Rocket Science, Hotel Management and other B-Plans and Plan-Bs.

This post is just a spillover of a whole set of conversations that arose over the past two-three years out of sheer joblessness whose only aim was to keep words flowing with the speed of thought, whose only result was to leave the meek and the small-picture thinkers irritated enough to want to hit me and a friend of mine.

Well, this friend of mine and I have half-serious conversations about social emancipation, and changing the face of the world and everything on the path to that ultimate aim. We’re a couple of procrastinators, which is why the world is in the state it currently is.

Anyway, that’s the introduction to the bunch of ideas we have, which we really want to implement, but just don’t know how, or are too lazy to find out. Call it ArmchairAmartyaSen-ism, or ArmchairAbdulKalam-ism, but these are ideas borne not only of our wasting time together, but also from a genuine desire to “give it those ones”, and make the world a better place.

  1. Well, this one came up when I was frustrated with the pseudo-South Indian food in the mess [Rocksolid Idlis are too much to take, and that too on the Coast, so close to Udupi, wouldn’t you agree?]. We want to start a chain of restaurants exclusively for NITs, IITs, and maybe the IIMs (I’ve heard the food in IIMs is as unlike the general image of Mess Food as can be). It is no big challenge having a low-cost darshini next to a college in Bangalore – you’ll have a huge crowd all the time, no lull season at all. But in an outpost in the middle of nowhere, like say Suratkal, yes, you would get your crowd, but the real pleasure lies in seeing the happiness in the faces of your customers at having good food, especially when they are so far away from home, and they’re sick to dying of mess food. We’ve even come up with a name – Food Chain, simple and logical as that. Oh, and maybe we can get into one of the IIMs, and give up high-paying jobs with investment banks to start this venture, and most importantly, let ToI and The Hindu know of this, and give a press release about how we’re going back to heed the needs of our Alma Mater. It’d be worth two years at IIMx to publicize this project this way, what say?
  2. This one is where we are inspired from the one In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones. We want to keep hens in our rooms so as to sell the eggs to starved, anaemic, malnourished inmates of Girls Block [who’s first on the list, no need to guess]. Quite easy an idea, only problem is to keep the hens in place, make sure the cats and dogs don’t get them, and ensure that our hostelmates don’t make a meal of them [That’s what Shahrukh Khan does in Annie…].
  3. I read Wings of Fire a long while ago, and thought His Ex-Excellency must really be a humble and positive man to write so much about the Government without once mentioning how fazed he was by the redtapism. But after I discovered the actual writing was done by someone else, the only thing that struck me was that the style was, to say the least, SAD, and that I could have done much better. Hence, I want to write a biography of His Excellency. What’ll it be called? Well, I use a phrase commonly to say something isn’t as tough as it seems, and that it can be cracked without too much effort, and I want to emphasize on the simplicity of the man, and how he can be emulated, so the book is gonna be called “Being Kalam – It’s NOT Rocket Science!”
  4. This friend and me, along with Tuna, like watching cartoons more than any other TV shows on the LAN or outside (well, maybe where I’m concerned Blackadder might be an exception). We’re also die-hard fans of Mel Blanc, and Looney Tunes. So we wanted to found the Cartoons Club at NITK, where like-minded souls could gather to decide on which cartoons to show on Saturday/Sunday mornings at one of the Seminar Halls. But thanks to Nippon, all people watch here is Manga, and just maybe a bit of Talespin and Duck Tales.
  5. And, oh, yes, we’ve also researched on the best place to sit in class. The complete paper is here. We agree it is by no means complete, and we might be wrong in the detailed aspects of our calculations, but it works.
  6. After reading Life of Pi, I’ve grown to think deeply on the topic of Solar Stills. I think a deeper thought into the matter of water shortage at NITK with solar stills in mind might solve the problem atleast partly, if not fully.
  7. If we get into the education department of anywhere, one of the first things we’d want to do is change “There Is No Such Thing As Ghosts” to “Well… there may be things such as ghosts, but there’s no concrete proof, however I’d urge you not to completely rule out the possibility”. And people who close their eyes to the existence of the occult sciences [yes, sciences] are the same as those who refused to believe the earth revolved around the Sun, and those who believed the earth was flat, and those who believed that no machine could exist that would calculate.

But.. oh, well… we’re just going to turn out into an ad-film maker and a software engineer, or a software engineer and a software engineer, or maybe Ruler Of The World and Publicity Agent In Charge Of Total Brainwash.. I don’t know. I fear and fear accurately that these wonderful ideas will die a natural death as we get on with real life, the life outside of our respective heads, that I feel the need to preserve the supposed nonsense somewhere other than my unreliable memory. Maybe one day sometime in the distant future, I might chance upon this page and gain inspiration to solve one of my biggest problems from the idea of a girl who feared not to dream and plot without constraints, and did not worry that the world thought her ideas were downright crazy and laughable, that though she did this for dinner-time entertainment, somewhere deep down she knew they’d work, they only needed fine-tuning and financing… that the earth revolved around the Sun was a crazy, blasphemous idea once upon a time…

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just your average books-and-music person who wants to change the world.
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24 Responses to Rocket Science, Hotel Management and other B-Plans and Plan-Bs.

