Now this is what I call Indipop

The sky is blue. Cats eat rats. And I am a big fan of ’90s Indian non-filmi non-remixed music.

I’ve been wanting to do a post on Indipop/Indi-rock for quite a while now, and somehow the universe reminded me of this now by filling my random playlist with some of my favorite songs from the ’90s.

So… well, here goes… here are the songs that were a breath of fresh air back then when Anu Malik and Jatin-Lalit held sway. And whose videos were such a soothing sight for eyes sore with the same old Saroj Khan choreography.

  • Asha Bhonsle’s Raat Shabnami/Jaanam Samjha Karo: Whatay lyrics. Whatay tune. Whatay Asha’s voice. And last but definitely not the least, Milind Soman. True, Mr. Soman had attained fame with that appearance in Alisha Chinai’s Made In India, but I thought he looked nothing short of idiotic in that one. I didn’t know it was the same person with Aditi Govitrikar in this video at first. Oh, and Leslie Lewis of Colonial Cousins fame composed this song. He even has an appearance in the video playing the flute. Years later, he composed the music for A Band Of Boys (who seem to have sunk without a trace), one of who was Asha Bhonsle’s nephew (or maybe grandson) Chaitanya aka Chintu. This was quite apparent to me when I heard the song (the common composer, I mean)… Meri Neend had a few chords and melodies sound so similar to Jaanam Samjha Karo.
  • Anaida’s Piya Bina. I don’t remember why, though. And where on earth is Anaida now?
  • Heer – I can only assume this was based on the legend of Heer-Ranjha. It was from Mitti – Songs of the Soil composed by Sandeep Chowta, and was sung by Sukhwindara Singh. Nice song. Eerie video in black-and-white.
  • Suneeta Rao: Every school annual day had to have atleast one performance of Kesariya hai roop.
  • Parikrama: Their But It Rained was some darned bloody different video. But that definitely isn’t their best song. Their instrumental, Open Skies, is one of the most feel-good songs I’ve heard. It’s surprising they don’t innovate these days and restrict themselves to performing in college fests. And I’ve heard it’s the same playlist each performance.
  • Dere Dere by Shubha Mudgal: She is best known for that husky voice and Ab Ke Saawan. And maybe that socially-relevant album called Mann Ke Manjeere (whose music IMO was nothing to write home about). This song, however was just feel-good, no storyline, just showed three girls having fun. And then there was also Seekho Na with Vidya Balan in the video. That was when her presence started getting on my nerves. And it hasn’t yet stopped.
  • Tumse hi pyaar by Aasma: Coke [V] Popstars II. There was Chandu Ke Chaacha, with the funky dance steps, but this one was way more appreciated.
  • Remo Fernandes and his Flute Song: Is there a video for this one? Actually, most of that album (O Meri Munni) was absolutely brilliant. Including the Goan ones – Maria Pita Che, and Maya ya, if I remember right. And… I’ve been trying to get that famous song of Remo’s called Hello Mr. Rajiv Gandhi (The story behind this goes that Remo and his band, The Syndicate wrote this song, and the local editor of The Hindu carried out his vendetta against him mainly by criticizing the song constantly. Remo took a chance, and sent the song to Rajiv Gandhi himself, who wrote back saying that he liked the song(!!)). Anyone who has the song/knows where to get it, kindly get in touch with me.
  • Piya Basanti: The entire album was a superhit. And the videos with the very beautiful Nauheed Cyrusi (and a nondescript young man) stayed at the top of the charts for ages. It gave a whole new dimension to the concept of Music Video. Many imitations followed, of music video with a story, more notable of which were one called Sunset Point, which, I think, had lyrics by Gulzar, and had some storyline about a pair of twin girls falling for the same guy, and one makes way for the other – all in four minutes. Though it wasn’t any worse than Piya Basanti which had a bonny lassie and a bandit falling for each other, eloping and getting married, all in a two-part video, each of four minutes. I guess where the video scored was in having great music (Sandesh Shandilya) and great vocalists in the first place, and being shot in very beautiful locales (Arunachal Pradesh).
  • Krishna nee begane baaro by Colonial Cousins: Fusion. And very good fusion. Our saviours from the endless stream of wannabe Western musicians. The video of this song isn’t anything all that great, but the song is a Phenomenon by itself; the flagship song you’d identify the Colonial Cousins with. The other popular songs aren’t bad – Kai Zhala, The Way We Do It, Sa Ni Dha pa… but my alltime favorite is Guiding Star from the album Aatma. I’d however say their best fusion numbers are Parula Nu and (this one which I’ve been humming continuously since a week now) Funky Freedom.
