Placement Preparation

Here are a few questions I picked from the placement prep book, I borrowed from my roomie…

1) Atmosphere always has

a) Oxygen

b) Air

c) Germs

d) Moisture

e) Dust

Ans: Insufficient data. Which extraterrestrial body are you talking about?

2 ) A clock always has

a) Battery (It could be a hand wound clock)

b) Numbers (My mum’s has dots instead of numbers and same is the case with mine)

c) Alarm (You can’t be sure)

d) Needle (It could be a digital one)

e) Frame (How do you know? It could be the clock at the bottom corner of my computer screen)

3 ) An oasis always has…

a) Travelers

b) Water

c) Sand

d) Camels

e) Forests

Ans: Water, unless it’s a mirage.

4) A school always has…

a) Principal

b) Building

c) Library

d) Teacher

e) Classes

Hey!! Where did you leave the students?

5) A mirror always…

a) Reflects

b) Retracts

c) Distorts

d) Refracts

e) Reveals the truth (LOL!!)

6) Logic Question:


1. Some dogs are goats

2. Some goats are cows


This is either not in this century or this person was in McGonnagal’s Transfiguration class.

My conclusion about this book: It needs a thorough revision for the next edition…

About Tuna Fish

Not one more of these again!!!
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11 Responses to Placement Preparation

  1. wanderlust says:

    after all that GRE prep, if i write the book, i’ll add “genuflects” as an option for Q5. and for the last question, i’d refer to Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them by Newt Scamander.
    As for oasis, it’ll always have noel gallagher, or even if it doesn’t, it’ll have beatlesque music.
    And atmosphere… it’ll always have some feeling in it.

  2. Tuna Fish says:

    You should write the book… That guy is making a fortune out of it !! πŸ˜€

  3. shilpi says:

    am surprised tat u read enuf of tat book to qoute examples here :O and if this is the standard of placement aptitude papers, more surprising is the amount of unemployment in

  4. Tuna Fish says:

    lol!! I read only 2 chapters. πŸ˜›

  5. wanderlust says:

    IMHO, the placement book is right.. it promotes right-brain thinking, as you have very clearly shown in the post. it is the companies who need to update the sort of questions they ask.

  6. Tuna Fish says:

    Yea. As long as people don’t mug the answers to the questions and expect them in the Aptis, I’ve got no problem

  7. AnSVad says:

    Hey may I borrow the book for comic relief? πŸ˜€

  8. Tuna Fish says:

    Sure!! Ill ask my roomie!!! But I don’t think its so tough to find it, must be crawling everywhere on campus… R.S.Aggarwal πŸ˜€

  9. bachodi says:

    LOL.. and what were the answers ?

  10. Tuna Fish says:

    1)Air, it seems
    3)Water (ignoring the special case)
    5)A mirror, Reflects. A lens refracts
    6) No solution

  11. Kripal says:

    ROTGL. Anyway, if you were able to get into KREC you dont need to look at apti books to clear company papers. except for some old text books for highly technical companies.

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