  1. wanderlust says:

    hmm…. no one seems to have done anything about NITs 😀 as yet. and our plan was to basically provide an alternative to mess food. it’s more challenging, or so i think.

  2. theG says:

    is it really? I think anything that looks remotely like food will pull out the NITians 🙂
    btw news for you, tuna was exposed as a pseudo member of the cartoons characters and superheroes society and was unceremoniously dumped from the group. so you might want to think about that one 🙂

  3. wanderlust says:

    >>is it really?
    thing is, there are simply too many things that look like food. (okay, not as many as we’d like), but the challenge will lie in making sure your brand stays ahead of all the others that are also alternatives to mess food. not sure if that is so much of a concern in running a mess. i have no idea how that works, never having had a choice between messes.
    >>you might want to think about that one
    in that case, you might want to step in as alumnus in an advisory capacity?
    but we believe in setting our own standards and not going by what some societies with vested interests have to say 😛 , just like ganguly is still a standard all by himself irrespective of what chappel had to say (he was “unceremoniously dumped”, too), so tuna stays 😛
    offer still open for advisory position, though.

  4. theG says:

    >>is it really?
    >thing is, there are simply too many things that look like food. (okay, not as many as we’d like), but the challenge will lie in making sure >your brand stays ahead of all the others that are also alternatives to mess food. not sure if that is so much of a concern in running a mess. >i have no idea how that works, never having had a choice between messes.

    haven’t you seen it when you come back from home carrying “snakes”? It gets demolished in seconds. microseconds infact. You have seen the punjabi dhaba right, food not all that great, but well, it looks like food.

    >>you might want to think about that one
    >in that case, you might want to step in as alumnus in an advisory capacity?
    >but we believe in setting our own standards and not going by what some societies with vested interests have to say 😛 , just like ganguly is >still a standard all by himself irrespective of what chappel had to say (he was “unceremoniously dumped”, too), so tuna stays 😛
    >offer still open for advisory position, though.

    Nah, not interested in being in an advisory capacity. She was dumped from the society. She can still be a member of the fan club :). Just she cannot make statements on behalf of the society.

    /me wonders, what is this discussion all about! Have we gone nutty? (or maybe looney! warner bros, you need to be here 😛 )

  5. harish says:

    “Well… there may be things such as ghosts, but there’s no concrete proof, however I’d urge you not to completely rule out the possibility” – This somehow reminded me of Ram-Setu controversy.

    ‘Food Chain’ is, indeed, very much to the point.

  6. Tuna Fish says:

    Brethren of toonland, toon lovers, and people in general,
    Your great supporter, the messiah who was sent by the toon god, has just been wrongly accused by the Superheroes and Cartoon Committee, of “fake cheating evil actions”. And has been thrown out of the committee. Along with this letter, you will find the actual letter that was sent to me.
    You can see clearly that the comittee claims that it it headed by a dictator. So what u have in the toon world is not a drmocratic socialist republic etc etc but a dictator who is trying to use u for his own i dunno what…
    Your saviour


    Notice From the Superheroes and Cartoons Committee:

    Hello fake cheating whatever it is you are

    We, the Superheroes and Cartoons Committee, have just come to know you
    have been trying to put some of your cheating actions as ours. Also
    that you are troubling our “He who must not be named” benevolent

    We do not like such fake cheating evil actions of yours. Stop taking
    our place else we shall be forced do “you know what” and we shall have
    to call “you know who” to do it.

    Superheroes and Cartoons Committee

  7. theG says:


    all good things are headed by a “benevolent dictator”, take for example, linux..

    And your name exposes you for the fake you are. atoon => not toon (simple opposites). see.. that’s why the committee threw you out in the first place. Don’t create unwanted FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) in our world.

    signing off.
    benevolent dictator


    man, you remembered that email, and pulled it out. i bow to thee!

  8. Tuna Fish says:

    @ theg
    In Atoon’s voice: Misunderstanding, Atoon is A toon not not toon. The name shows how well im weaved into the toon world 😛

    In tuna’s voice: Google search!!!

  9. theG says:

    well, no no. that is not how a toon works. if you have to have toons working like that you can go to that place they call the real world and be in their toon team 🙂

  10. wanderlust says:

    ok, so for my cartoon club, do i need to make it a local chapter of superheroes and cartoons committee?
    i’d really like to get my hands on the agenda, mission and vision of this committee [it’d be of use in management theory, theory, more theory and assignments (MTTMTA as opposed to MTP)] … AND.. i’d also like to know more about “fake cheating evil actions”.
    snacks from home is a different matter, but PD gets business coz it’s an ALTERNATIVE to mess food. now if i was running the mess, i’d prolly have a regular enrollment of a few hundred students, or maybe a few thousand at best, and it’d just be a regular affair, no innovation, no whateva. but if it’s a restaurant, it’ll be a challenge to keep people coming to you and not going to Neha (SNP to you), PD, Sads and other assorted places.
    lastly.. i dont quite know about benevolent.