  • Jaane Do by Agosh – The band name is short for the name of the bandmembers – Anand, Gopal and Shaleen. They wrote a hit song called Paisa, which struck me as out-to-make-money and very-wannabe. Then I heard their other songs, one of which is called Saiyyana, with lyrics that went like Meri ab manzilein toh hai / Aur kaarvaan bhi hai / Meri apni wafa hai, aur dil jawaan hai, ab chodo mujhe darana / kyunki ab main saiyyana ho chuka, ho chuka /. Their other song with a video was Jaane Do, which had Nauheed Cyrusi again (but this time with a better-looking dude called Shahrukh Mistry [who had a bit role in Rahul Bose’s Everybody Says I’m Fine]). The reason it appealed to me and my friends was coz it enumerated everything that could possibly go wrong with our lives back then, in class 12 – Garmiyon ki chuttiyaan, Sardiyon ki chuttiyaan, holiday homework, jaane do /Woh haseen ho gayi, hum jawaan ho gaye, phir bhi na teamwork, jaane do and also Ladkiyon ka roothna, apne dil ka tootna, kismaton ka phootna, jaane do / Aur phir ministeron se leke thaanedar tak sabka humko lootna, jaane do. And most important of them all IIT exam mein fundae gol ho gaye, jaane do. But the same song also gave us hope – Zindagi haseen hai, mastiyon ka scene hai, gadbadi jo hogi toh hogi, jaane do. Oh, and I turned a bigger fan of these guys when I got to know they were the ones who composed the Radiocity jingles in the initial days (and I’m having you know compared to those ones, Bolo Whatte fun sounds like something the tomcat was yowling at four in the morning).
  • Mantra by Euphoria: These people are normally known for their Maeri or Aana Meri Gully, but this song is way, way better than those. It’s a single, and wasn’t that great a hit, but what made it stand out among the rest was that the video was way better than the others. Maeri might have been a brilliant song, but the video with Rimi Sen was too cliched. Gully had Vidya Balan in it, AND Sandhya Mridul, and hence twice as irritating. Meri Saanson Mein is a really great song, but the video about the dying/dead girlfriend was irritating if nothing else. That way, Dhoom Pichuk was way better. Hum with Mehnaaz for [V] Jammin! might have been a good song and a well-made video, but Palash Sen took off his shirt, giving us three minutes of unmitigated torture. So… in comparison, Mantra really came out tops.
  • Lucky Ali: He first writes a bluesy number. Then sings it in that raspy voice that suits only singing. Then shoots a video in a foreign country. With a woman. No, make that a Woman. The Woman is always suave, powerful, and alluring with that air of mystery about her. I didn’t like O Sanam and that veiled lady (rumored to be his wife) – all you see of her is her eyes and her fingernails, and she had a cruel-looking clubbed thumb (it’s supposed to suggest a very low level of evolution). Malaika brought alive Kitni Haseen Zindagi. One of my favorite shots in the video is where she’s watching him on TV, and suddenly the TV screen zooms out to show her watching him on TV. The video in the US (Dekha Hai Aise Bhi) was depressing. But the one in (presumably) South Africa, with that mysterious-looking African model, Tere Mere Saath, was just mindblowing. So it really killed me to see two young things prance around in one of his videos – then I heard apparently the recording co. didn’t want to risk anything by casting the greying Lucky Ali as hero in a video that would cost a nuke to shoot, and so preferred to have two young things dance around airports to Mr. Ali pursue a Brazilian model halfway across Rio De Janeiro.
  • And some others here which I don’t like all that much, but which certainly bring back lots of memories – there was Dhagala Lagli Kala, the ultimate Rain Dance Song back then. There was also Kya Soorat Hai – somehow it fit Raju Sundaram (the guy in the video) like a glove, and the gag about the Feast bar (is it still around?), and there being three of everything… Another one that comes to mind is Rabbi Shergill’s Bulla Ki Jaana, the one with the typical music video-ish montage-ish music video, complete with English subtitles. And… remember Shaan’s Tanha Dil? And Loveology? Or Strings and their Duur? Or their very first Sir Ki Yehi Pahaar? Or Faisal Kapadia strumming his guitar for Anjaane? It felt odd, didn’t it… loking at license plates that said Karachi or Lahore, or at signboards saying ‘Islamabad – 60 KM’. And then Junoon singing Sayyonee. And then the very wannabe Fuzon. Silk Route with those idiotic videos that ruined their good music. And Alms for Shanti who really need to get back to music….

