Mad Angles aka How I fell into louv

I s’pose 90% of the people chancing upon this would have at some point of the other seen the ad for Glad Bangles…. er… Mad Angles. I’ve just returned from a nice, long week at home, spent mostly in front of the TV, watching ads that teach me Tamil [Vaango, Pongo, Ukkarungo] and countless other [V]-ishtyle advertizing strategies to convince me to buy Bingo.  Convinced I was, but sis opined that Lays is better any day, and hence wouldn’t let me endanger my health and taste buds with cheap imitations, no matter how flattering they were.

Anyway, back at S’kal, I thought I’d give it a try, sis or no sis. And so was walking back from Co’ps with a pack of Mad Angles in my hand, munching busily.

The evening was young. The mood light. The weather was balmy. A silent breeze blew across my face. The leaves lightly rustled. A koel sang in the distance. I saw a hint of a peacock behind the trees. The sun set. The streetlights came on. It was a lovely half-light.

I realized I wasn’t alone in enjoying the balmy weather, the breeze, the young evening, the light mood, the mellifluous note the koel held, a hint of blue amid the green trees that turned out to be a shy peacock…. there was someone else sharing it all with me.

Er… actually, there were a whole bunch of people. They grouped in twos.

Personal Digital Assistants are too small to use, the keys are not comfortable on my fingers – I use touch typing and typing with two fingers is something I’ve abhorred since age 13 – reduce my typing speed, and I need to squint into the screen.

Basically, I abhor PDAs.

Anyway, I refused to be disgusted and shamed by all that, and walked with my head held up high.  Rather, I was forced to.

By then, 90% of the populace of Girls Block had decided it’s too dark, and all the lights have to be switched on. 90% had decided it’s too warm an evening and switched on all the fans. Suma, who takes general care of the place, switched on all the corridor lights. Now that 90% includes some who simply do not listen to this guy who simply asks us to switch off when not required. And there exist a good number who will simply not listen to the rest of us who tell them not to use immersion coils after dark. The confluence of all these ensured that overload ensued, and GB was plunged into darkness. As also the area around it.

Now I have heckuva lot of trouble in shoe shops finding something that fits me coz I’ve been told I have two left feet.

Combination of all these circumstances ensured that I slipped on a tricky piece of earth, and fell headlong, at a very mad angle.

Something… no.. someone cushioned my fall.

I’d fallen in love!

Actually… in the midst of a couple who seemed very much in love.

Tamil-knowing readers, I’ll safely say this: Enn college-la vazhikki vizhunda couple. And no doubt you’ll agree after reading this.

Good thing it was dark, I could just about slip away unnoticed.

And Mad Angles? For once, I’ll have to agree with Sis. Especially after they left me biting the dust, leaving a bad taste in the mouth.

PS: I simply do not know what makes me post like this, in such a long drawn out fashion about absolutely nothing at all. But then maybe this is what it is like to fall in louv.

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just your average books-and-music person who wants to change the world.
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3 Responses to Mad Angles aka How I fell into louv

  1. Ouch.
    My college was among the more liberal ones ever, until an undersexed chink turned up and decided he would be Draco. PDA is fun. (I am guessing)

  2. wanderlust says:

    >>PDA is fun
    no, not from the onlooker point of view.

    And… i’m glad at long last atleast someone got the post…. people have been asking me what it’s all about!

  3. Nova says:

    Lol!!! That made for a good read 🙂

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