Corrections… OR Advanced Database Management Systems

Well, I did say I won’t be posting for three weeks at the very least and all that, but the ratio of free time to blogging time reached an abnormal high, and while this one will somewhat attempt to normalize the ratio, it won’t quite be enough. I have exactly THREE theory courses this semester, one of which has had only one class so far, the other classes take seven hours a week. I don’t know what to say about that; my German class is six hours a week!

But this post, as the title might reveal, is not about my feeble attempts at learning Deustch, but about the course that I have four hours a week.

Well, this was one course I’d really been looking forward to, thanks to Database Management Systems in fifth semester being one of the best I’ve had. And the teacher was one who’d made Compiler Design come alive for us last semester, so I was hoping to do wonders with organizing data this semester.

Unfortunately, fate is not so kind to me as to let me attend my classes with patience and leisure, even when I can afford it.

At first it was because I’d taken my time coming back to college, thanks to bad, bad planning and scheduling. Then it was the Placements. And then I went home for a fair bit.

So that was three Monday morning classes gone. The ONLY classes we have on a Monday.

Then with everything settled, I thought attending classes would be a breeze. I have been proven wrong, wrong, wrong.

I asked this dear friend of mine three Sundays back about when the next day’s only class was.  She, with the conviction and confidence that gets you through interviews at Amazon and Oracle, said it was in the third hour. So Monday morning, I wake an hour before when the class was scheduled to be, and then I see my classmates scooting off for class!! When I demanded an explanation from Ms. Oracle, she said she’d foreseen wrong… she had some impression that third hour started at 9 am or some godawful excuse like that [Have you heard of first hour at 7 am at NITK?]. Strike One.

The following Sunday night was full of thunder, lightning and clothes on the clothesline being blown far far away. As can be expected, the power was down, and my room swarmed with insects [Why me???] – black beetles and the like, not to mention mosquitos. Many a time that night, I thought of this girl and wondered if she would help me sue the manufacturers of Odomos for having an ineffectual product line. I had a horrible night, and my roommate has the whole of Monday off [she also has Friday off… someone please punish the Civil Engineers of NITK for having it all], the result of which was both of us woke up only at the stroke of ten. Strike Two.

And to top it all, attendance was pitifully minimal in that class, due to which the teacher gave us all a piece of her mind. The next class the next day saw close to 100% attendance, and I finally got to attend a class, leaving no doubt in the teacher’s mind about why I’d kept missing her classes.

Yesterday was the next Sunday. It was a night of revelry, of celebration, of all-night yapping. No, I did not miss today’s class coz I was too tired to get up. No, I did not miss today’s class because I slept through my alarm. I’d taken every possible precaution to avoid every single contingency. My entire wing was to ensure I wouldn’t miss Monday morning class, no matter what the level of revelry the previous night, no matter how late I went to sleep.

So I woke up on time, breakfasted [I can remember my German teacher’s lines on split infinitives here, but that’s for another post…] on time, went to class just in time… just in time to see a classmate getting told off for coming one minute late, and asked to shut the door and come for the next class. No, I didn’t dare to knock on the door after that. Strike Three.

I’m not overtly worried about shortage [though that admittedly is a worry, albeit small]. Just that I don’t want to be seen as letting finalYear get to my head and that I’m bunking classes for the fun of it by the people who matter… I’m not at NITK for my health, and bunking is anyway a shallow pleasure reserved for firstYears. And it’s not like bunking one hour a week gives me an overt amount of time to have fun in. It’s not like class is mega-boring… this is one course I’ve been looking forward to! And that’s why I don’t want to be missing classes left right and center.

Here’s a prayer to the God(dess) of Attendance, if there be one, hoping that I don’t miss the very few classes I have, which I am not FORCED to attend this semester, for a change, which I attend for the purpose of gaining knowledge, not to pre-empt possible attendance shortage.

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5 Responses to Corrections… OR Advanced Database Management Systems

  1. AnSVad says:

    Monday morning classes are such a bane aren’t they? Especially if that is the only class of the day. Last Monday, when I entered the class a minute after the bell rang, only the teacher and one other guy were there. If your teacher’s rule applied… 🙂

  2. wanderlust says:

    we have this subject along with comps; so there’s a good crowd all the time.

  3. Kripal says:

    Why oh why did these one class a week subjects come only AFTER we left college? Monday’s off? unthinkable. (it used to happen without thinking after placement parties the previous night). But to officially have it off?????

  4. wanderlust says:

    you needn’t weep too much… i think the meta junta of my batch are having a fully loaded course this semester.

  5. Kripal says:

    DISCRIMINATION….. NOT FAIR…. But then again, that is what happens all over. Oh well.

    But its funny that meta people are loaded. I think i was at Krishna’s more than the department in my final year.

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