A Name Suggestion

Think I’ve mentioned a good number of times both on this blog and elsewhere about the lack of a rightwing media house in India, due to which people don’t get multiple perspectives to choose from.

If there was one, I think it should be called “Yeah, Right!”.  

But maybe that would be too in-your-face, so maybe the media house as such can be called by a milder name, with one aspect of it called Yeah, Right!. Not the TV channel or the radio station… there are enormous problems in everyday pronunciation, and the cynical tone can’t be replicated each time someone mentions the name. A magazine would be perfect, but the title would be too informal for it to be taken seriously… maybe the magazine targeting the youth?

Or maybe the official blog.

If you want to cash in on this idea, contact me here… this blog is protected by a Creative Commons license.

End of post… pretty irrelevant, I guess… do read the longer and more passionate post on student activism I wrote.  Check out the comments section of the post, too…. it’s bringing out some passion I see.

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9 Responses to A Name Suggestion

  1. harish says:

    I had this grand idea of starting a website wherein you either consolidate the scattered blogs of right-minded(pun intended) people (there are indeed many such people in the blogosphere) or have these people to contribute on the website. But sadly it didn’t take off. Primarily it was because of my laziness and also because I was apprehensive how those right-minded people would react. But I am all for such an effort if we can do it. I shall be an active participant.

  2. wanderlust says:

    i think there are many blogs and websites like that. rightist thought is pretty disorganized and scattered. to unite them all, i don’t think a website collection of op-eds will be very effective… it’ll probably be just another right-leaning blog which will get consumed by jingoism before long…. what we need is right-sympathetic reporting.
    while that’s going to be a pipe dream for a good while, maybe a collection of right-leaning news articles and op-eds published elsewhere from all over should make a beginning?

    i didn’t (and don’t) intend to start one, though… it’s a lot of effort and maybe some retired old-timer or a jobless bureaucrat would do a better job.

    the point of the post was, “what say about the name?”

  3. harish says:

    ‘Retired old timer or a jobless bureaucrat would do a better job’ – I don’t think so. Of course, with due respects to these elderly gentlemen.

    Got the point. 🙂

    But I still believe such a website is necessary to counter the trash that our news websites dish out. Who does it is immaterial.

  4. Arjun says:

    Since nobody’s gone for a Tom Wolfe pun yet, ‘The right stuff’ perhaps?

  5. wanderlust says:

    i meant w.r.t the time factor.
    yeah, we need to make a beginning somewhere. maybe something like C-Span.

  6. Karthik Ram says:

    “Yeah! Right” is as good a name as any… but methinks it will be a good Leftist magazine. Try the Yeah right with a little contempt and klinktink…u have urself a gold mine. the subtitle wud be “Why the right is not right”

    The previous post had a good response, I see. But I do feel that somewhere down the line, people forgot the main intent of the post. Activism, even political activism is not the same as politics. Ok… politics is bad. What about Human Rights or Environment? Students could be actively involved and student unions do have a major impact. One could spend as much or as little time as acads permit. Amnesty international, for instance. Or Greenpeace.The problem is and I think Priya was trying to focus on it, that there is no awareness. Students are so consumed by self-interest (and no there are no excuses for it) that they are pretty much saying, “I don’t give a fuck what happens around me. All I care is, Am I going to be rich”

  7. wanderlust says:

    hmm…. you have something there.
    i thought of the cynicism in the tone used to say “yeah, right!” to be reserved for the biased-against-the-Right reportage… but your interpretation is more appropriate.

    as for the previous post…. actually, if at all students are activists, they are environment activists, or they take up the cause of poverty, or they do something related to charity.
    human rights imo is tricky ground… most chances are, people will ask for clemency for terrorists on these grounds…. that’s the amount of brainwash people have been put through… all the talk of non-violence, showing the other cheek, which is irrelevant in a world like this.
    you can’t call it “consumed by self-interest”… just that the students are kept extremely busy and are given other interests and are kept isolated from political thought, apart from not having access to a wide variety of political opinions – maybe in an institution like st. stephens or jadhavpur university where you have students of arts, science, commerce, etc mingling, in IITs and NITs you are restricted to tech stuff with the teachers, the students, the environment… why even the interest groups.
    while that isnt a bad thing by itself, that combined with the fact that these people are probably the most erudite thinkers of their generation in their country (well, face it, most young (wo)men worth their salt are probably giving JEE a shot), or atleast the most organized ones who probably win everything they try (you’ve got to admit, IITs and NITs probably house a large percentage of such kids, much more than any arts/science/commerce college), and they are kept away from the politics.. that’s what makes it a very sad thing for the country.

  8. Karthik Ram says:

    Firstly, you are soooo Right. Amnesty for terrorists and showing the other cheek. Hmmm…ahem. I will not argue now. Some other time maybe.

    I think u need to tell the students that they will be quizzed about their beliefs in Campus interviews or ur pet peeve JEE. be funny to see what happens.

    I am sorry if I sounded a little too harsh on the students and I know they are so preoccupied with other interests. And truth be told I was like that myself.

    I interacted with many students now and I was very upset with their apathy. They refused to know about political/environmental/cultural issues. Maybe I had a bad sample… but these students laughed at me when I asked them about issues like Ramar Sethu, Abortion, Religious conversions. Variety of opinions… they had no opinion. They said and they were crystal clear about it… They didn’t care.

    I don’t believe they don’t have access to political thought. I mean, they spend all night on the net looking for that Pink Floyd track they just had to have. Surely finding info on the net is not a big deal.

  9. wanderlust says:

    hmm… that would be something fun to watch… maybe it might even be like Opal Mehta. then there would be a “what is the best belief to have?” bit of advice floating around…. god, the repercussions would be such a scam.
    see… the thing is, if you’re in a politically charged environment, where it is simply part of the culture to be politically aware… like you have a set of people who regularly take up social and political causes, they go about spreading awareness… then, maybe, the situation might not be as bad as it is now.
    politics has been vilified too much… so much that people don’t want to even think about it. why don’t people understand politics is just another job, like say showbiz, with its own pros and cons?
    when people are convinced that politics doesn’t and needn’t affect them, and that all politicians are pure evil, and that the best way to register their protest is to not vote, and that the newspapers are filled with the same thing again and again, or that the same drama gets enacted, with only different people…. that’s when the apathy sets in… though i’m not sure whether that is a cause or an effect or a side-effect of apathy.
    politics is simply not a priority anymore that people will go looking for related info and news.
    it reminds me of villagers who walk five miles to watch a movie or attend a fair, but can’t be bothered to go to school.

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