And now, a few years, later, there are none. Everyone seems to have quit the scene. And the ones on now are as wannabe as they can get, truly “aping the West”…. And one reason I’d say these musicians didn’t – and don’t – really take off was – and is – ‘coz of their complete lack of professionalism and determination. They don’t dare to innovate, they don’t come up with anything new. And worst of all, they don’t stick with it. So what if there’s no money in it, just upload your singles on your website (or if you’re too lazy to get your own domain, googlepages will gladly do). If you’re good, you’ll be famous, at the very least – and, independent music is designed to appeal to the college crowd, isn’t it, who don’t ever buy music? Sure, you might not make it like a Madonna or a Britney, but heck, it’s gonna be a cult thing, something übercool, to listen to your music, something the trendsetters will be the first to do, and something the wannabes will follow blindly. Kids will throng your concerts, remember you as the dudes who performed in the concerts they first got wildly drunk in, FinalYear junta will remember you to be the folks whose concert was the last one they all attended together, you’d give the freshers their first-ever rock concert experience…. and they’ll ask you for guitar tabs, for mp3s…. your music will flood their LANs, be exchanged multiple times over GTalk, your website will be linked by some hazaar student bloggers, your videos on YouTube will get a gazillion hits every day, your inbox flooded with fanmail …….  Yeah, it might not be Big as in Sunidhi Chauhan or Bryan Adams, but it sure beats strumming your guitar  only on weekends, or occasionally at your workplace during your culturals, and feeling a twinge of regret and cursing the system whenever anyone says, “Heyy…. you play quite well…..”

PS: 2000-word post, I realize, but I really do love and miss independent Indian music, which didn’t blindly ape either Bollywood or the West, but combined the best of both….oh, I’d better stop now. Cheers.

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27 Responses to Now this is what I call Indipop

  1. ish says:

    Great post, you’ve wrote about the best of Indipop indeed. I’ll reply in points too.

    Jaanam Samjha Karo was a great song. I remember myself listening to again and again. And Milind Soman really seems to be some kind of a lucky charm for songs. All the songs he features in become superhits. Actually, I really loved Made In India too. Agreed Alisha has a very weird dressing sense and seems to have no brains at all but she’s a great singer. Her movie songs are pretty cool too. Now she’s releasing an album called Chin Chang with one of those guys from Indian Idol 3.

    Sunita Rao has the most powerful kind of a voice I’ve ever listened to. I wonder where she is nowadays but I used to really love her songs when I was young. I’ve forgotten the name of that song now though.

    Aasma I thought were gonna be real successful. Chandu Ke Chacha was pretty cool and many of their other songs too. I actually liked a couple of songs from those VIVA girls too. But unfortunately these talent hunts just end up becoming one album wonders. I’ve only seen the Sa Re Ga Ma people like Kunal Ganjawala, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal getting somewhere. Rest of them just vanish.

    Remo happened to sing a song for a movie which I had loved. And I heard some of his other songs then. He’s a rockstar but then his band has an awful plane accident and his main band member died so he hasn’t sung much after that. Has sung a couple of songs but I don’t think they’ve made any new albums.

    I remember listening to Piya Basanti too, it was a cool song. Also I kinda liked the Paisa song from Agosh too, the video was hilarious.

    Euphoria I think is the only band in India that has had some success. I wonder why great Rock bands and stuff aren’t really born here. Till date I’ve liked almost all of Euphoria stuff. I think I even bought their first album, it was a big thing in those days. There used to be a song called Dhoom Pichak Dhoom, it was cool. They’re bad at making videos though. They’re in the habit of telling stories in their songs and it gets just way to boring sometimes like it did in the Vidya Balan one.