  11. theG says:

    the benevolent dictator informs me, you can form a fan club. there is no local chapter of the committee. You just need to be one, and you automatically become a member. “fake cheating evil actions” is what atoon did. Look at its name..

    about the eatout joints, see, with a few thousand students, who are sick of mess, you just need a cheap fast food joint! look at DC for example. Now that worked! cheap, fast junk.

  12. wanderlust says:

    @ theG:
    just for information.. do people give the least importance to what tuna says “on behalf of the Committee”?
    >>well, no no. that is not how a toon works
    here are those dictators again, imposing on what atoon and a toon should do and not do. and so far the best thing about looney tunes was that “this is a cartoon! anything can happen in a cartoon!”
    * walks off a cliff without looking down *

  13. wanderlust says:

    i wouldnt exactly say DC was FAST food… they once took half an hour to give maggi! it worked due to its proximity to GB, and in the last semester due to shutting down of SNP and in the last couple of years, the clampdown on block timings. but, well… compared to other places, it certainly is fast. and cheap. and unhygienic and unhealthy, but no one quite cares about that, do they.

  14. theG says:

    well, i was just waiting for that argument. well, for one, anything happen in a cartoon, but michael jordon was still a real person :). so, yes, atoon belongs to the real world, and not the benevolent dictator’s world 😉

    and as the answer to your question, on behalf of priya I say, the nitknumbskulls is the worst ever blog i have visited. and wanderlust is the worst.

    Not great right. The benevolent dictator found things really funny 😛

    The dictator.

  15. theG says:

    well, you just proved my point. and its successful despite all its flaws. which are serious IMHO. as i said, NITians just want something that remotely resembles food.

  16. wanderlust says:

    yeah, but he still stretched his arms over half the pitch to score a basket!
    and… IMO, DC worked more for its ambience and its position as a cheap alternative to mess food and one where you could get back before block timings than the food aspect. when people want a decent meal, they’ll go all the way to mangalore. the idea here is to have the USPs of both DC and a restaurant in mangalore.

  17. theG says:

    so while he was in the toon world he could follow their laws, not outside it.

    man! what are we debating.. looks at tuna to dig up some old email

  18. wanderlust says:

    just goes on to show Tuna’s midsems are really truly over 😀

  19. Tuna Fish says:

    In Atoon’s voice:

    Brethren of toonland, toon lovers, and people in general,

    Here’s the story of the “fake cheating evil activities” of Atoon, The Savior.

    One fine day, (It was night maybe), I decided to change my gtalk status message. Now, I had come across this painting of Rene Margritte’s… A picture of a pipe with the caption “This is not a pipe”. it is the picture of a pipe. Hmmm, well the thing is, I changed it to “This is not a status message”. Well, theg doesnt understand that (dont kill me for this) and says he is confused and bans me from the Super heroes and cartoons committee for confusing him. (Like most dictators, he is not prepared to accept that he is wrong).

    Then theg says, that im pseud cartoon when i say that I can be both in toon land and in the human world. He says then I cannot be in both places. Hence I am fake. By this he is demonstrating his ignorance of toonland, immortalised by the famous incident of “Who framed Roger Rabbit”. He is not acknowledgeing the existence and banishing the whole kind of toon. In other words he is acting like Hitler. He lacks tolerence towards toons who are different.

    Well, the argument would have continued, but we had to wind up the episode as half an hour was up.

    Heres more. By getting confused by as simple a thing as a status message, theg is proving that his brain is addled. Or in other words he might be suffering from split personality. Carefully read the comment 15 again. He says, that he is helping priya by thrashing wanderlust. He also says he finds thenitknumbskulls blog “worst blog that he ever visited”. He also finds it funny. This might be serious proof that he is suffering from split personality. Or he finds pleasure in all that is “worst”.

    I advise the medical fraternity to go through the records of Dr. Jekyll and come up with a an antidote for the situation and bring an end to this dictatorship. After all we need the benevolent side, of the benevolent dictator for the good of the toonkind.

    Your Saviour,

    Thanks for all the support.

    In tuna’s voice:
    Oh Whatever!!

  20. wanderlust says:

    TheG, you are not a cartoon… you are a caricature. and NO, the twain are not the same.

  21. theG says:

    i am not a cartoon, i agree.. i was just relaying the benevolent dictator’s sentiments

    I never banned you. You were banned by the cartoon and superheroes community for constantly attacking the benevolent dictator with fake accusation. anyway, the benevolent dictator does not feel fit to respond to your accusations. You can go be a toon in the real world for all he cares..

  22. Tuna Fish says:

    ok ditch story over

  23. Kripal says:

    LOL. the comments were more time consuming and hilarious than the main post. Not complaining though. It is better than working hard(ly) in office.

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