Why do I write?

Writing’s this cheap, escapist thing I do in order to keep myself sane. I, and no doubt others, doubt it is working, though.

This is the form I choose to give my thoughts. The other alternative would be to blubber on, but I don’t think such patient listeners exist. Tuna has had enough of the blubbering on for the one week we weren’t anywhere close to a comp, so much that we avoided each other for a couple of weeks after that. Our respective roommates have a threshold beyond which they go deaf, and this threshold is lesser for the rest of the general populace.

Which brings me to thank all those who read us at The NITK Numbskulls Page. Blogstats say there are a good number of you; but we know of only a handful. Would y’all lurkers not mind introducing yourselves? ‘Coz Blogstats says another thing, that this is our 100th post!!! And we’d really like to know who bothers to read us; who’ve kept us going for 100 posts!!!

It’s not a new achievement, I know. People have reached their 100th post much earlier, some have just done it in a matter of weeks. But, for us, every one of the 100 posts has been special, some place where we’ve poured out a bit of ourselves. We don’t primarily write for people to read. And neither do we write as we would a diary. We write stuff we would like to read ourselves, though I must admit, some of the results weren’t quite what we expected.

As I said before, my writing is a form of escapism. It’s what a psychologist would call a defense mechanism. Others choose to bury themselves in work. Or have a drink. Or talk their heads off. Or watch movies. Or listen to music. Or sleep. I write.

And I must really thank every single person who reads this page for giving me the confidence this is worthwhile at some level, and spurring me to write further, coz the other options of escape don’t seem as great, or as fulfilling.

Merci Beaucoup,
Danke Schoen.

About wanderlust

just your average books-and-music person who wants to change the world.
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15 Responses to Why do I write?

  1. Malaveeka says:


    Very nice work and immense fun to read always!

  2. Many many congratulations.

  3. Pavan says:

    This might seem repetitive. But, congrats!

  4. shaliniraghunath says:

    i enjoy reading your blog.great writing, keep it going!!

  5. Aditya says:

    neat stuff!
    clear thoughts.
    arbit, interesting..

  6. wanderlust says:

    Thanks 😀
    nitk? which year?

  7. Pavan says:

    Why ‘cheap’ and escapist, though?

  8. wanderlust says:

    well… there exist people who write for money. there exist people who write to pass on a message, to educate. some people write to eemprove their eenglish. i have no such noble or useful goals in mind. i write to clear my mind, and maybe sometimes put things in a timecapsule that’ll be securely stored on a WP server someplace with some hazaar backup measures.

  9. sg says:

    taarif batorne ka achah tareeka hai 😛
    hum bhi kar hi dete hai..thhodi tareef…
    Good work ..keep it up 🙂

  10. wanderlust says:

    >>taarif batorne ka achah tareeka hai
    Now that is a great compliment, coming from you, ze eggspurt 😛
    >>hum bhi kar hi dete hai..thhodi tareef…
    Good work ..keep it up

    Danke Schoen, frau! aur kya bataoon.. i’m speechless at being complimented by bond!

  11. vishfulwords says:

    To start with, great work! Keep postin’ and keep the blog the same way!

    It is indeed an interesting blog with, shall I say, a varied history!
    Since I began blogging myself just a few months ago, I agree with everything you express in this post! The sheer joy of blogging is not in the fact that you want to be read by others, but the very fact that you are writing whatever you want without giving a damn to what the rest of the world has to say!

    And finally, a word that has been used in almost every reply to this post: Congrats!

  12. wanderlust says:

    The joy of blogging according to me begins with, as you said, the very fact that you’re expressing whatever you want to, without having to worry about what the rest of the world says.
    But it’s not quite possible to sustain interest over a longer period of time without getting atleast SOME feedback from time to time… that’s where the comments and contact forms come in. The debates, the flamefests, the bouquets, the brickbats…. they add a human, worldly touch to your blogging.

  13. Nitin says:


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