Carrying on from here, I haven’t had a peaceful moment inside my head for ages. No time to plot and plan. There’s always been something else around the corner that has demanded my immediate attention. And inevitably, without plotting and planning, my chores – yes, that’s what they’ve become – take longer, robbing me of thinking time.

There hasn’t been a moment in quite some time where I objectively analyze my life, the universe around me, and everything else related. It’s always from the frying pan into the fire. A long series of complicated steps which have ensured that the LIFE part of my life has been on the backburner for long… sufficiently long enough for me to get unused to having a life.

Which implies I don’t quite know anymore what to do when I have a spare moment. These spare moments, usually few and far in between, get sucked into a black-hole, unused, underutilized. It seems so long since I’d hurry up and finish my work so that I could have some fun. First it was finishing up work so that I could work some more, but now work and non-work more or less overlap, sucking out the joy in both.

There’s a mad, mad screaming in my head, and I just can’t seem to quell it. I’ve kept going by telling myself my moment of glory is just ’round the corner, and after this one task, that’ll be it. But another voice in my head clutters up my work by saying I’ll be stuck doing the same thing for a long time more, sapping my initial enthusiasm. I no longer have a fire in me that wants to get things done with. A vicious cycle, there.

And there’s another voice that asks about the elusive glory I’m trying to chase, where is the manna promised so long ago? It asserts that I haven’t got my due. A sense of being sinned against, and not having sinned enough to merit it. And not wanting to, thanks to my set of principles. It only hurts more when I see lesser efforts and chicanery being rewarded more. And, to add fuel to fire, I don’t anymore feel the satisfaction I’m supposed to feel on a job I did well.

My priorities, thus, are muddled up. My sense of ethics and morals and principles are cluttered. I wouldn’t go so far enough to say I don’t know which way is up, but I’m nearly there.

I certainly have tried breaking free from this eternal cycle, but have failed miserably at that. Life has a way of making things fall into the same dull old routine, and the strange buzzing in my head doesn’t help. I first thought taking a break might put things in a new perspective, but no, things are too deeply ingrained for any major change to happen. New activities don’t help, either.

I wish organizing my thoughts was as easy as organizing my hard disk, where all I’ll have to do was defragment, delete unnecessary files, and put things in appropriate folders. Unfortunately, the human brain isn’t as easy to organize.

The Art Of Mind Control was something I laughed at a couple of years back. Why would someone want to control their thought process, I wondered. It was as beautiful as it is, going from one unchartered location to another. But the realization of an unclinging train of thought which stops to entertain everything, and absorb nothing makes me wonder otherwise.

There’s also a feeling that all this is merely temporary, that my current position will come to pass soon, and I’m going to have no relics of these moments, and it would be unwise to cling on to these moments, they don’t quite count, not worth clinging on to. I’m so inured to the kind of life I’m leading that I at first pretended not to care about the various slights and maintain an external calm, and now this poker face comes naturally to me, and I don’t quite seem to care what happens to others. It’s also a list of lessons learnt, which is, as the cliche goes, once bitten twice shy.

There’s also a whole list of things I used to be dying to do, but couldn’t, and now when I have enough time on my hands, I can’t recollect in the haze of what’s coming next, which I am sure of, if at all, in a very hazy way.

I think I’m so used to pressure that once my tail is not on fire, I go into deep hibernation.

Oh, hell, I think I’ve been too deep into Bridget Jones’ Diary and Devil Wears Prada, which, while being hilarious to a fault, has the same effect on my mind which all chicklit does – puts me into introspection mode a la American and British women all of who think only of looks and weight-loss and relationships and all the stuff sold by the first-world media. Oh, and I also talk and write in cliches and truisms all the time now, apart from snowclones.

Why the hell can’t we have decent role models apart from an ex-rocket scientist ex-president who thinks just education is the road to salvation for the nation, or a wannabe-IITian who started a mass-recruiter software co., or his wife to whom every possibly imaginable incident happens which she pens horribly into collections of short stories, or as columns in popular periodicals? Or a bunch of anorexic starlets, or overpaid sportsmen, or overhyped and underclothed sportswomen?

Something tells me this is just the calm before the storm that’s gonna drown me in so much work that I’m not gonna have time to even take a deep breath before going under.

PS: It’s 38 years of Woodstock as of today. If I ever come across a time-machine, I certainly know where I’d want to take it to. I prefer remembering Woodstock, a culture/counterculture I’ve never experienced or seen first-hand, to wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day, ‘coz you just look at Woodstock, and if you can still do something like that, and if it’d be a success, then you really truly are free.

PPS: Happy Independence Day. Revel in the joy of being able to say just about anything you want.  And in doing whatever and whoever you want. We are one of the very few lucky ones across the globe to have that freedom.

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just your average books-and-music person who wants to change the world.
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6 Responses to Clutter

  1. Sur says:

    hey gal, u seem really frustrated! anyways, very sophisticated way of showing it! 🙂 u rock! keep blogging!

    P.S: i totally agree with u when u say that u’ve gotten so used to working under pressure that u just go into hibernation when that’s not the case! same case here da! the very same case!! 😦

  2. wanderlust says:

    danke, danke schoen.

  3. Oye there, go easy on Narayana Murthy and the wife.
    The former is a true success story; can you imagine a Marxist, out-of-work guy, almost single-handedly putting India on the world map. You don’t have to imagine, for he did it. He was no wannabe IIT-ian either; he was among the toppers in the JEE, but the father did not send him to an IIT owing to terrible family finances. But then, he did his post-graduation from IIT-Kanpur.
    (I am guessing you already know all these things, but it is a success story I am rather fond of)

    As for the latter, yes, she possesses no writing talent to hail her as the new Stendhal (not that anyone has), but, to her credit, she has written some fine novels herself, most notable among them to me, being Mahashwete. Dealing with a woman suffering from vitiligo (leucoderma/white patches), it was a sensibly, sensitively written book about ‘How everyone wants a fair bride, but never an extra fair one’. That apart, Sudha was the first woman employee on the floor of Telco in Pune, etc etc.

    The two are, to me, perfect role model material.

    P.S.: I know I over-reacted, but then, such is my persuasion.
    P.P.S.: Well written.

  4. wanderlust says:

    yeah, yeah, nothing against either of them…. just that a bit more variety in role models couldn’t hurt.
    The only thing I hold against Mrs. Murthy is her writing in English. Why doesn’t she stick to the other things she is best at? And why does she have to write in that holier-than-thou tone all the time?

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    and I am hoping you write once more soon!

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