A Bitchy start to a doggone morning

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So I end up taking pictures of birds one evening. There are the usual constraints – bird too high up the tree, bird too camouflaged in tree, bird too quick…. but the worst was bad light. The light keeps getting worse and worse as you keep getting more and more into the groove. Ideal solution, I thought, shooting in the morning.

I’ve been trying to wake up early for the past one month, and I’m glad to say I finally succeeded today…. every dog has its day.
It was a two-dog morning (Australian expression that indicates the number of dogs you need to cuddle up with to keep warm) – the dog days of summer are not very far away, though. I woke up early enough, put on the dog, and stepped out.

Now there happens to be a dog and a bitch in the Girls’ Block. The damn things haven’t been chased out, and are not on Animal Birth Control, and have happily had a litter of five.

These darling pups are just monsters in cute suits:

Pups pups fighting

But so far, they didn’t mind my clicking their pics, and weren’t put off by the flash. But what the hell, love me, love my dogs – They could bite and scratch among each other for all I cared as long as they let me photograph the whole thing. They were even used to me, I could say. This dog won’t hunt, I thought. I was as happy as a flea in a doghouse.

So I thought I’d start the morning taking some easy, nice shots of the five pups, before trying to capture that elusive Racket-Tailed Drongo or Tailor-Bird. Maybe I’d even walk all the way to A1 juuust for the parrots you see there, and those other green birds that don’t fly away even if you are real close. And I need such birds – the crow that won’t fly away when I clap my hands near it, will take wing the moment it sees my camera. My C663 is a very effective bird-repellant.

I found the pups all cuddled up at their usual spot – oh, goodie. All asleep. Aww…. what a cute shot it’ll make… Snap!

sleeping pups five

The black pup on the right stirred. First gave a whine of recognition. Then growled. The others stirred, too. And growled, too. Barked. Gave chase. They ATTACKED me! I looked like someone had just shot my dog. The bitch came soon after. And so did the dog, hackles raised. Good God, I was in the doghouse! After my episode two years ago, I knew I had a dog’s chance of getting out alive if even one of them caught up with me. I ran like my legs would fall off.

Oh, and I’d be a dog-faced liar if I didn’t say the rest of the pics I took came out looking like a dog’s breakfast.

Power shuts down now. Life’s a bitch.

PS: GB inmates, if any of you are reading this, kindly take my advice and DO NOT feed the pups or the dogs, don’t cuddle the pups, pick them up, or even take their pictures. Apart from that, complain as much as possible to the authorities to have them all removed. And in future, DO NOT encourage dogs or cats or animals of any kind – we don’t want GB going to the dogs now, do we?

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7 Responses to A Bitchy start to a doggone morning

  1. Logik says:

    You never learn, do you….One dog bite n that weird doctor’s nuisance was not enough eh?…

    I know nature photography is all exciting and all that, but dogs and crows don’t exactly merit a shot, I feel. A camera shot that is…

    GB going to the dogs eh?.. Tell me something new..

  2. aNoop says:

    one oterh way – get a xx-200 lense (if u use a dslr) or get a ultra zoom camera 🙂

  3. Arun says:

    Whoa! Looks like u had an early morning adventure.. The dogs( & bitch ) love u, i guess 😉 . But the pups look real sweet in the pic..

  4. wanderlust says:

    that dog that bit me was rabid or something… bit me for no fault of mine. And this bunch seemed friendly enough.. liked me even.
    but i guess i won’t be trying to get close to any canine in a hurry now… once bitten, twice chased, thrice shy.
    pups are good at looking cute. And it gets better when they are doing something, like playing with a ball. crows… it’s okay only when they are in action. unfortunately my camera makes them cease all action.
    gb, well… people just need to know what’s appropriate and what’s not… pity the new batches coming in don’t get informed.
    i wish…..
    believe me, they are wild. it’s like taking hold of a knife by the sharp end. and pups have sharper teeth and claws 🙂

  5. When I am reading this post,I find one of my friends on the list with a message,
    “Whoever said cant buy happiness forgot little puppies”
    Whatever, BEWARE 🙂

  6. ish says:

    OMG, good thing you’re still alive and kicking. Pretty much why I don’t like dogs. One is that they urinate on your bed and two is that they run after you when you are not planning to hurt them. All my childhood I never used to go out of my house because my street used to be full of these dogs who would run after anyone. Even if I had to go to a stationary shop, I had to take someone along because of my fear of dogs. And every now and then they’d start having more kids. And yeah, they do look when they are real small but when they grow up, they’re all the same. 😐

  7. wanderlust says:

    some sadomasochist your friend must have been 😛
    Animal Birth Control…. Animal Birth Control… simple as ABC.

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