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Last Inci – First Day. And farewell to S. Rangarajan aka Sujatha

Now Listening to: Some darn good fusion version of Raghuvamsha Sudha by an unknown artiste. The day started off not very good, and YouKnowWhoYouAre (I suppose you prefer you_know_who_you_are), if it’s any consolation, I feel really horrible about how I … Continue reading

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Young blood in Politics – A follow-up post.

I wrote this post on the decline of student activism a while ago. Since then, a lot has happened, more notably, Engineer-2008, and more specifically, Last Word @ Engineer 2008. I won’t go into the details of what happened, though … Continue reading

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A Bitchy start to a doggone morning

(Only thumbnails of images are on the post. For clearer images, click on the thumbnail). So I end up taking pictures of birds one evening. There are the usual constraints – bird too high up the tree, bird too camouflaged … Continue reading

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Whether Im waiting for some one, Just after class, Just before class, In the queue in the mess (that is if i have my phone with me), On the way to Mangalore in the bus, Or even when I’m just … Continue reading

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Nerdiness. Engineered

Okay.. this post is meant for everyone’s eyes except one person’s…. you know who you are, and you’ve been told to wait for this… so until you get back to college, do not under any circumstances scroll down or read … Continue reading

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My mobile said “sms memory full”. So I did a “delete all”. While my inbox was being emptied, a message came in.  And the inbox was duly emptied. I don’t know who the message was from, even. Does this happen … Continue reading

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Ashoka – The Transition from Mass-Murder Maniac to Apostle of Peace.

We’ve read it in the history books. We’ve even watched a movie about it. We’ve heard it over and over and over again. That the Kalinga war brought about remorse for Emperor Ashoka and he took on Buddhism and changed … Continue reading

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Many a time, you see something that catches your fancy. Then you see something else that overrides all the previous ones. Many a time, you see something that you’d like, but you’re not sure whether it’d fit in with your … Continue reading

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