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Compsci, India and Women.

Remember that Hit Movie of so long ago? Madhuri Dixit dancing in weddings with her didi‘s devar? Remember the dialogue where she’s telling someone what she’s studying? No? Well, she gushes with a “Compyuuuuterrrrsssss” and that zillion-watt smile of hers, … Continue reading

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Twelve-Bar Original

At first I thought of naming this post “Only a Northern Song”, and then thought of “Strawberry Fields Forever”. Other candidates included “Cry for a Shadow”, “Lady Madonna”, “Eleanor Rigby”, “Cayenne”, “Singin’ The Blues”, “Yesterday”, “Let it be”, “Michelle”, “Watching … Continue reading

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Rocket Science, Hotel Management and other B-Plans and Plan-Bs.

This post is just a spillover of a whole set of conversations that arose over the past two-three years out of sheer joblessness whose only aim was to keep words flowing with the speed of thought, whose only result was … Continue reading

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The Triumph of Truth By Repeated Assertion

Much of what I’m going to say here has been said a million times elsewhere, so I’ll keep this quick and short. So we can’t prove the existence of Maryadha Purushottam Ram. So he never existed. The Ramayana and Mahabharata … Continue reading

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The non-Spurious Incident of the Dogbite in the Nighttime.

Well, there are some incidents we’ll never forget. Some of which get taller with time. And this one I’m going to write about is one of them. Blame it on FinalYear, the universal explanation for all kinds of inexplicable behaviour, … Continue reading

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Corrections… OR Advanced Database Management Systems

Well, I did say I won’t be posting for three weeks at the very least and all that, but the ratio of free time to blogging time reached an abnormal high, and while this one will somewhat attempt to normalize … Continue reading

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