and Aviva Bidapa, Sadiqa Peerbhoy,Actresses Ramya, Daisy Bopanna and Jennifer Kotwal, Yusuf Arakkal and his son, [and tons of other Bangalore Times-made celebrities] and with some luck, Sudha Murthy, apart from numerous students on the campuses of Christ College, St. Joseph’s Junior College, Bishop Cottons and Mallya Aditi, and denounce the government and the establishment in general, and say that if India was a freer society, like The Netherlands, and if the municipal authority in Bangalore allowed pubs to remain open beyond 11 PM, this would never have happened].

Anyway, they did dig into his past, and found which school he had been to.

Which was the same school I went to.

I thought at first it was a mistake [I mean, the last thing you’d want to have is something in common with a terrorist], but when I looked at this person’s Orkut profile [arbitNewsChannel reported that his scrapbook was beseiged with death threats], there was no doubt; he’d specified it clearly.

Well, not bad at all! In sixteen years of existence, along with innumerable rolling trophies at interschool fests, and as many national-level “Best Teacher” awards to its staff, NTSE scholars, All-India Merit award winners, the school counts among its alumni numerous IITians, NITians [yes, that is counted as an achievement], radio jockeys [yeah, that too], CAT toppers, IIM grads and Rhodes scholars, one more guy on the front page of newspapers doesn’t make that hard a difference.

Oh, and the guy who drove the car that almost blew up in Glasgow is reportedly from Sri Aurobindo Memorial School, a similar one with as many [or slightly fewer, as the “my school is bestest” spirit in me says] trophy alumni.

Ahh, the times when all UK was well-known for was its witty sitcoms and when school alumni were just boring overachievers, and the only sort of terrorism we knew was generating enough noise to ensure Chanchala ma’am’s voice was drowned in the sea of babble, and hoping she would give up trying to teach us and let us off, or cross-questioning the new teacher en-masse to ensure she left with a nervous breakdown.

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13 Responses to School Of Terrorism

  1. Karthik Ram says:

    Thats it! You are not going to get your visa to the States or to UK after this. Who knows what you picked up in the school!!! Haaahaaa

  2. HaHa….Looks like the alumni of your school are set out to distinguished work throughout the globe… Actually, going by your rants, about everything lousy in the world, it isn’t surprising, that he was from your school… 🙂 School ka naam roshan kar diya….

    Anyways, Good Luck,if the cops come knocking.

    @ Karthik, True man,I don’t think , she can make it to the US after this…

    You didn’t mention the name of your school by the way..

  3. wanderlust says:

    @Karthik Ram:
    I guess there’s gonna be a phase where people are asked how they feel on sharing an alma mater with terrorists 😉
    [a la being asked how you feel on sharing a religion with terrorists]

  4. Nitin says:


  5. That the Glasgow bomber is well educated is hardly surprising. Osama himself is a certified Civil engineer while Mohd Atta of the 9/11 fame was mechanical engineer. To claim that believers of science and believers of faith form a mutually exclusive is the height of foolhardy-ness!
    Very nice post. Am a fan.

  6. lalbadshah says:

    Real pissed with those idiots! Have ranted about the same on my page.

  7. wanderlust says:

    @Shatajit Basu:
    The shock factor had more to do with the Doctor part… as far as I was/am concerned, doctors and nurses are/were enlightened souls who do their best to ensure you live and live healthy, no matter what the movies I watched [e.g. Vettaiyadu Vilayadu starring Kamal Haasan, where the villains were a couple of maniacal serial-killer medical students] said. and even going by those movies, you’d think bloodthirsty docs killed more creatively. *wishes she’d never ever said the last sentence*
    looks like you’re getting a lot of incoming links and hits for that one. 😀 good luck with the deluge of comments.

  8. sudarshna kalyanraman says:

    really,this looks like a publicity campaign for your school than exploring the terrorist link.was sort of funny reading it.. but a good one tho.

  9. wanderlust says:

    uh…nope, this isn’t a publicity campaign. if that was the case, I might have mentioned about the presence of the school worldwide, taken famous names, gotten a few soundbytes from people who knew the suspect, linked the school’s website.. or atleast mentioned the school’s name! [actually i missed that by mistake, and when someone here pointed it out, i didn’t feel like rectifying it anymore, and decided to keep it this way.]
    and no… I wasn’t trying to explore the terrorist link. I hardly know anyone who would have known the suspect, and anyway there wouldn’t have been much to explore except “he was a quiet, hardworking chap, a rank-holder, fun to be with, loved food and football”. I don’t think people get influenced in Bangalore. It’s UK where all the damage is done.

  10. hahaha..looks like a nerve the way which school is this( i forgot,sorry)which pretty much seems to have every portal of academic excellence?

  11. wanderlust says:

    i’ll have to say no again… but the school is The Oxford Senior Secondary School (CBSE), and it doesn’t come anywhere close to the hallowed portals of PSBB where your good self was instructed in everything anyone might need to know. I mean… isn’t that where actor Surya studied? * gasp, swoon *

  12. sudarshna kalyanraman says:

    i never knew that….not that we’d bother:)but,good to see you know so much.

  13. wanderlust says:

    Think i mentioned Surya once or twice to you in the context of your school, and you said “he was/must have been from the ‘other’ branch”. btw, AR Rehman is an alumnus too, apparently… I was reading the biography of Mrs. YGP recently, and hence i know such a lot about the school and its alumni, and also the entire YGP family.

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