    Do Hariharan and Leslie Lewis still sing together? I really lurved Sa Ni Dha Pa, it was a rocking number. Any idea why they named themselves the Colonial Cousins?

    Lucky Ali is a great singer but his videos make me laugh out. I wonder why he insists on being the hero in them. The same thing happened with his movie Sur. The songs weren’t bad but we can’t have him as a hero. I liked his first song the most, the one which had Lisa Ray in the vid, I’ve forgotten the name again.

    I loved each of those songs you’ve mentioned in the last paragraph. Junoon is the best Pakistani band ever. These Jal people and all are nowhere. Their first album was absolutely fantastic. And that song that their lead singer sung for some John Abraham movie was very addictive. Shaan too is one of the best singers in India today. Tanha Dil was an amazing album. His stuff with his sister Sagarika wasn’t bad either if I’m asked. There’s this song he sang which is called something like “Kya karoon ki mukhe na karna nahi aata”..that song I really thing suits him totally. He comes across like such a gentleman. Kya Soorat Hai used to be my fave song when it came out. I still remember the song by heart. The other songs that Neeraj Sridhar a.k.a. Mr Bombay Vikings did have been cool too, especially Woh Chali. And I always used to think the guy in the video was Neeraj himself. Strings are also cool, I really loved their song Naa Jaane Kyun which has the Spiderman video, awesome electric guitars I have to say.

    Rabbi’s album happens to be the only Punjabi album I bought in my life even though I’m a Sikh and live in Punjab. I bought it because he’s decent and not completely cheap like those other guys we have here. All the songs in the album have their English versions given and they’re very nice. Tere Bin is great and so is Gill ‘te Guitar and Ajj Nachna. I wonder where he is now, he was supposed to take another album out a long time back. The last album he’d sung like 5 songs for girlfriends who had left probably he’s too busy dating women and waiting for them to leave him so he can write songs about that and make an album lol.

    Didn’t you catch the album called Deewana by Sonu Nigam? I thought it was fantastic. Geez, I really have written a lot lol. Cheers!

  2. wanderlust says:

    wow, ish, im blown over! almost like a whole new post by itself, your comment is.
    alisha: as far as i was concerned, she was of no account anyway.
    suneeta rao: think she must have married some foreigner or businessman and gone away.
    remo: i thought that was a car accident, and everyone of his band was killed other than him?
    agosh: i thought paisa was very cliched.
    euphoria: yup, you hit the nail on the head about their story-based videos. That is why mantra is a better video… it doesn’t have a story. now, they have been so successful they only do the same thing again and again and again… i realized that when they performed at my college fest. it’s not exciting anymore to listen to euphoria.
    hari and lezz: yeah, they were talking about a new album. but that was around a year ago, and we havent heard anything about that since then. And I don’t know why they are called colonial cousins, i’ll let you know if i find out.
    lucky ali: lisa ray? which is this? that one in egypt, O Sanam? coz i dont remember lisa ray ever doing a music video.
    junoon and ali azmat, imo, they take second place to strings, but they can definitely kick the ass of any other paki, or even indian band.
    shaan: yeah! i remember that song!
    bombay vikings: neeraj is the guy in woh chali. i dont think too much of his music, and kya soorat hai seems to be an aberration in an otherwise uninspired discography. but chod do aanchal established his status as another wannabe get-rich-quick dude, so…
    rabbi: interesting theory, reminds me of ‘how to lose a guy in ten days’. while we are on punjabi songs, do you remember this band called the Balle Balle Boys? They wrote a song called “My name is Manjeet” with lyrics like “My girlfriend is manpreet-uh, woh kehti im cho chweet-uh/ woh ghar ki beauty queen-uh, woh pehenti tight jean-uh”. It was an okay track, but they ruined things with their next album “babbe karade ishq”, where all the songs were about chasing women, and had corresponding videos.
    Sonu Nigam: I’ve always considered him a playback singer, and his independent albums were also on the same line as his filmi music; i didnt pay much attention to him.

  3. ish says:

    Ah, I know. I tend to get long with my comments 😛

    Remo: I read it was a plane accident. And his main musician died. They had written that he had lost his right hand and me being young thought he’d gotten his arm amputated. I figured it later though.

