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Brighton Rock

Sometimes I feel I’m grabbing at a chimera. And then I realize I’m grabbing at a chimera. Sometimes it’s the other way ’round. The title is irrelevant. It’s just the name of a song with falsettos and lots of tapping, … Continue reading

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Whatever sells…. oh, whatever.

So Albus Perceival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore has come out of the closet. For the uninitiated, read this. Hmm.. I wonder why this comes out now. I can already see Harry Potter book sales zooming high in the next couple of … Continue reading

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I hear choices in my head…

I read somewhere that the people with the most to choose from are the ones that are most unhappy. And in my case, it comes with parents who tell you “you can be anything you dream of, we’ll support you”. … Continue reading

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Why do I write?

Writing’s this cheap, escapist thing I do in order to keep myself sane. I, and no doubt others, doubt it is working, though. This is the form I choose to give my thoughts. The other alternative would be to blubber … Continue reading

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What’s Your Dialogue?

I used to wonder what makes a movie successful. Is it the presence of stars? Can’t be…. there are movies like Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai. Hot-looking leads? Then how come people gather to watch Monsoon Wedding? Don’t tell me it … Continue reading

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Mad Angles aka How I fell into louv

I s’pose 90% of the people chancing upon this would have at some point of the other seen the ad for Glad Bangles…. er… Mad Angles. I’ve just returned from a nice, long week at home, spent mostly in front … Continue reading

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