Twelve-Bar Original

At first I thought of naming this post “Only a Northern Song”, and then thought of “Strawberry Fields Forever”. Other candidates included “Cry for a Shadow”, “Lady Madonna”, “Eleanor Rigby”, “Cayenne”, “Singin’ The Blues”, “Yesterday”, “Let it be”, “Michelle”, “Watching the Wheels”, “We can work it out”, and on completely non-Beatles-ish notes, “Mouse or Rat?”, “What he Said” and “..And now for something completely different”. But for reasons beyond me, Twelve-Bar Original stuck.

Funny title, you might think, but I’ll say it’s irrelevant. This post was supposed to be about school and college. About absence making the heart grow fonder. About preparing for IIT-JEE. About long conversations on the phone discussing Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures, and comparing notes on the absurdities you hear in class [“Sir, in a container, sir.. if all gases are the same gas, what will be the partial pressure of each, sir?”].

It was supposed to be about obsessively listening to Radiocity 91 FM, dedicating songs on The Request Show With Jonzie to pull a classmate’s leg. About almost breaking down due to the pressure, and friends pulling you through. About people simply unable to keep secrets, and the hilarity that ensued thus.
On quizzing and arbit trivia-gathering. Debating and scripting plays. Finding the right accent for Eliza Doolittle. On absurd conversations at late hours [“Who’s your favorite actress, man?” “Yana Gupta” “She.. er.. acts?” “Oh… no, just her ass-ent… er.. accent. Accent. Eastern European, right?”]. On alleviating someone’s suicidal tendencies. On discussing Harry Potter threadbare till JK Rowling herself would have been surprised at what came next.

On the elation at finding that you had a GMail invite, when they were such a rarity and Yahoo! still held its ground. On finding that programming in C was actually fun. On arguing that Elvis is any day better than the Beatles when you actually had no idea what The Beatles sounded like. Listening to them and feeling that Elvis can’t even hold a light to them. Defending Elvis in spite of that.

On first hearing about blogs, and learning that it’s not “blob” mispronounced, but a short form of weblogs. On starting your first blog. On starting your second blog. On discovering that engineering is not the end of the world.

On long pointless walks from one unchartered destination to another. On finding constellations in the night sky, or atleast trying to. On palmistry and zodiac signs. On being there for a friend when she needed us the most. On teary confessions. On getting thrown out of CCD together. On coming out of the closet. On parting hugs. On losing touch. On not caring. On meeting again. On realizing you’ve lost so much touch you can’t identify with each other anymore. On finding places for different things in your life.

Some things never do change. Most do. And all that that remain are memories. Bitter, sweet, astringent… somehow they’ve never left me with a bad taste in the mouth.


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5 Responses to Twelve-Bar Original

  1. At the end of the whole post, all I could do was let out this BIG sigh. No, it was neither long nor boring. But because it rang so true.
    I did most of the things you describe. We have all.
    And it was SO much fun!
    The cliche of the journey being more important than the destination is never truer than in the case of us preparing for professional courses. The frantic running to tuitions, discussing two and a half hour classes on the phone for just as long (when having missed a class), wondering who will make it to the IIT’s, or AFMC, or St.John’s, completely breaking down (like, oh-my-god it’s the end of the world kind) on the day before the Math exam because one didn’t remember a thing in integration (that would be me, god it scares the bejesus outta me even now, when I think about it), listening to Radiocity and making fools of ourselves when on air.

    Medicine isn’t the end of the world either.
    Harry Potter zindabad.
    The Beatles rock.
    The End.

  2. wanderlust says:

    did you make a fool of yourself on radiocity? i’d like to know the story there! I have quite a few of those 😀

  3. dushy says:

    ‘Yesterday’ would have been a better head ?

    Nice and ya what can surpass ‘A hard day’s night’ ! [:)]

  4. wanderlust says:

    As i said… for reasons beyond me 😉
    and i’ve used “a hard day’s night” elsewhere here, so…

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