    Lucky Ali: Yeah, it was O Sanam. I liked that song for a long time.

    Junoon: Yeah, I like Strings more too. And I don’t even know even one decent Indian band that could even compare with these guys. Even Jal isn’t bad.

    Neeraj: I’ve kind of liked his singing always.

    I remember the Balle Balle Boys but I haven’t heard the Manjeet song. I’ve only heard Babe Karade Ishq the title song in which they’re wearing the Spiderman attire. The video is annoying, song is OK.

  4. Tuna Fish says:

    I dont know when these were made but…
    Colonial cousins: Haseena (which im listening to right now), Feel Alright, and roop tera mastana
    Aika Dhajiba
    Shankar Mahadevan : Breathless
    Bindu Re Bindu

  5. rand0mwalker says:

    You missed Shaimak Davar, Shankar Mahadevan, Bally Sagoo.

    Sonu Nigam was all candyfloss with lyrics eq to
    “I’m pining for you, o lover, where art you?
    I will go any lengths to seek you my lover, tell me where art you?!”.

    Then there were Shann and Sagarika songs which were all peppy, youthish types.

    But there have also been very good songs which I still listen to these days, like “Boondein”, “Humsafar” by Silk Route; “Anjaani Rahon mein”, “Nahi Rakhta Dil mein” by Lucky Ali, and more recently “Abhi nahi aana” by Sona Mohapatra.

    A nice walk down the indipop memory lane, nevertheless 🙂

  6. wanderlust says:

    oh, that was lisa ray?! someone told me it was his wife (one of them, atleast).
    and yes, that video is very irritating.
    aika dajiba…. yeah, though the video was oh-so-slightly pseud imo. full marks to milind gunaji, though.
    bindu re bindu is the remix, right? with that sickyard animated video?
    hmm… i dont remember any songs of shiamak davar. And shankar mahadevan – yeah, breathless, which i somehow hated. And that ‘hindustani’ song from dus (that film starring raveena, salman, sanjay dutt, which never got released).
    sona mohapatra…. dont know of her… will check her out.

  7. rand0mwalker says:

    Shaimak Davar had this one album titled Mohabbat Karle Re which had one popular song “Jaane Kise” featuring some popular model. Can be found –>

  8. you just threw me back some years.. almost all of this songs where a part of my no-stop playing lists… piya basanti, junoon and Euphoria – my all time favourites. i used to watch lot of good punjabi music also, but now a days, i dont get to watch/hear any of them… time for me to go and make a new playlist and enjoy some fond memories… thnx for this nice lift to the past 🙂

  9. Siri says:

    Nice. I still remember the ’90s, when listening to Indipop was the most natural thing to do. Surprised to see names like Anaida who I was almost forgetting. Alisha came back with more ‘suave’ looking videos, and Ishq se Ishq is one of my all time favorites!
    But you missed Kabhi to Nazar Milao! I absolutely LOVED it.

    Also, Mantra brought my childhood back! I used to listen to that one track at least a dozen times a day!

    Darned videos are enough to make me puke these days.
    But why do you think Fuzon is wannabe? I liked Akhiyan(although slitia cliched), Ankhon Ke Sagar(brilliant, IMO) and Mora Saiyyan Mo’ se Bole na (khamaj, na?).

    And Was it me that missed it or you? Strings! Duur and Anjaane Kyun, besides the recent Dhaani were nice. Also Pal with Saagarika in it.

    Awww! I’m glad I read this post!

  10. Siri says:

    oh and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan! He was Paki but then the remixes were Indian (Bally Sagoo?)

