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A Name Suggestion

Think I’ve mentioned a good number of times both on this blog and elsewhere about the lack of a rightwing media house in India, due to which people don’t get multiple perspectives to choose from. If there was one, I … Continue reading

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Nehru’s Stratagem: IITs and declining student activism

Yeah, I know the title sounds very heavy, but this isn’t a serious or well-thought or well-researched post. It’s just a random thought that occurred to me now when I was arbiting looking for things that will help with this. … Continue reading

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The One That Got Away

So I haven’t been in the best of moods over the past couple of days, and current events seem to have nothing to do with it. I went to bed early last night, my mood couldn’t seem to take going … Continue reading

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Socially, Politically, Technically irrelevant post

This doesn’t make an iota of difference to anyone or anything in the world. I’m normally the nicest of folks, but there seems to be no incentive to be so. I’m not pure evil either. But my attempts to be … Continue reading

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A Googlebombing Suggestion aka India hits back

Yeah, so reams have been written about how unfair Proctor was, how unfair the entire treatment of the Indian cricket team was, how Symonds deserves to be kicked… On another blog about this entire thing, one commenter had suggested that … Continue reading

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Dyslexia… Give me a documentary any day!

Just done watching Taare Zameen Par. And it’s not done my image of Aamir Khan any good. Here’s why: People say it’s great, DIFFERENT even, that the spotlight is taken by that little buck-toothed boy, and not by Aamir Khan. … Continue reading

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Wildlife Photography à la Girls Block

My first year at NITK was a lesson-of-sorts. Coming straight from the urban jungle, it was at first unnerving to see little black worms with yellow markings all over the place, or watch snakes slither before your very eyes, or … Continue reading

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