  11. wanderlust says:

    mohabbat kar le… was it that one that went like mohabbat kar le kar le re, mohabbat kar le re? I completely missed shiamak davar… all i know of him is his institute of fine arts.
    some/most of the songs i mentioned, and many others can be found at
    yeah, alisha was the Video standard back then. She was more mainstream than the rest, more bollywood-ish.. maybe that’s why she didn’t appeal to me.
    Im surprised I missed Adnan Sami and Kabhi Toh Nazar Milao! I remember thinking about it more than once while writing this post. That was a brilliant song, helped by the fact that there was Asha Bhonsle singing it with him. Apparently Asha was roped in to get a more indian appeal… the original was sung by a pakistani singer. The video was good, too… wasn’t that perizaad (of great indian laughter challenge fame) there?
    wow, another Mantra fan! I didn’t know there were many, or even any, of those.
    And you missed strings… I’ve mentioned duur, anjaane and sir ki yehi pahaar. Dhaani was good, too.. brought them closer to the indian mainstream.
    Pal with Sagarika was done on [V] Jammin! It’s received a lot of mention on this blog, check out the ‘music’ tag. I think the [V] Jammin! album was the pinnacle of success for Indipop. It was all downhill from there, imo.
    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is hardly considered Paki i feel… his songs are simply bril. No matter how many cheap imitations come up, they won’t be able to measure up to him. I loved ishq ka rutba, dum mast qalander, aafreen, piya re…

    And talking of Pal reminds me of KK. And his Pal. Darn! how did i miss that! It follows Kishore Kumar’s chalte chalte as song-we-must-have-in-the-farewell-party. Then there was his Yaaron from Rockford… Rockford also had Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s Aasmaan Ke Paar – another reminiscing-about-schooldays song…
    Of all of KK’s songs, I loved Aapki Dua most of all. When he said Aah, mujhe meri khabar nahin / par meri khabar sabhi ko hai, he had arrived, as far as I was concerned. A nice, peppy, upbeat song that gets my spirits up any day.

  12. Siri says:

    OOps! But, of course! KK!!!!
    And one more favorite! Aap Ki Dua!!! shit! I LOVED the song! Doesn’t he I liked most of the songs they made on Jammin! You are right about that program being the pinnacle of Indipop success. Now that I think of it, it was quite a nice concept, no? Viva were a talented lot! Jaago Zara was really really nice, me thinks. Also, their second album’s Yeh Pyar Nahi To Kya Hai was interesting I think, although nobody else did, back then. IMO, [V]’s Popstars was far better than Indian Idol and their 45 other shoot offs can ever be. Yea, Aasma’s Chandu Ke chaacha and Tumse Hi Pyaar were nice. The Indian Idols all suck I think. The first edition held promise with Amit Sana, Rahul Vaidya et al. But then, they all ended up doing the same stuff.

    I used to like Bombay Vikings’ Hawa Mein Udti Jaaye (Gauhar Khan). The rest of ’em were ok.

    And there was this guy that called himself Abbey or something. Aye Sanam and phir se(Remember the rain video?) were really nice songs.

    (and I’m having you know compared to those ones, Bolo Whatte fun sounds like something the tomcat was yowling at four in the morning

    Kabhi Toh Nazar Milao had Aditi Govitrikar in it. Piya Basanti had Nauheed Cyrusi (I think). Rockford’s OST will remain as long as there are colleges, schools and yea, bang on, farewell bashes 🙂

    It’s not like I always say little, be it necessary or not, but in this case, it is near-impossible considering what the post is about!

  13. wanderlust says:

    you’re right. [V] really set the standards. The rest are thirdrate imitations. I liked jaago zara, and that album was quite good, i should say… but the subsequent ones didnt quite hit it off…. viva should have stuck with music, they’d’ve been really good after a couple of more albums, i feel.
    The only other song of BV i liked was Tere Mera Pyaar with falguni pathak. Remember her, of the dandia-ish songs which ALWAYS had a storyline, no matter how absurd? Yaad Piya Ki was okay, Meri chunar udd udd jaye was acceptable, but she started doing the same thing again and again and yet again, pissing us all off bigtime.
    I’ve mentioned Nauheed Cyrusi and Aditi Govitrikar… do read carefully (I know the posts are long, but it just gives me a power kick saying that).
    And… yeah.. indipop is more voluminous than I’d imagined before writing this post.

  14. Siri says:

    Yea you did mention Nauheed Cyrusi and Aditi Govitrikar.But I was talking about the video of Kabhi Toh Nazar Milao in which context you mentioned Parizaad Kolah. I agree, Tera Mera Pyaar was relatively decent.

  15. You completely forgot Nazia Hassan! “Boom Boom jab milte hain hum tum, aankhon aankhon mein hote hain gum, dil bole boom boom” was very popular no? The video was shot in the Bangalore Palace and had Anupama Verma if I remember right. Catchy type song it was. I liked Nazia a lot. Very different voice.
    Then remember Suchitra Krishnamurthy’s immensely popular (God knows why) “Dole dole”? Also, the stupid Aryans doing their “Aankhon mein tera hee chehra” and all that shite. Not to mention the Rajshree’s album which had Shahid Kapur going off to college.
    Falguni Pathak’s “Yaad piya ki aane lagi” with its signature step and annoying tune was staple in every fest with 6th standard kids INSISTING on dancing to it.
    And, 90’s non-film music would be incomplete minus mentioning Sajda, the Lata-Jagjit Singh ghazal album that came out in ’91. In my opinion, one of the absolute bestest ghazal albums there has been ever, that one.

    (Woohoo! Back to blogging. Burn, silly exams!)

  16. P.S.:But then, you don’t like Lata no?
    I don’t particularly like Asha, unless she is singing some Marathi bhavgeet, Umrao Jaan or Daiyyan yeh main kahaa aa phasee.

  17. wanderlust says:

    nazia was a hit when i was in diapers, and later when all i used to watch on TV was news about rajiv gandhi’s assassination and the fall of the soviet union, replete with videos of russians celebrating christmas – this was before the era when your folks at home watched what you watched and not the other way ’round.
    so she doesn’t figure in my reminiscing list.
    i dont remember dole dole. Though i remember aryans and aankhon mein tera hi chehra…. was it the same as that one that had a waiter in a coffee shop with a collection of lipstick-stained coffee cups?
    yup, remember shahid kapur…
    Oh, no, never into ghazals I was… save a few of Hariharan’s and the one in sarfarosh by jagjit singh. And ’91… no, I don’t as much as remember that year.
    Lata – no, my iconoclasm that persisted till my late teens doesn’t permit me to like her.

  18. arun says:

    Where have the colonial cousins gone???I simply loved their ‘Let me see the love in your eyes’, ‘Indian Rain’ and ‘Feel Alright’.
    Sad that we don’t get anymore decent indipop nowadays.
    Used to like this one song called ‘Neele neele ambar par’.

  19. wanderlust says:

    people are too lazy to make good indipop. I think that’s the crux of the matter. Also, people don’t have a good sense of music anymore… i mean, a guy like himesh becomes a big hit!
    check this link out:
    Four of Remo Fernandes’s bandmates passed away in a car accident. Tragic it was.

  20. You missed out some great Lucky Ali songs : “Teri yaad jab aati hai”. It is one of my favourites. Also “Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai” was good. You should see them (if you haven’t already).

  21. wanderlust says:

    I actually have watched them. didn’t like them so much.

  22. Nishant says:

    I wonder why there is no mention of Silk Route. I thought their music was as good as Indipop ever got in 90s. Sadly they came up with only 2-3 albums.

  23. Pingback: More Than Angstploitation » Givvup Only Are There

  24. Anjali says:

    Hey guyz didnt u listen to d song “ho gayi hai mohabbat “by aslam and shibani?its awesome!and also the video of dil kya kare by instant karma!

  25. Tyrone T says:

    Nice nostalgia trip bro! These songs are still in circulation 2day and yes wat abt Sukhbir and Suchitra? Alisha has made a come back and Rabbi is not a 90s act! (As far as I know)

    Also calling Junoon and Strings Indi-pop is just wrong bro they’re Pakistani bands who just dominated the Indian music scene since the current pop batch are crap!

    Anyone remember Vikas Bhalla and the guy who sang Jaane Kis ne? Also Daler Menhdi bro!

  26. Hiral says:

    Yeah, pretty nostalgic post.. all the one’s mentioned above are true classics.. Thanks for reminding some forgotten ones and put back in loop-list.
    Adding some more I adored are: ishq by Taz- stereo nation, Tera mera pyar by Falguni & neeraj shreedhar, Jeena- leslie lewis and Pari hoon main- Sunita Rao
    Ok, one more thing the girl in song raat shabnami by Asha is not Aditi, she is Helen brodie- an indo-scottish model.. Beauty she was though…

  27. Phalgun Vaddepalli says:

    That’s a great compilation.

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